Useful Tips To Get More Value For Canadian Dollars


The low rates of Canadian dollar is a cause of concern for Canadians who regularly travel to the US or buy products from us based retailers. Here are some tips from currency exchange experts that will help to get most value for Canadian dollars.

Choose a reputed currency exchange

The channels for currency exchange makes a huge difference on the exchange rate. Though banks are the safest places for currency exchange, most of the banks charge transaction and serve fees on exchange. The exchange rate is marked up to accommodate these fees. It is a good idea to choose a specialty currency exchange that offers best rates.  Choose a reputed Currency Exchange Ottawa that offers the best rate for Canadian dollars. Never exchange currency at airport and hotel kiosks and counters as they charge a huge commission on currency exchange.

Make bulk transaction

Bulk transactions help you to bargain for a better exchange rate. Shop around and know about the prevailing rate of exchange offered by different currency exchange providers. Choose a registered and trustworthy Currency Exchange Ottawa to get the best value. Most of the online exchanges offer obligation free quotes.

Observe the trend

The rate of Canadian dollars follows the price movements of oil prices. Observe the overall market conditions and buy during favorable conditions. Get quotes about the exchange rate for Canadian dollars from a reputed online currency Exchange.

Use no fees credit cards

Use credit cards which does not levy extra transaction costs and service charges. Confirm with the bank issuing the credit card about the applicable charges for foreign transactions before the trip. Some vendors also charge service fee for credit card transactions. So talk to the vendor before making payment using credit card. Say no to dynamic exchange rates. Pay in the local currency of the country you travel.

 Avoid airport and hotel kiosks

It is advisable to avoid currency exchange at hotel and airport counters and kiosks because they charge a huge commission. It is hard to bargain for a better exchange rate at airport and hotel counters. Choose a reputed Currency Exchange Ottawa, which offers best rate before you travel to the airport.

Why Opt For A Secondary School In Bangkok?


If you try to live in Bangkok, you’ll be having a unique experience that you can’t find elsewhere. In Bangkok, you can live comfortably and conveniently, as it brings more opportunities for expatriates. If you’re interested in living in Bangkok, you can find helpful tips for the education of your kids in this brief guide. You’ll even consider sending your teens in a secondary school in Bangkok for their education.

From Pre-School to Post-Graduate Students

You spend twelve years of free education in the Thai educational system, where nine of them are required by law. When Thai kids reach the age of three, they start attending pre-school, which is not part of the required education in Thailand. Parents have to spend for nurseries and kindergartens for their kids.

When the child is aged six to eleven, they go through a six-year primary education, which can be both obligatory or free, just like following the three years of lower secondary. Once they reach the nine-years of required schooling, kids learn their education in core subjects like Thai, math, science, religion and culture, social studies, health and PE, career, arts, technology and some foreign languages.

Once done with the programme, they proceed to the secondary school in Bangkok, which is up till 17 years old. It’s enough to prepare them for college entrance exams. There are also students who prefer the three to five years of vocational training. They learn, for instance, tourism, business, commerce and home economics.

International Education Opportunities

If you are choosing the best international schools in the country, you may need to pay tuition fees for obtaining modern facilities and a good to excellent academic standards in Bangkok. It’s a chance to find several international schools that offer a secondary school in Bangkokfor your children’s education.

Somehow, a few great international schools cater to a variety of expat nationalities and communities. If you were to choose a school, it will have to depend on the curriculum, medium of instruction, and the diploma courses offered. The international school available will have to rely on where you live and work,so it provides convenience and comfort for everyone.

How You Can Become A Specialist Logistics


You need preparation and the education if you want to work as a specialist logistics in the future. You need to take a quick view of the requirements, such as job duties and degree programmes, so you know this is a career is right for you.

The specialist logistics will often organise activities concerning the dispersion of products and purchase of supplies. They work closely with merchants and often manage employees. To work as such, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Important Information

When one speaks about logistics, it usually deals with the movement of personnel, suppliers and equipment. It is the job of a specialist to oversee the skilfulness, organisation, and performance of such affairs.

Career Information

The specialist logistics refers to any management logistics professional, though one can have various roles according to whether the position is in a civilian business, a government agency or the military. In 2008, the US Navy combined the postmaster and storekeeper position into a logistics specialist, which has several job functions and title origins.

For this position, one must have strong oral and written communication skills; especially that he or she will be making reports and communicating with merchants and staff. The specialists will be supervising other workers and evaluating them according to company rules. The position also concerns safety issues.

Education Prerequisites

If you want to work as a specialist logistics, complete a bachelor’s degree in areas of operations, inventory supervision and supply chain management. The formal education will need to include mathematic classes, such as statistics and calculus. Students also learn legal concerns about domestic and global shipping and storage. Cost benefit analysis and freight transport tactics are also being studied. However, if you want to possess advanced titles or leadership, you are required a comprehensive on the job training and further education.

You also need knowledge and skills in handling electronics, computer hardware, use and programming of important software applications. You need to know about raw materials, the production process and quality control. You must be able to innovate, handle crisis management and some organisational skills. These are all the qualifications needed for a specialist logistics to work in a prestigious company.

How Football Highlights Can Make You See The Essence Of A Football Game


The current modern world offers one of the best ways to keep people posted with every single development happening on the football field. It’s done through the ดูบอลสด which feature events of every games. These highlights show the significance of the football game showcasing the action for the day. That’s why many television stations utilise a variety of football videos in their shows to recapture specific events of the game. The highlights are not only seen on TV but are now available on the Internet using various technological advances. Online users can find the highlights that they need with just one click of the mouse. Like for instance, a football match featured on television, users can log online just after the goal has been scored. The videos are uploaded to possible video sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

One great benefit for watching videos of football highlights is having many avid football fans catch up with what’s happenings in one specific game. If for some reason a game enthusiast missed to see the matches live, he or she will just need to find the highlights to know the turning points of the game. Even with the 2018 FIFA World Cup taking place in Russia, video highlights are utilised by nearly many television stations to make spectators see the replays of the game’s winning moments. Even though end-users see the most important parts of the game, careful planning has been done to choose the right clips and arranging them in a way that people watching can grasp what’s happening even if they haven’t seen the live game.

The videos of ดูบอลสด will also make fans from across the world see the football game live. To make it possible for the world to watch the finals of the game, organisers have gathered advertisers and sponsors to showcase the games’ brand images. For example, during a significant football event like the Championship League or FIFA World Cup, the video highlights of the conference are sponsored by advertisers. The highlights also feature the top players of the game, especially when they defeat the goalkeepers.

Moving Out: Are Professional Movers Worth Hiring?


Moving into a new home seems like a daunting task. It needs a lot of organization, labour, and planning. While some enlist the help of the family and friends for the job, others choose to hire professionals, from furniture removals to transport and moving in. Here are some reasons why hiring professional movers may be a good idea.


Your belongings are protected.

When you pack and move your things on your own, there is a chance that some of your belongings may get damaged on the way due to improper packaging. However, professional removals in Sydney, New York, and more will ensure that your properties are safely packed and transported from your old home to the new one. Should any accident arise and ends up damaging your belongings, the insurance will take care of the damages. You wouldn’t have this when you try to move by yourself.


They have the appropriate equipment.

Moving from one home to another does not only need boxes and tapes for your things. Especially when moving heavier things like furniture and appliances, removals in Sydney, for example, use specialized equipment to do the job faster and safer. They may use a variety of tools such as ramps or hoisting straps, which may not always be readily available if you do it yourself. Furthermore, they also have the proper vehicle to transport your belongings easily. Although these could be rented, if you still want to do it yourself, renting it may cost you more than hiring movers themselves, considering how much you would spend on packing materials like boxes.


You can avoid accidents.

Moving your belongings most certainly mean lifting heavy things like beds, sofa, refrigerator, or even uninstalling equipment like air conditioners. If you are not experienced in doing this, you might end up hurting yourself and the people trying to help you in an attempt to lift these heavy things. However, professional movers know the proper way of carrying your heavy bed from the second floor down to the first floor and into the truck without hurting anyone or damaging anything in the process. This way, moving would not involve injury and avoidable damages.

Biggest Mistakes Men Make On Dating Sites


With the popularity of dating sites like Tinder, more and more people are turning to the internet to find the right person for them. But, as the saying goes, first impressions last, and with a dating app, that means your profile has to be spot-on. That’s not always the case though, isn’t that right, guys? Lots of you men lamenting to your bros about how you can’t seem to find someone who’ll swipe right for you. Well, that might be because your profile doesn’t paint the right picture of you.

From American, to Asian to Venezuelan Dating, there are certain things you just don’t do on dating sites. Here’s a few to avoid for the men.

Cringey pickup lines.

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? ” We all know the type, those cringe-worthy pickup lines that are such blatant attempts to by men to be smooth and “cool”, that they might as well be hanging a neon sign over their heads that says “I’m trying to get into your pants”. Seriously, why? The thing about dating sites is that, reality will catch up to you, and it will catch up to you hard. Hence, general rule of thumb is to behave as you normally would, with some minor embellishments for appeal. If you’re not willing to say it upfront, don’t even consider typing them.

The one-size-fits-all approach

No. No. Just no. You’re dating, not making copies of office documentation; why would you go for the copy paste approach? Every person is unique, and the filter of the online dating app does not, in any way shape or form, diminish that fact. Whether it’s Venezuelan Dating or Asian, you’ll want to come across as unique, and having using the same approach with every date is detrimental to that. So approach every match with a fresh idea, an open perspective. If you approach everyone with a standard approach, then you’ll be seen as standard; not worth the time.

Forcing sex into every chat

Here’s the thing, part of what makes dating works is chemistry; and that can only start with a proper, natural conversation. That means he has to be natural, without any topic shoehorned in, and, when it comes to men, there’s something they always try to force into conversations with potential dates; sex. You’ll want to vary up conversations, ease up into the topic, and be natural with topic, talk to them, like, you know, an actual person?

Pretending to have a ton of hobbies

Dating involves pretending, that’s just expected, that’s why you have to approach with caution. But if you’re putting up a lot of hobbies you’re supposedly into, then a lot of people will think that you’re into the same things that they’re into. Having things in common is good, but using false hobbies will get people liking “you”, who isn’t really you. As we’ve said before, when it comes to dating, reality will eventually catch up. Hard.

Five Advantages Of Using Airport Shuttle Services


Airport shuttles are reliable and economic transport options to travel to and from airport to different destinations in a city. Almost all of the major cities in the world have airport shuttle services to enable the travellers to commute to and from the airport in a fast and safe manner. The airport shuttles ply coaches at regular intervals and enable the travellers to travel to their hotels or other destinations in the city.

Commuting to and from the airport by using shuttle services is not only a cost-effective transport solution but is also reliable and quick option.  Some of the benefits of using shuttle services are

  • Reliable

The coaches of shuttle services ply at fixed intervals. They are a reliable option to travel through the city. Travellers can pick a suitable time and book the coach in advance to avoid last minute rush. Since the drivers of these coaches are experienced and know about the traffic conditions of the city, they can drop off the travellers at airport at fixed timings.

  • Luxurious

Most of the shuttle service companies also provide luxurious options like limousine services and personal vehicles. Using the services of these companies is a cost-effective transport solution to enjoy a luxurious ride to and from the airport.

  • Cost

The chartered shuttle services are a cost-effective transport solution, when compared to taxis and other private car services. The shuttle fares are reasonable and are far less than taxis.

  • Experienced and knowledgeable drivers

The drivers of the coaches and cars of these shuttle companies are experienced and licensed. They have knowledge about the important landmarks and attractions of the city. They can guide tourists about the places of interest, popular restaurants and shopping centres of the city. They can also advise the tourists about the safe and not so safe areas of the city.

  • Safe

Airport shuttle services are safe means of transport to travel in a new city. The drivers of these coaches are licensed and verified. The luggage is also safely placed in the luggage container and is

delivered to the passenger at his hotel. Hence there is no chance of theft of luggage which commonly happens in private taxis and public transport.

More and more travellers prefer to book airport shuttle services on their trips as it is a cost-effective transport solution to travel to and from airport to the different parts of a city.