Some Facts About Promotional Merchandise

Below are some facts that some marketing heads in other cities around the world that might surprise them about giving away promotional merchandise and its corresponding benefits:

  • A study states that before receiving any kind of promotional item from a specific advertiser, only 55% of the people had done any kind of business transaction with that advertiser in the past. After receiving promotional gifts, that number would go up to 85%. This specific statistic alone has proved one thing: the better promotional items you use as giveaways, the higher number of transactions you can expect from new and reoccurring clients which could eventually generate a higher amount of revenues for your business.
  • In terms of frequent use, verified statistics show that 53% of those who have been receiving promotional giveaways from various business advertisers, have been using the said products at least, once every week. In terms of longevity of the given products, six out of 10 people have been keeping the giveaways that they have received for up to 2 years. And to prove that most people love receiving promotional items, only one out of 5 people is throwing away unwanted giveaway.
  • To prove that promotional merchandise can be useful in almost every aspect of human life, statistics also show that around 91% of the consumers have said that they have at least of the said products that can be found in their respective kitchen. These products can be in the form of mugs, small kitchen gadgets and kitchen utensils. Also, 74% of the surveyed consumers have indicated that they also have at least one promotional giveaway that they are using in their workplace. These products can vary from pens to mouse pad and notepads. In addition to this, 55% of the total number of consumers have said that they also have a promotional item that came from an advertiser which can be found in their bedrooms.
  • When you are thinking of a product that you will use as a promotional giveaway, make sure it’s going to be useful for the client one way or another. You see, 77% of the consumers have said that usefulness of a promotional item is the number one factor they consider in deciding whether or not they will keep that item.

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