Illustrated Maps And Its Advantages


Maps, ever since the beginning of time, is known to serve a purpose to humankind simply because of the advantages it offers. Upon perusing the long and diverse history of maps discovered and made ever since it has been revealed that there is quite a number of categories when it comes to map making. Despite the many types available, nothing is more appealing than illustrated maps because of the art devoted to these type of maps as well its benefits when used which is easier for viewers to understand.

If you haven’t heard of an illustrated map before, it adapts a certain pattern which makes it easier to find the road where someone is currently located. This could help a person who is quite lost in a city visited for the first time. Just by looking and referring to an illustrated map, a person will be able to find his or her way quite fast. A reliable map in a foreign land is one thing that will lessen a tourist anxiety. Another characteristic of an illustrated map is that focus is given greatly to known establishments and landmarks within an area compared to the typical road map. The very thing that makes illustrated map different than other maps is the art with which these guides are created. The idea is to make beautiful aesthetically as well as to encourage viewers to refer to it to find a certain place.

For many, especially those who have trouble deciphering a typical map, illustrated maps are far easier to understand and it helps them get to wherever they need to be faster. An understanding of the place one is visiting is also provided by a well illustrated map. Maps are made with the purpose that a certain area in the earth will be well represented and the reader will be able to view it as if looking from above.

There are many professional artists nowadays who specialize in making illustrated maps either hand drawn or with the help of certain computer software. Many are offering services to create maps for regions or certain establishments such as


Is Dedicated Web Design Better Then Responsive Web Design Or Is It The Other Way Around?


A customer couldn’t care less if web design is responsive or dedicated as long as loading speed is fast and the product being searched for is easily found. For example, while sitting in front of the TV, I saw a restaurant advertisement on the local channel. Since I had my smartphone with me, I decided to book a table for next night’s dinner. After 3 or more seconds of waiting for the restaurant website to load, I decided that I’d better go shopping instead with a friend.

Most local searches are done through smartphones and most of the information searched is about restaurants, pubs and bars. A large percentage of these searches almost always result into action. If the potential customer cannot access the site, you lose the opportunity to make a sale.

Google has recommended that the above-the-fold content of a webpage should load on mobile devices in one second or less because mobile users are only prepared to wait for 3 seconds for the page to load otherwise they will leave without any plans of returning.

If you will test responsive web design (RWD) websites with respect to their performance, the same content for the 1600 x 1200 screen would load on a device that is 4 times smaller. However, there are website designs that take as much as 20 seconds to load with some sites taking a minute or more. Some websites were responsive while others have a dedicated mobile version that is different from the desktop version. Other sites only have the desktop version and they still have to realize the power of mobile.

Many people argue that a dedicated mobile version of a site contains features that target mobile users only so that they can lead to a better mobile experience. While dedicated web design seems to be doing rather well in loading speed, it is also important to consider performance.

With one of the designers will work directly with you so that all your requirements can be met.  You can opt for either responsive or dedicated web design to ensure that mobile users will have a better experience.

Must Try Indian Cuisine Recipes


The best thing about Indian food is that they are not only exquisite but full of flavors and aroma due to the many spices used in food preparation. Some examples of exceptional dishes from India includes Parsi eggs, mutton roganjosh, paneer makhni and Kerala-styled prawns are all prepared with unique ingredients as well as cooked using different methods. Indian food only shows how much diverse is the region as a whole as well as its culture which makes their food stand apart from other countries. Every state in India takes pride in their spices and ingredients used in food preparation. Many of the spices that are usually used are created and mixed from scratch such as in the chicken tikka masala, dhansak masala, garam masala, panch phoron.

Another factor that makes Indian food exquisite is the amount of spices that are used in every cooked food like tamarind, cloves, star anise, ajwain, dhania, dalchini and black cardamom. It also has the characteristic of mixing two unlikely flavors in resulting in something delicious. Let’s not forget the popular Indian street food as well.

Here are some Indian cuisine recipes everyone should try in their lifetime:

  • Chicken stew and Appam. This dish is consists of chicken chunks which are covered with coconut gravy made of various spices. The very soft appams are located inside the center.
  • Rogan Josh. Kashmir is quite known for this dish. The dish is mainly overpowered by the sea of spices used such as garam masala, turmeric, bay leaves and fennel seeds which gives the dish its great smell. All senses will be awakened by this single dish.
  • Banjari Gosht. If you are looking to try something from Rajasthani, this dish is the perfect choice. The pieces of mutton are cooked along with flavorful yogurt.
  • Butter chicken. The people of Punjabi are quite proud of their cooking because of this particular dish. Yogurt, with its added fair share of spices, is used to marinate the chicken for one whole night in order for it to absorb the flavor well. The dish is then served together with butter or cream as topping.

If you want to try more Indian dish, Two Fat Indians offer their customers a one of a kind Indian food experience.

The Origins Of The Ugly Christmas Sweater


It is only a few weeks left before Christmas and once again everyone would see the ever-pervasive ugly Christmas sweaters. There are numerous objects that have been exclusively attributed to Christmas like the Christmas tree, snow men, Santa Claus, reindeers, but most of them have been intentional unlike the ugly Christmas sweater, which has become a surprisingly iconic representation of the holiday season.

Before, you might have only seen your great aunt wearing these hideous-looking sweaters but now they have become a common feature during the holidays. In fact, people even hold ugly Christmas sweater parties, either to insult their parents for wearing them or to have good fun in the company of others who too are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters.

But where did the ugly Christmas sweater come from? Was it specifically invented or did it evolve from a prehistoric ancestor?

The sweater, as a garment alone, has existed since the late 19th century in the US but the ugly holiday version had only come out several decades after. No one actually knows where the ugly Christmas sweater was first made, probably because no one wanted to take credit for it. But if you truly want someone to blame or thank, think of Bill Cosby.

No, Bill Cosby didn’t invent the ugly Christmas sweater, but he was probably the one who pioneered and popularized the trend in the 80s. He is actually the patron saint of the ugly Christmas sweater. The sweater that Bill Cosby wore was made by Koos Van Den Akker, a designer from New York who was known for his collaged work. So you have Cosby and Koos to blame, err–thank.

When the ugly Christmas sweater became a trend, it had also become a competition. People, both young and old, are actually trying to beat each other by wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater they can find. Parties are held and good times are made. But besides all that, the ugly Christmas sweater has also become a great business. In fact, The Wall Street Journal had even written a few articles about it since it has become a booming business in both traditional and online stores like

So far, it would seem that the ugly Christmas sweater trend is not ready to leave the world just yet.

Things You Should Avoid Doing When Renting a Car


As of 2012, the car rental industry in the US has been valued at $24 billion. This value can be attributed to the increase of people who are renting cars. Car rentals have many advantages that come with them. That is why more and more people are choosing to hire cars whenever they need of them. But when hiring cars, there are certain things that you would want to avoid doing and should be careful about. You may think that car rentals are transparent when it truth, they are actually not.

Here are some of the things you should not do when renting a car.

  1. Prepaying for gasoline. Yes, it may seem ideal to pay for the gasoline before you start your trip. This would help you avoid doing stopovers and would help you get to your destination much faster. But prepaying for gasoline is actually something that you should carefully think about. Sometimes they can prove as more of a bad investment than a good one. So unless you are sure to return the car with an empty tank, make sure you avoid prepaying for gasoline.
  2. Not checking for places where you can refuel. In your hurry, you might neglect to check for the places where you can refuel while on your way back. It is important that you always check for these places to avoid unnecessary stops.
  3. Purchasing a new insurance. This is a bad move on every aspect because your own car insurance is sure to cover you so there is actually no need to purchase a new one for the rental. Also, anything that would not get covered by your car insurance will be covered by your credit card.
  4. Ignoring upgrade offers. When a desk agent offers you for upgrades, what you should always reply is “depends on the price.” This is because most desk agents will offer you good upgrades when you call them via phone. Most of the time, you would get a bigger and better car for a less expensive price.
  5. Not inspecting the car before leaving. Whether you have booked a car or a van rental, it is always important that you inspect the vehicle you have rented before leaving so that if it has any problems, it can be noted that you don’t have to pay for them.

Here’s How You Can Find Great Vacation Packages


Vacations are important because they serve as a lifeline to numerous hardworking people, preventing them from getting numbed by the constant stresses of everyday life. So if you are thinking about going on a vacation, you are probably doing the right thing that is why you should not hesitate. Vacations, of course would have to depend on your budget. If you have the means, you can even go to a luxury resort in order to enjoy the best services and accommodations known to man.

But a resort is only as good as to what it can offer and it is important that you find a great vacation package that you can enjoy. Here are some tips you can use to find great vacation packages.

  1. Ask a travel agent or go online. The best way to find great vacation packages is to consult a travel agent. They can help you find a package that can fit you and your budget. Also, the Internet is another great source for the best vacation packages. You can go through numerous sites, read reviews and choose one that fits you.
  2. Determine your wants and your needs. Why do you plan to go on a vacation in the first place? Think through this while also considering what you want for this vacation. If you want get a pool villa in Hua Hin, then go for it. As long as it can fit your budget.
  3. Go through numerous hotels then narrow down your choice. It is important that you first check numerous hotels before you choose the hotel you would book at.
  4. Choose the hotel. Of course advertisements and brochures make every hotel appealing. But the problem is which one would you choose? How would you choose? Probably the best way to choose a hotel is to check the reviews from past clients because they can be your most trusted advisors as they have already experienced the services of the hotel up in hand.
  5. Get a firm understanding on price ranges. Hotel prices change constantly and because of this, you would need to learn when the best time to make a booking is. To do this, you can check the hotel’s website constantly for a number of days and observe how the prices change.

Palawan: The Best Tourist Destination In The Philippines


A five-star resort is located in the quiet place of northern Palawan. It is where all you can hear are the birds, the noise of the trees, breeze echoes in the air like the rushing waves of the ocean. It is very relaxing and it has an echo friendly environment. Some fencing and landscaping must be of great rewards on this masterpiece they have created. Companies like the Millers Fencing & Landscaping can do this great astonishing design of fencing. Even though it takes so much hard work in digging and building the site it always credit the job here. It is worth your sweat and perspiration to witness such a breathtaking scene and place to relax! There are green trees and the warm water to give you relief and soothing feeling that you always look for.

A little bit isolated, but not alone. The Beach has the access through this long bridge to the resort.

On the other hand, it has fine white sands and captivating view of the shore. It has a bragging taste of seaside swims. The very interesting thing about this beach is that it is a favorite hangout for celebrities like Kris Aquino a Filipina Actress. It was reserved for some very special occasion for some few special adventurous people.

A beautiful garden landscaping is revealed and it is surrounded by the ornamental plants and relaxing view.

The revelation of the places is only through this site and the person that will disclose its character will be you. It is not yet exposed to Millers Fencing & Landscaping Companies that could develop and tame the place, but this is the kind of project that the company’s service is used to dedicate their expertise.

Visit the place and experience Heaven right under the sun. No more traffic, busy schedules, crowded places, take a break and have you pampered from time. All Itineraries for the travel will be provided in the site. Pack your things and plan for the best vacation in your life. A treat for a lifetime will be defined under the sunset.