A Combination Of Fashion And Function For Female Surfers

Majority of females want to look good even when they are surfing. Fortunately, clothing designers for surfers have realized the importance of fashion and functionality in designing swimwear particularly for women surfers. Picking out the right swimwear comes down to two things: how much skin you want to show and the body type.

If you have more curves, you will probably need a lot more fabric. The bottom part of your swimwear can be as tiny as you like but make sure there is a drawstring at the waist for tightening so that it doesn’t slide down. Some girls can wear the tiniest of bikinis without any real issues but if you do not feel comfortable stick to the basic boy shorts with the front drawstring.

The real issue here is the top. Women have an option between the bra-style and the criss-cross straps. Some women may prefer tying the ends together instead of the clasp for safety issues. If you opt for the halter straps, make sure that the triangles are secure. Thicker are straps are better if you are C-cup or D-cup. If you are not too confident, you will never go wrong with sports bra. Do not by all means wear a strapless bra otherwise you will spend half the time pulling it up. Avoid tops with underwire because it will dig into your body and make you feel uncomfortable.

If you are going to take some surfing lessons, opt for a rashguard instead of a bikini or swimsuit. Sometimes, surfing schools require the rashguard to provide protection against UV rays. It is also useful for other water activities like snorkelling and kayaking.

Shorts are not recommended for surfing because they tend to produce rashes along the inner thighs. If you are bent on wearing shorts, opt for spandex yoga shorts made with fabric that does not soak water.

You can wear surf brand bikinis that have been tested under extreme conditions. An extensive array of colours, designs and sizes are available to ensure your confidence while surfing. The bikinis are designed for both fashion and function so that you will look your best while trying to ride the big waves.

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