Add Character And Beauty To Your Home Through Timber Wall Cladding

Cladding can be made from a wide range of materials that include aluminium, blends of cement and recycled polystyrene, however, the best is timber wall cladding that is often made from reclaimed wood. Being a natural product and renewable resource, reclaimed wood has an advantage over other cladding materials. However, it is important to consider the characteristics and properties of reclaimed timber whether they are appropriate for the environment where they will be used in.

Many varieties of wood that used to be abundant are nowhere to be found. Sometimes they are available but in short supply. The American chestnut is no longer available for commercial purposes but you can find it from reclaimed wood sources. Sources for reclaimed wood are diverse and if you are patient enough, you may get them for free or a cheap price.

Sizeable pieces of wood can be found from old buildings, barns, farmhouses, warehouses and salvage yards. The wood pieces that you will find have great depth of colour and unique patterns. Even if wood has been exposed to extremes in temperature, they are still strong and durable and can still be used for a wide range of projects.

Timber can also be reclaimed from wooden pallets, wine barrels, fences, shipping crates, beer casks and pickling containers. The pieces of wood have to be cleaned and finished to enhance their natural beauty. Don’t mind the nail holes and scratches because these are characteristics that make the wood unique and authentic.

Since the world’s natural resources are fast diminishing, using reclaimed wood helps preserve the trees in the forests. Processing reclaimed wood has less carbon footprints than felling, transporting and processing newly harvested lumber. Every piece of reclaimed wood has a story to tell. Since no two pieces are identical, it can easily add character and beauty to a room.

Your home environment can be enhanced by using timber wall cladding made from reclaimed wood. Since timber cladding comes in various designs, it can also be used for decorative purposes. Installation is easy to handle because the wood tiles are relatively lightweight in nature and has been processed into smaller pieces.

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