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A Few Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Have

The digital industry is massive, ever-growing, and very competitive, so newcomers need to set themselves apart from the rest of the field.

Here are a few essential skills for the aspiring digital marketing.


With how popular YouTube, and streaming platforms have become, it’s no surprise that video is growing and in-demand across the world.

Digital marketing professionals don’t need to know everything about producing a video, but having a good grasp of the basic principles of videography and knowing what makes video engaging does help a lot, as well as knowing how to edit videos, even on just a basic level.


Search Engine Optimization is pretty much everywhere in digital marketing, which means that it’s very much a necessary skill for anyone in the field. The same goes for search engine marketing.

Like with video, the highly technical stuff for the back-end can be left to the specialists; understanding what makes for good content and knowing how to apply that in marketing is enough.


Doesn’t matter what specialization of digital marketing it is, data and analytics are a key part of it.

The challenge is sorting and sifting through so much data, and how to actually use the data to improve the business and the marketing campaign. It’s more than just ‘reading’ the data; it’s about converting it into tangible results.


Marketing is all about convincing a user to become a customer, after all, so it stands to reason that marketers, on some level, have to be persuasive.

Someone like king kong sabri suby can come up to a person and convince them that their idea is worth taking a chance on, and that’s part of why they’re great at digital marketing.


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