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3 Lessons On Business Growth From Sabri Suby

Even if you’re a one-man team who just started your business from your bedroom, it’s possible for you to turn it into a global company generating over $1 billion in sales in just a few years.

Just ask Sabri Suby. Seven years ago, he started his company with just $50, bootstrapping his way to success. Today, he is the CEO of Australia’s fastest-growing digital agency, King Kong. Here are some tips from Suby on having a growth mindset for your startup:

  1. You are likely to fail at some point, so prepare for that.No success story is complete without its own stories of failure. Your plans will never go perfectly, so it’s better to acknowledge from the beginning that it won’t be a smooth-sailing ride. In this way, you’ll feel less discouraged about failure and you’ll also have your back-up plans ready.


  1. Treat people as your customers even before they make a purchase.People never immediately make the decision to buy—they wait it out, think things over, compare with the competition. So during that period of lull, offer them products that are free and highly informative or useful so they can see the worth of what you’re selling. A free eBook, a sample slice of cake, or a free consultation, are just some examples.


  1. Be an example.You should be a representation of your company’s values and practice what you preach. Suby uses his own lessons for his clients on his own company, and that shows that his methods are effective.


Indeed, anyone can reach success like King Kong Sabri Suby if they carry a growth mindset. Think big, know the potential of your business, and make your way up with integrity.

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