How To Enjoy Bangkok On A Shoestring Budget


Thailand became popular as a backpacker’s paradise because of cheap accommodations, transport and food. That was the scenario decades ago because at present the tourist destination is now attracting all types of business and leisure travellers. The good thing with Thailand, budget hotels in Bangkok, the capital city does not mean dingy rooms with bunk beds.

Your dollar has more value in Thailand meaning that you can find a hotel where you can stay in style for the fraction of the expected cost. If you are travelling on a budget, your best option is to book at a hotel which is near public transport like the Sky Train or metro. There are also hotels located in the heart of the city which are within walking distance to dining, nightlife and entertainment areas.

Thailand is also known as a shopper’s paradise. In the marketplaces of Bangkok, you will find a wide array of beautiful and traditional things that you want to bring home. However, do not be tempted to pay what the vendor asks for a certain souvenir. Do not be embarrassed to haggle because the local vendors expect you to do so. If you are good, you might get the item you desire for half its original price.

One other thing that Thailand is popular for is its street food. A wide range of street food is available in the local cuisine. Be adventurous and try the authentic food they offer at the roadside. The food is clean, delicious, fresh and cheap. Another experience that you should definitely try without spending a fortune is the floating market where local vendors float down the river selling food, ingredients, vegetables and fruits.

There are also places in Bangkok that you can explore without spending anything. You can take a casual walk along the beaches or visit the impressive temples with their wealth of history passed on from several centuries.

Luxurious comfort awaits you at budget hotels in Bangkok. Even the most cost conscious business or leisure traveller will be surprised at the cheap price of accommodations. If you book direct with the hotel website, you get more benefits and discounts.

Tips When Eating In A Buffet Restaurant


There are many types of restaurant in Bangkok and many of them are offering buffet services. You can choose the restaurant based on the food that you want. There are seafood buffet in Sukhumvit, buffet of Japanese or Chinese cuisine and many more. How does a plated meal differ from a buffet setting? With plated meals, you only eat what is served on your plate depending on what food you ordered while a buffet setting gives you the option to choose whatever you want to eat on the wide array of food that is served and there is no limit to how much you can eat. What is the proper etiquette that you should keep in mind when dining in a buffet restaurant?

  • Before you start putting food in your plate, it is best to walk around and see all the food they have served then you can make a decision. You will be able to start filling your plate with food that you like the most and then followed by items that you have been looking forward to try. This way, you will have enough room in your plate for each of them.
  • If you are dining in a restaurant with seafood buffet in Sukhumvit, remember to use a clean plate every time you get up to get more food. It is not recommended to use the same plate because of sanitation and germs can easily spread through this practice.
  • It is ethical to wait for your turn when getting food. It is considered rude to reach for food while someone is still getting their own.
  • Be considered of people who are queuing behind you. Do not stay in one place for too long while you decide about getting a specific food or not. You can always come back later if you change your mind.
  • Always use serving spoons when getting food. Finger foods place on the serving dish should not be touched by your bare hands.
  • It is common in seafood buffet in Sukhumvit to have specific serving utensils for each item. Make sure you put back the utensil where it belonged. You don’t want to contaminate other foods which other people might be allergic to.

How To Save Money When Purchasing Office Furniture


For a business that is just starting out, saving money is very important. There are things that must be purchased for the operation to commence such as office furniture and these are not the cheapest investment. This does not mean that you cannot save money on the process. All it takes is some tips and techniques from the experts and a lot of shopping around in order to find the ones that offer the most value for your money. Here are some valuable tips in buying quality office furniture while saving money at the same time.

  • Planning ahead. This is important. Do not rush. Take your time and start some planning. You might be excited to buy those first desks and chairs as soon as you see your local home center on sale but planning is essential. Think about the office furniture that you really need and ask for suggestions from your employees at the same time because they will be the one utilizing most of these. Make sure you take into consideration your office space in order to know what furniture will fit inside. Keep in mind the possibility of hiring more staff in the future.
  • Go shopping. You can start shopping by looking at local stores that offers promotions and sales. Go straight to the dealer if possible but there are also huge supermarkets and department stores that stock furniture with even lower prices and more options available. The huge difference in sale prices might be a shocker so make sure you spend enough time shopping and comparing prices before making the final decision.
  • Prioritize comfort above all when looking for office furniture. Your employees should have ample space under the desks to stretch their legs every now and then and the chair must be comfortable enough for all day sitting.
  • Online shopping. While it is more convenient to shop online, keep in mind that there are additional charges such as the shipping cost. The prices of the office furniture might be cheap but your total bill might come as a surprise because of the massive shipping fee.

Benefits Of Natural Australian Mosquito Repellent


Mosquitos are extremely pesky, little creatures. They feel like they are those cute, little butterflies flying around the gardens of your grandparents’ home in the province when in fact, they are, first and foremost, vicious kinds of insects which suck up your blood with one bite in any part of your sensitive skin. Now, mosquito bites are relatively not fatal but we can’t say the same thing about the diseases that come with those bites. In fact, Dengue Fever, one of the commonly-known diseases that someone who has been bitten by mosquitos can get, is one of the deadliest diseases in the world right now and that is despite the fact that there’s already a vaccine for this specific disease. The problem, Dengue Fever starts by showing symptoms of having the usual fever plus having colds and some people have the tendency to relax a little bit until the Dengue virus starts to spread and it’s too late. Fortunately, there are a handful of precautionary measures in which people can take to prevent getting Dengue Fever. Aside from getting yourself shot with the appropriate anti-Dengue Fever vaccine which you can get from government hospitals, you can also use a natural Australian mosquito repellent that you can buy from drug stores and groceries so you can protect yourself from mosquitos.


To begin with, there are many mosquito repellents which you can easily buy from the market but some of them are reported to be harmful to the skin which is why using a natural Australian mosquito repellent is better and below are some of the benefits you will get from the said kind of product:

  • Since they don’t require the presence of some of the hazardous chemicals that are used in conventional mosquito repellents, natural mosquito repellents are proven to be able to work more efficiently in terms of offering longer protection and, they have certain materials that are effective in deterring mosquitos. And, they’re safer to use because they are developed by doctors.
  • Natural repellents are not only vicious in deterring mosquitos but they are also kind to be used by someone who has a sensitive skin. Also, these repellents are smell better and are overall good for the body.

What Should Your Backpack Contain When Traveling To Thailand?


If you have plans to go to Thailand, suite accommodation in Pattaya is perfectly designed for today’s traveller. Aside from trendy décor, you will enjoy all the modern conveniences and comforts. However, before you go to Thailand, it is important to prepare all the stuff that you should place in your backpack or carry-all.

The most important item is your passport. Make sure that it is valid for at least a year with available blank pages. It makes sense to buy a passport holder with adequate space to put your airline tickets. A travel bag/purse that you can conveniently hang on your neck can be used to store your passport, tickets, cash, coins and credit cards.

Thailand is a tourist destination that is visa-free for most nationalities if the purpose is for leisure, sightseeing and personal adventure. Some nationalities may be required to apply for a visa upon arrival which can be processed immediately to allow 15 days of Thai holiday.

Make sure your credit cards and debit cards can be accessed while in Thailand. Check with your local bank to make sure that you will not suffer the inconvenience of a blocked international ATM. However, international currency like dollars, pounds and Euros can be easily exchanged for Thai baht. For safety purposes, it is best to change currency at the local banks.

If you are suffering from any ailments, do not forget your prescription medicines. Make sure that you have a full supply for the days that you will be in Thailand. While there are lots of over-the-counter stores in Thailand, there is a possibility that the medicine you are taking might not be available.

Get a guidebook to know all the options available including the stuff that you might be interested in. While searching online is easier, you might not immediately get internet connection on your mobile phone upon your arrival.

Seeing that you have chosen suite accommodation in Pattaya, you get free Wi-Fi in your room with a 40-inch LED TV with cable and satellite channels. You can also enjoy all the essential in-room facilities like tea and coffee maker with free bottled water.

Reading Stroller Reviews: 5 Features To Look In A Stroller


The safety of your baby should be always your top priority especially during their first few years of living in this world. You see, babies, especially new-borns, are still in the process of developing and strengthening their motor skills so their bones and muscles are not that strong yet compared to us adults. This is why you must be really extra careful whenever you have a baby in your household because babies are as vulnerable as flower vases that can be easily broken. It’s practically the same banana when you are in the process of choosing which among the strollers that you see in the baby section of a department store you are going to buy for your baby who is already able to sit on his own. You see, there are many strollers out there and you have to remember that not all babies are age-ready to be put in those strollers. That’s why it’s important that you, as a careful customer and a responsible parent, must make it a habit to take the time in reading those stroller reviews when buying a striker for your beloved baby.


When you are in the process of reading all of those stroller reviews that are posted in the Internet, you have to look at the functionality and overall performance of 5 of the most important features that will define a good choice of a stroller. Below are the 5 features of a stroller you should look at:

  • Restraint System- This is one of the important features a baby stroller must have. This system includes the safety belt and crotch strap that will your baby sturdily strapped in all the time.
  • Brakes- Like in cars, a stroller must have a fluid braking system in case you need to stop the stroller from speeding away especially if the path is downhill.
  • Wheels- Simply put it this way: how are you going to freely push the stroller without a good set of wheels?
  • Leg Holes- Choose a stroller which leg holes can be closed so that infants won’t slip out of it.
  • Canopy- This will be useful in giving extra protection for your baby towards the hazardous rays of the sun.


Reasons To Choose Jhasper Fashion For Bespoke Menswear


You can find a lot of shops that offer custom made bespoke menswear along Thailand. You can even find a lot online shops that offer similar services wherein they will create the exact suit that you need according to your required size and style. However, trusting a designer and maker of suits is not that easy. You need to check a lot of things such as the reputation of the suit maker; you also need to check on their created suits and products, their price and many others. Even with a tailor brand such as  Jhasper Fashion also needs to be perused in order to ensure that you will get the best out of your order and your money.

Better price value

The usual connotation of bespoke suits is that they are expensive. While this can be true, there are those such as Jhasper Fashion that offer their products at a reasonable price. You can say that you are getting better value for your money when you can choose from around 2,500 fabrics and offers a wide variety of buttons, fabrics for sleeves, cuffs and other designs and accents that will make your custom suit made by top designers in Italy.

With professional wardrobe consultants

Choose a bespoke tailor that provides high quality assistance to their customers. There may be times when you need a suit but you are not exactly sure of the perfect design for you or you are confused with the numerous choices of styles before you. A professional wardrobe consultant will help you decide and pick the right suit for you.

Convenient location

Another reason to pick a bespoke tailor shop is its convenience. It would be best to find a shop that you can easily visit or accessible by major transportation in Bangkok. For instance, Jhasper Fashion is just 10 minute walk from the MRT Sukhumvit station and 2 minute walk from Nana sky train station. This way, you can easily pick up the suit when it’s done. You also have the option to have it delivered or shipped to your addressed.

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