4 Tips To Start A Kitchen Glass Splashback Project


Adding glass elements in home areas such as the kitchen and bathroom makes the area look modern and trendy. This is the reason why newly constructed homes and condominium units or those who seek to remodel their homes usually include kitchen glass splashback on their plan. To start with your remodelling or construction project with glass splashback on it, here are some ideas.

Consider where you will place glass splashback

Glass splashbacks are generally installed around bathrooms, kitchen, mini bars and entertainment areas of the house. You can add mirror splashbacks on the mentioned areas but or you can prioritize to have it in your kitchen to inspire you with preparing sumptuous meals and also since it is readily noticeable by your guests and family members.

Come up with a design

If you have already decided that you are going to install the glass splashback on your kitchen, the next step is to come up with a design that will look great on your area. You can find a lot of kitchen glass splashback designs from home and interior design websites or you can also check your local supplier’s showroom for ideas. Another idea is to consult your interior decorator or contractor for suggestions.

Determine the project costs

If you have the right design in mind, you can start researching on material costs and other budgetary requirements. Contact a reputable contractor or glass splashback installer to find out what needs to be done and also to initially discuss the project needs. Find out how much is the estimated service cost and how much should you budget for the entire project. Contact an experienced service provider to ensure that you will get efficient and effective advice.

Request for cost estimates

Finally, ask for cost estimates from different service providers of kitchen glass splashbackin your area. Request for at least three cost estimates from different contractors to be safe so you can easily compare service rates. Choose a service contractor that has been working in the business for more than 10 years and one that has sufficient experience in glass splashback installation.

Hotel Mini Bars Equipped With Sensors


Many hotel guests know that eating or drinking anything from the mini bar will have additional charges but not many have an idea that there are mini mars equipped with sensors. This means that simply removing an item will automatically add charges to their bill. It is rare to see free mini bars but there is a hotel with free mini bar in Sukhumvit and this is one of the reasons why many are choosing to book at these establishments.

In international brand hotels such as Sheraton, Hilton, DoubleTree and Inter Continental, they are already using automated mini bars that employ sensors and their snack trays come with electronic scales. The issue is that many guests are complaining that their bill came with incidental charges despite not consuming anything.

According to a manager working for the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee, approximately 90 per cent of the additional charges due to the mini bar are considered to be errors. At their hotel, charges are only added once the mini bar has been manually checked by a staff member while other hotels do not bother to check unless the guests complain of wrong charges.

The sensors installed on the mini bars monitor items taken and charges automatically reflect eve if the occupant puts the item back without eating or drinking. Upon complaining, this is the only time when hotel staff does manual checking and the charges are removed accordingly.

There are sensors that charge after the item has not been put back within 6o seconds. This can be an inconvenience especially for parents that are staying with small, curious kids. It should be the duty of the specific establishment to put warning or cards that indicate how their automated system works but not every hotel bothers to do so.

The lack of sign can be a form of dishonesty to consumers. It is a good thing that there are hotels with free mini bar in Sukhumvit because guests don’t have to worry about false charges and they can have whatever they want from the mini bar without having to pay unbelievable prices.

Positive Effects Of Ayurveda To A Person’s Health


One of the ancient types of medicinal system is called ayurveda which has been in existence for over 50 centuries. This form of medicine is believed to have taken roots in India. The English meaning of the word ayurveda is life knowledge. The ayurvedic system makes use herbal healing practiced by the Hindu culture and its goal is to harmonize the body, mind and spirit of a person. People who have undergone authentic ayurvedic treatments in Bangkok have testified to the benefits of the medicinal system such as the following:

  • Lowering the stress level. There are many techniques that can be utilized in order to reduce the stress of a person including breathing exercises, yoga, herbal treatments and meditation. Studies regarding yoga have proven time and again that it contributes in the reduction of stress level of a person.
  • Losing weight. The main goal of ayurvedic is not to help a person lose weight but it is a usual side effect of the medicine. This is made possible by healthy diet as well as natural food consumption.
  • Helps in balancing hormone levels. A lot of women are known to struggle from hormonal imbalance thus their inability to have a regular menstrual cycle or get pregnant. With the help of ayurveda, the hormones will be balances through natural methods.
  • Reduces inflammation. Inflammation is a common side effect of a person is suffering from indigestion, poor diet and not enough sleep. If ayurvedic method is employed, inflammation can be controlled through getting rid of wastes inside the digestive tract and regulating the heart.
  • The best way to have a detox is to follow the ayurvedicmedicine which cleanses the body internally in order to have a better health. It makes use of a method called panchakamawhich is responsible in eliminating the toxins and food that hinders the natural functions of the human body.
  • Solve problem with insomnia. Many people who are suffering from insomnia have sought the help of authentic ayurvedic treatments in Bangkok because it has been proven to help a person have a peaceful sleep.

Things Tourists Should Not Miss Out In Bangkok


Frequent visitors and locals in Bangkok will be able to testify to the big changes that have happened in the metropolitan city. The temple roofs are not glittering despite the obvious worn out look, the dark alleys are now properly lit and the tuktuks are already managed in a way that they are not obscuring the traffic. First time visitors planning to visit Bangkok for the first time should stay at accommodations located at the central district such as Chann Bangkok Noi to be near the heart of the city.

Tourists visiting for the first time might be scouring for information on the best things to do and experience in Bangkok. Below is a list they should not miss.

  • Visit Wat Suthat. This temple is located in a vast compound that is best suited for those who are seeking knowledge of the spiritual background of Thais. It has not been restored properly despite the growth intourism but it boasts of a chapel painted in black and adorned with fresco paintings that could be in par with the Italian Renaissance. Standing from the main entrance of the temple, one will be able to see the huge red ceremonial swing which is a symbol of Hinduism. This symbol has served as the civic emblem of the city for a period.
  • Check out the Patravadi theatre. The journey to this theater alone is already an experience as you will riding the river boats going to Wang Lang Pier and then go on foot passing by the markets in Nonthaburi. The theatre was founded by a well known actress in Thailand and it is where one can fine restaurants that offer dinner shows from young art students.
  • Go to Or Tor Gor market. While many are heading to the Chatuchak flea market on a weekend, Or Tor Gor market is also worth visiting because it is not as crowded and one will be able to see authentic Thai produce and culture.
  • Shopping and art. Tourists looking to satisfy their cravings for artworks should visit Bangkok Art and Culture Center and if it is not enough, just across this is the MBK Center. It is recommended to stay in a hotel at the center of the city such as Chann Bangkok Noi in order to get to these places faster and more convenient.

How To Rent A Jumping Castle Hire In Melbourne


Surely, having a jumping castle hire in Melbourne would add joy to your kids and their friends and will make the adult guests feel like young kids again. You can find a number of service providers in your area but to ensure that you will not waste your money, here are some tips.

Determine your party needs

Decide on the type of party that you are going to have. Is it a children’s party, a corporate event or a family reunion where you want kids and adults to enjoy? With the type of party in mind, you can easily determine your needs such as the type of food that you are going to order, the tables and chairs needed and of course the recreation and amusement items. If you are planning to have a jumping castle, make sure that it is safe and the provider has excellent reputation when it comes to safety and the quality of their products.

Consider your budget

The rent of jumping castle hire in Melbourne varies depending on a number of factors. One is the number of hours that you are going to rent the item, your location and another is the event date. Take note that rental of amusement materials such asjumping castle is subject to its availability so it would be best to book your reservations in advance.

Look for a supplier

When you have the right information in mind, the next thing to do is look for a supplier of party needs in Melbourne. You can find party needs suppliers on the internet, at yellow pages and you might also want to ask around for information from friends or neighbours who may have recently hired party rides and amusement materials.

Ask for cost estimate

If you have found a number of suppliers of jumping castle hire in Melbourne, ask for cost estimates for you to be able to provide an appropriate budget for it. Avoid the cheapest price but one that is realistic and close to the average rental rates in the industry. The delivery, set-up and collection of jumping castle should already be included in the rental fee.

3 Reasons To Get Termite Inspections In Sydney


There are certain pests and insects that you can immediately determine its presence such as mosquitos and rodents. However, there are pests, such as termites, that are unnoticeable and even undetectable with naked eyes unless their damages become evident. Termites are small creatures that feed on wood and paper and they can cause structural damage around your house. To properly prevent or address the issue, it is important to schedule termite inspections in Sydney if you suspect termite presence in your property.

Risk and damage evaluation

When you set a schedule for termite inspection, you get a concrete idea on how termites can damage your property and furniture. You are also informed on the extent of damage these pests have already incurred in your area. After proper evaluation, the exterminators will come up with the right approach on how to effectively eliminate termites in your soil and property foundation without causing any damage to your family and pets. Choose a termite exterminating team that uses eco-friendly solution.

Find out where the colonies are

To effectively eliminate termites, it is important to determine where their colony is and this can only be accomplished during termite inspections in Sydney or in the nearby area. Termites usually breed in moist areas such as under the sink or wooden structures and furniture. By knowing where they are, you can remove your things that may be ravaged by these pests just before they are exterminated by the specialists. You can also save your wooden furniture, important documents and other items that can be targeted by termites.

Get prevention techniques

With the right team to conduct termite inspections in Sydney, you will know how you can prevent re-infiltration after the pest control job is conducted in your area. One way to prevent termites from going back to your structures and furniture is by keeping your wet or moist areas dry as they are conducive to termite survival. You can also divert water away from your house or fill the cracks around the house. Another best solution is to treat your soil with the right pesticide or uproot old tree trunks as they are the usual thriving points of termites.

When Should You Replace Your Car’s Tyres?


If you are planning to replace your tyres, there is a wide range of tyres available from Gold Coast Tyres that will beat any competitor in terms of price and quality. However, before you replace your tyres, it makes sense to determine whether you actually need to buy new ones. If you are not sure during inspection, you can ask the tyre dealer for his suggestions.

How will you know when it is time to replace your tyres? Physical factors that will affect your tyres include age and wear. Your tyres can easily be damaged if the road conditions in your area include potholes, speed bumps, curbs, sharp objects and obstacles. It is important to have the tyres professionally inspected in the event that they have sustained damage while driving on rough roads.

The treads will tell you if you need tyre replacement. The penny test will tell you whether the tyres are still safe on the roads. Place the penny head first on the tread grooves across the tyre. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, it means that your tyres are worn out and need replacement. If part of Lincoln’s head is always covered by the tread, there is still 2/32 of an inch of tread depth remaining which means that that the tyre can still be used safely.

It is very dangerous to drive on the roads when the tyre is already damaged. The car can respond poorly when it rains or if there is snow on the roads. Good treads will allow the tyre to grip the road better. Your attention may be called by the authorities because insufficient tread is considered illegal in some states. Before you go on a long trip, inspect your tyres for shallow tread, uneven tread wear and damaged areas to ensure your safety on the roads.

If you are unsure about the results of your inspection, have it examined by a professional at Gold Coast Tyres because they have the expertise and knowledge to determine whether your tyres need replacement. The tyres will be balanced and fitted to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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