Three Types Of Marquee Hire In Sydney


You will not have a hard time looking for Marquee Hire in Sydney if you are looking for one. You just have to search through the internet and you will find a long list of companies that offer marquees and the whole gamut of party needs. Before you place your booking, you have to determine what type of marquee you are going to hire. Here are three of the most popular marquees that you can check for ideas.

Traditional Marquee

Traditional marquees are the most opted marquee because of its inherent elegance and sophistication. They are a popular choice during weddings and other events that require charm and that dreamy feel. The good thing about traditional marquee is that they are flexible and can be decorated with all sorts of decoration to achieve the ambiance that you have in mind. Traditional marquees are available in a variety of sizes and can accommodate huge crowds for the big-sized version.

Clearspan Marquee

Contrary to Traditional marquee, Clearspan marquee offers a modern feel to the event. This is ideal for festive occasions such as family reunions, company events, Christmas or themed parties and the likes. Most companies for Marquee Hire in Sydney have Clearspan marquee on their list because the tent offers more space and it is also attractive. It has clear and crisp lines that further add to its contemporary appearance. Clearspan can also be customized according to your preference.

Pagoda Marquee

Pagoda marquee is also called Chinese or oriental style tents. They resemble to a sorcerer’s or witches hat with a pointed roof that makes it look more magical. Pagoda marquees are beautiful and are suitable for personal events such as intimate weddings or proposals. Most pagoda marquees are smaller compared to other types of marquees that is why they are commonly used as extension to the main house and they are also sometimes placed on the porch as a venue for cosy discussions while the rest of the guests are dancing away at the party. Pagoda marquees can be rented at Marquee Hire in Sydney at a reasonable price.

5 Beautiful Venues For A Perth Wedding


Are you planning your wedding? In Perth, there is really no shortage in terms of beautiful and one-of-a-kind locations.

There are heritage buildings to gardens, as well as bars to hotels. Perth truly has numerous choices for your wedding ceremony, reception and photo opportunities.

Kings Park

Kings Park is a famous venue for weddings. It might be due to its magnificent gum trees that makes for a great setting for ceremonies or its picturesque background of the city skyline for photos.

The park is well-groomed, and its lawns are pristine. Given that you’re fine with this public setting, this venue can give you the charm of nature while still close to the city.



Art Gallery of Western Australia

A wedding reception set at the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s open function space gives a modern flair.

The gallery’s Concourse, the primary function area, has a contemporary space in this cultural centre. It can sit up a maximum of 160 guests too.

With their successful Rooftop Bar, they are also looking to accept queries regarding weddings set at this space. Given its stunning city views, this space will easily get popular.



Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is just one of the iconic landmarks of Perth. This is a unique and luxurious venue option. It is located in the Swan River, having views of the city skyline, as well as the new Elizabeth Quay.

The tower caters to wedding ceremonies and receptions, having access to its stunning gardens, landscaped lawns and lovely water features.



The Terrace Hotel

This has become very much favoured for wedding ceremonies and engagements, after it opened in 2012.

It has a beautiful 1920s façade and an interior luxury combined with old world charm.



Lamont’s Bishops House

You really don’t need to head to Swan Valley for that perfect wedding set around rolling greens and lush gardens.

Lamont’s Bishops House is set in Perth City and has a private outdoor space.

This late 1800s Georgian manor has an exquisite background for garden wedding ceremonies and receptions.

With a beautiful weather, you can have your dream wedding under the stars. Make sure to also talk to your wedding planner about having those Perth Wedding Marquees, just to be ready in case of rain.


Tips In Hiring A Wedding Planner In Sydney


Wedding planning is undeniably a very complicated job. It can be an overwhelming task for someone who is not used to organizing big events before. There are brides that prefer to overlook every tiny detail for her big day while there are those that are admitting that it is more advantageous to hire a wedding specialist to manage the big day especially since they already have a network of suppliers and are familiar with all the details.

If you are looking for the best wedding planner in Sydney, the best way you can get honest advice is to ask friends who got married recently and inquire about the wedding planner they hired for their big day. It is the fastest way to get a recommendation and skip all the hard work of looking through dozens of options near your area. You can even see photos from their wedding day and hear firsthand about their wedding experience and how it went.

If you don’t know of friends or relatives that can recommend one, do not despair as there are other ways to find a good wedding planner. You can start by searching online and you will be able to customize your search to include only those wedding event companies that are within your local area. If you have an upcoming wedding trade fair in your area then that is also a good source of wedding planner options as well as ideas for your wedding.

While there may be a lot to choose from, you can make the task of choosing easier by creating a shortlist of those you want to handle your wedding. From then, you can research on each company or individual one by one. Read reviews about them and the service they offer. Majority of these wedding event companies or coordinators have their own websites. This is the best way to get to know more about them, the customers they have catered to and the weddings they have planned.

It is important to hire a wedding planner in Sydney that has a large network of suppliers that can get you good deals. They must have the necessary skills to make your dream wedding into reality while incorporating your wishes and visions into it.

The Essence Of Art Collections


Buying art and collecting art are two different endeavors. You bought a piece of fine art in a gallery because it was appealing and it would fit perfectly in the living room. On the other hand, there are individuals who frequent auctions with the hope of adding an original and rare painting to their art collection. In both cases, buying art has to satisfy individual tastes.


There are art collectors who will not think twice to pay more than a hundred million dollars for a Picasso painting. Come to think of it, is art really worth all that money? It is not made of gold, diamonds or platinum and neither can you wear it, drink it or eat it. If it is really as worthless as it seems, why do art collectors compete at auctions to place the highest bid for the same painting?

The monetary value of art is measured by how much an individual or organization is prepared to pay for its acquisition. However, it is the perceived cultural value that increases the price to such an extent that it reaches hundreds of millions at Christie’s or Sotheby’s. A Picasso painting has historical significance and aesthetically rewarding, the winning formula for a coveted masterpiece.

Great art collectors are best described as widely popular and respected in the art world. For example, the Barnes collection and Chrysler collection became successful with their art collections that have been selected and grouped accordingly. However, you do not have to be a great collector to form a meaningful art collection. You can be a small scale collector of specific works from budding artists. The art collection does not have to cost millions of dollars particularly if your real objective is recreational instead of potential profits. In the first place, buying art must be for personal enjoyment and not for high returns on investment.

If you are not confident on what types of fine art you will buy, seek advice from a reliable Fine art dealer who has the knowledge and experience of the art world. Don’t miss the opportunity of discussing the fine points of a certain work of art to determine whether it is really as good as everyone believes.

How To Choose Bangkok Limousines To Rent


If you are planning to rent Bangkok limousines, the first thing that you should do is look for a company that rent out limousines in Bangkok or in the area that you are going to visit. However, with the number of limousines being rented out, you might have a hard time choosing which of them is most suited for your needs. To make choosing easier for you, here are some ideas that you might want to consider.

Choose the right size for you

There are some things that need to be considered when renting a limousine. One of these things is the number of passengers who will be in the limousine. A standard limousine can take in up to four passengers. If there will be more than four of you as passengers, you might want o consider getting a bigger SUV or getting two Bangkok limousines to accommodate your group.

Check the amenities

Some limousines have better facilities than their counterparts. For instance, some limousine rental companies offer free WiFi connection to their customers while in transit or while using the vehicle. This will be an advantage if you are not on roaming service and getting internet service from your service provider would mean paying a luxurious amount for it.

Choose affordability   

The truth is, limousines are luxury cars so do not expect a cheap rental for it. However, there are ways to stretch your money and get the best value for it. One way to do it is by checking the perks and inclusions of the rates. The more inclusions there are, the more you can save on your rent since you no longer have to pay for additional goods and services. As an example, look for a rental company for Bangkok limousines that will allow you to relax the moment you arrive in Thailand by paying all the necessary fees such as government taxes, fuel, toll and express way fees, parking fees etc. These fees should already be included in the rental fee so you won’t have to worry about a thing when you get to Thailand.

Benefits Of Condo Investment Financially


The past few years have shown that real estate in Thailand is a proven solid investment option. The real estate market is steadily growing and there is a constant demand for residential as well as commercial properties. This is the reason why many are grabbing the financial opportunity to invest in a condo in Thailand.

Despite the fact that one may not be able to get their capital gain from their real estate assets as fast as they would like to, condominiums are still the most practical option and is the safest option when it comes to investing. Condos are now offered in flexible terms of payment thus young professionals can easily buy their first unit. Here the benefits you can get financially from owning a condo:

– Have access to luxury amenities without having to pay too much. Condo living requires the owner to pay a monthly maintenance fee which will go to the amenities. This fee is still cheaper compared to having your own pool at home or setting up you own gym. The amenities and facilities are one of the best perks of owning a condo unit.
– High resale value for condos located in major cities. During inflation, the sales value of a condo also increases. It also increases every time the building undergoes an improvement or of the building is located in a prestige and ideal location. If ever you decide to sell in the future, you are guaranteed with a high resale value.
– It can be offered for rent. There are many properties up for rent in Thailand. It is not surprising to know that condo owners buy units for them to rent it out. The rates are competitive and you will be able to earn passively. Renting is common for people who are working far from their home and needs to save time and money spent in daily commute.
– The unit can be transferred easily. It is one of the most practical ways of transferring your assets. It is common for parents in Thailand who can afford to buy condo for their children that is close to where they work or attend school.
For those who are looking for a condo in Thailand, visit Seaview Luxury Property Development for available units.

Next Stop: Koh Samui In Thailand


You might be travelling all over the world looking for wonders and meeting new people but you might be missing out on a lot if you haven’t visited Koh Samui yet, a beautiful island found in the Gulf of Thailand. If you are not convinced on visiting the island for your next trip, here is a list of things that might make you fall in love with the island before even reaching it.

  • Thailand is a country famous for its ladyboy shows and if you are in Chaweng Beach Road then it is worth checking out the Starz Cabaret. It is a good way to spend your night out in the island. After the show, you can pick a beach bar and then end the night in one of the well-known nightspots in the island, Green Mango Club.
  • As soon as your plane flies over the airport in Koh Samui, you will see right away the Big Buddha in its temple. Its height is a glorious 12 feet and its temple was built back in 1972. The locals call it Wat Phra Yai. Buddha can be seen sitting in a Mara position which signifies enlightenment, steadfastness and pureness.
  • Aside from the famous Big Buddha temple, there are many other temples to visit in the island such as the Wat Khunaram temple because it is considered the home of the mummified monk. There you will see an upright casket with the body one of the monks, Loung Pordaeng, wearing a pair of sunglasses.

While relaxing in your pool villa in Koh Samui, you might see people wearing strings that are tied around the waist. It is a cotton thread locally called sai sin which is known to be blessed by the Buddhist monk. The wearer will be protected and given good health. These are usually white to symbolize purity. The rule is that anyone can wear the charm but it must not be taken off at all cost. If it falls off because of natural causes then it should be kept in a height higher than the wearer’s head.