Travel Tips For Yangon, Myanmar


Good news for Myanmar hotels in Yangon, the country’s opening up to tourists, with more and more people looking to the place as a good destination to visit for a vacation. The Myanmar government made getting a VISA into the country real easy, too, with an online process that only takes a few minutes.

So if you’re looking to visit Yangon sometime soon, here are some travel tips.


  • Naturally, if you’re visiting a foreign city, you’ll want to have the local currency on hand. But on the off-chance you need to get your hands on the local currency and have an accepted foreign currency (like USD), you need to take into account the state of your bills. Any sort of defect, even the smallest ones like tears, or blemishes might get them rejected by the currency exchangers. Keep that in mind.


  • Of course, any Myanmar hotels in Yangon knows that tourist arrivals fluctuate based on the season, for good reason. Most tourists prefer the cool season in Myanmar, around November to February, when the air is clearest and at its least humid. Great for when you’re visiting, but remember that it’s also when everyone else is visiting. If you can put up with the heat season of March to May, then you can score cheaper accommodations and smaller crowds.


  • Myanmar’s pretty safe to visit, with a low crime rate on foreigners. Practicing basic safety and common sense will be enough to get you through your stay with little injury. You’ll run into so-call ‘money changers’ and people trying to peddle their wares here and there, but as long as you keep sharp, you’ll be fine. You’ll want to get really good walking footwear and a torch handy, as the roads are less than pristine.


  • If you’re heading for Myanmar, you’ll want to get vaccinated for the common health problems that plague the country. Now, we’re not saying you’ll get these if you go into the country, but, really, why take the risk?
    • Hepatitis A/B
    • Diphtheria
    • Polio
    • Tetanus
    • Japanese Encephalitis B
    • Rabies
    • Tuberculosis
    • Yellow Fever
    • Typhoid
    • Malaria

Why Thailand Is The Perfect Destination For Budget-Conscious Travellers


Thailand is a budget-friendly destination that is why it attracts millions of tourists every year.  If you want to save on transport, your best option is Sukhumvit hotel near BTS Skytrain Ploenchit Station to be able to take a short trip to other attractive destinations. With a small budget, you can experience luxury at its best.

Aside from the popular nightlife and street food in Bangkok, one of the main reasons for travelling to Thailand is to experience its culture. Thailand is called the country of smiles because people are friendly and extremely helpful. One of the most important issues when travelling is usually safety but in the Kingdom, tourists hardly face any dangers. Authorities ensure that a safe environment is maintained for everyone.

The best time of the year to visit Thailand is between December and April so that you get the best Instagrammable photos. However, the rainy season does not deter tourists because although there are some heavy rains, they do not last long. Tourists will continue to enjoy the tropical climate although there is a cooler breeze from the ocean.

Visitors to Thailand have the choice between using their dollars or the local currency (baht) when making purchases. Currency exchanges may change overtime but the baht is generally stable. For those who want to exchange their dollars, there are money changers as well as ATM’s everywhere.

There is no dearth of local markets in Thailand as well as high end shopping malls. The city of Bangkok is literally a shopping paradise where you can buy branded bags and shoes or fake shades and T-shirts. A real experience is to visit the local markets that offer fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. This is the ultimate opportunity to experience how the Thais live. The street food scene is one of the best and an affordable way to fill the tummy.

Visitors can save more by booking their accommodations directly through the website ofSukhumvit hotel near BTS because of the special offers and discounts. The internationally acclaimed shopping district is within easy walking distance while other popular attractions can be reached easily through the Sky Train.

Best Things To Do While In Phuket, Thailand


Phuket, Thailand is a wonderful place to visit, and it isn’t hard to see why, considering the 5 star boutique hotel in Karon, the beautiful beaches in Kata, and so many other things that the place has to offer.


Big Buddha

If you are checked in at a 5 star boutique hotel in Karon, you might want to check out the Big Buddha as well. The 45-metre high statue is located at the peak of the Naked Hills at Ao Chalong. Made with white Burmese jade marble, the structure is reinforced with concrete. Its construction began in the early 2000s, but it took eight years until it was named Phra Putthamingmongkol-akenagakhiri. Visitors are advised to dress modestly around the area.


Fresh Seafood

For those looking for fresh seafood, Rawai seafood market is the right place for you. Just a short distance away from Rawai Beach, the market sells freshly caught fish, crabs, prawns, octopus, and mussels that you can buy from the fishermen themselves. Then walk across the street and look for a shack or a local restaurant that would cook this seafood for you at a very low price. Dishes could be fired, grilled, steamed, or cooked in different styles like Western, Chinese, or Thai. Mango sticky rice is a must try desert around the area.



The Peranakan Museum at Old Town in Phuket brings visitors in a historic journey of how Thailand welcomed Singaporean and Malaysian migrants, who were descendants of Chinese migrants who got married to local Malays. They later become more popularly known as Peranakans. Their community had distinctive cuisine, fashion, and architecture, and the museum could attest to that.



Before the day ends, head over to Prompthep Cape where you can see a breath-taking view of the sunset. Located at the southernmost tip of Phuket, it also has an elephant shrine, a lighthouse, and some market stalls and restaurants.


Phuket has beautiful beaches that tourists from all over the world would love to visit, see, and swim. However, the place has so much more to offer, from great fresh seafood, to a rich history, and places with breath-taking views.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Booking Bangkok Hotel


Bangkok remains to be the most visited city in the world according to the latest survey. It is not surprising because of the many things that the city has to offer from food to culture to tourist attractions. Furthermore, Bangkok is very attractive to holiday-goers because everything is cheaper from booking a hotel near Terminal 21 to shopping at one of the night markets – one can truly enjoy their money’s worth.

The problem with the capital of Thailand is that it has too many hotels and accommodation options that you can’t decide what to choose among the long list. The tips below will help you narrow down your list and hopefully help you decide which one to pick at the end of the article.

  • First thing to consider, it is more convenient to book a hotel that is located near the MRT or BTS stations. This is because the traffic jam in Bangkok is not a joke and you don’t want to get yourself stuck in the middle of the road when you only have very limited time to explore. The good news is that aside from having an underground transit known as the MRT, the city also has the BTS which is a skytrain. You can go from point A to point B without having to worry about the traffic plus it is very cheap.
  • Make sure to choose a hotel that provides their direction in the local Thai language. Not everyone in Bangkok knows how to speak the English language therefore you must be prepared to have a copy of the hotel’s direction written in the local Thai language. This way you can simply show it to the driver and they will know where to go. Without it, you might find yourself in some very sticky situation.
  • Make sure that you decide on the right area for you. There are many desirable areas around Bangkok such as getting a hotel near Terminal 21 but keep in mind that there are also areas in the city that are not too popular for tourists and should be avoided for everyone’s safety. Among the most popular tourist pick are Sukhumvit, Khaosan, Silom and Old Siam.

White Bathroom Tiles Versus Accent Tiles: Tips In Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles


Clean, white bathroom tiles are a staple in many homes, and it is easy to understand why. These tiles look neat and clean, and it’s easy to see when it needs cleaning or maintenance. However, there are other options for bathroom tiles, and homeowners may soon realize that it takes more than saying, “I want white bathroom tiles” to get exactly what you want.


Choose your main tile

First tip is to choose a tile that you’d really want to have in your home. It could be a unique tile that could make your bathroom look more interesting, or one that has the texture that you like. This tile could be your starting point in choosing the other tiles that you want to incorporate.


Complementary tiles

Another good thing to remember is to choose the tiles that go well with each other. For example, if your first tile has a unique colour or patterns on it, you might want to choose the other tiles to be a little more subdued so that your first tile would stand out. It is best not to choose too many different kinds of tiles, about three different styles maximum, to create a coherent look in your bathroom. But if you’re feeling creative and want to experiment, why not?


Stick to your accent tile

Third is to try to stick to one kind of accent tile. There are many different styles, colours, and textures of tiles available out there, but when you put them all together, they could lose their wow factor. So, to make sure that the accent tile that you are choosing really stands out, it is best to stick to one accent tile only, and let it stand out among the other tiles in the bathroom.


Consider maintenance

Lastly, consider how much maintenance you are willing to put in once these tiles are installed in your homes. If you are not a fan of cleaning bathroom tiles, you might want to choose low maintenance options like ceramic or porcelain. Do remember the placement of the tiles as well, because some tiles can be very slippery that they are no longer good choices for the floor and would be much safer on the walls instead.

Guide In Hiring A Suitable Financial Adviser


If you want to make sure that every matter regarding to your finances is looked into, getting a professional financial adviser is necessary. How do you hire the best financial adviser from the many options you have? There are a number of factors to consider which are listed below.

  • If you don’t know any professional financial adviser, you can start by looking into people that have been recommended by people you also trusts. If no one around you has given proper recommendation, you can always check out online services that will help you in hiring one. You can also check into the trusted website of authorized agencies to check the list of professional financial adviser that are located near you. Make sure to check if there are reviews about a particular person before hiring them.
  • Once you have a list of potential financial advisers, you can ask for their authorization to make sure that they have the authority from the correct governing body depending on the country where they work. You can also check online from the website of the governing body that will vouch the authenticity of a person’s authorization.
  • Not just anyone can take on the role of a financial adviser – they must have the right qualification. In order to prove their competence, you can ask for proof of qualifications or certifications that will prove that they are indeed suitable for the job. At the very least, a reliable financial adviser should have a diploma in financial planning or an equivalent level of learning.
  • While it is good to have a lot of qualifications or certifications to show for, it is better if the person you are hiring has experience in the field. Do not be afraid to take chances with the young ones too if you know that they are up to the challenge. After all, not everyone can have experience if they don’t get that first client first. Sometimes it might surprise you that the best financial adviser is actually among the younger generation because they have higher qualifications and their standard for professionalism is even higher than the previous generations.

How To Organize A Team Building Worthy Of Everybody’s Time


Some might say team buildings are overrated because companies are forced to organize one for their employees just for the sake of having one. Without one, outsiders might think that the company management is very uptight or that the employees are not given the chance to have fun and bond when in fact no one is excited to go because they have been forced to attend one annually with no obvious results. It is time to ask the expert, Hidden Door, regarding tips they can share about team building and common mistakes that should be avoided by the person in charge of organizing.

If there is one thing everyone should be clear about it’s that happy hour is not actually team building because a team building event should have activities that will showcase the skills of the employees as they move to accomplish a single goal. It does not mean that happy hour should be eliminated as it is also one way for employees to bond though not synonymous with team building.

Before planning a team building event, the goals should be clear at the very beginning because this is where every aspect of the event will flow from. Think about what the company wants their employees to accomplish once the team building is over and organize activities that will centre on these goals.

Whatever you do, do not choose activities that will encourage team members to relax and get a nap rather than participate. This is big red flag and should be avoided at all costs which means team building events are no place for lectures or seminars – save it for another time.

Instead of following what every other company does for their team building events, it is time to get out of the beaten track and make your own path by organizing unique events. There are many untapped activities waiting to be tackled or hire professional event organizers such as Hidden Door because they know the latest in the industry that will ensure that your team building is set apart from the rest.Lastly, make sure that the event should be within the work hours and will not take time away from the usual off days of the employees.