Advantages Of Gypsum Plasters

57 Gypsum is a light weight material which is available in crystalline form and resembles chalk. Gypsum is available naturally and is older than cement and sand plastering materials, its use in construction and interiors has picked up recently. The gypsum plaster is created by mixing the POP powder with water. The hardened material is applied on walls to provide a smooth finish. The gypsum plaster can be directed applied on the walls made of bricks, solid blocks, hollow blocks, AAC blocks and plaster boards.

Most of the reputed plasterers in Sydney prefer to use the gypsum plaster because of these advantages.

Ease of application

Plasterers find it easy to work with gypsum plasters. It can be directly applied on different kinds of walls and does not require separate finishing. Moreover, it is very easy to apply a gypsum plaster and level it.

No cracks

Gypsum plasters do not develop shrinkage cracks. The heat generated from gypsum reaction with water is very less and hence there is no shrinkage in the plaster.

Sets quickly

Gypsum plasters require very less setting time. The plastering sets within thirty minutes of applying. Painting work on gypsum plasters can be started after 72 hours after the application as the plaster requires time to dry completely.

Does not require curing

Gypsum plasters do not require any curing with water. This property of gypsum plasters helps in saving precious water and results in faster completion of the project.

Efficient performance

Since the gypsum plaster is lightweight it does not add any load on the structure of the house. The gypsum plasters offer high strength and durability to the walls.

Perfect finish

It is very easy to apply and level gypsum plasters. As a result, it leads to perfectly finished walls and ceilings with perfect corners and edges.

Easy availability

The POP powder used to make gypsum plaster is easily available in the market. It is easy to make the plaster by mixing the right amount of POP powder with water. Thus, it does not require close supervision.

Fire resistance and low thermal conductivity

Gypsum plasters are highly fire resistant. These plasters also have low thermal conductivity, which improves the energy efficiency of a home.

Multiple uses

Apart from plastering walls, plasterers in Sydney, also use gypsum materials for decorative purposes. The plaster can be easily moulded into the required shapes for decoration.

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