Other Options That The Best Japanese Restaurant In Bangkok Can’t Provide Your Taste Buds

In Bangkok, you’ll possibly find a restaurant that will suit your taste buds. You don’t only find one but there can be lots of the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, which serves great food. If unfamiliar with Bangkok, you will want to ask a hotel staff about these places or you can check online.

Many people who have returned from Bangkok say the food they have eaten isn’t really cheap and what they expected. When asked where they have eaten, they usually say it was from a hotel bar. However, if you try to look around you can find great restaurants like the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok which are not only tasty but very cheap.

Chain Restaurants

In Bangkok, you’ll find some high quality chain restaurants that offer a fair price. They can be usually found in supermarkets and shopping centres. These may not be the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, but it’s a good alternative if you’re looking for great food.

  • Bar B Q Plaza: It’s actually one of Bangkok’s favourite restaurant where people love to eat. In the middle of your table is a mini gas heated grill, which is surrounded with a small moat of soupy water. Your order of meat and veg will be cooked and boiled by yourself. You are also given some dipping sauce, chilli, garlic and lime, which you can mix to fit your needs.


  • Sizzler: Be in this restaurant really early as it fills up fast. It’s popular among locals and tourists, with its extensive western menu and endless salad bars. You’ll surely lose your weight each time you eat here.


  • Pizza Company: This is actually a Thai pizza chain which sells your favourite pizza toppings, garlic bread, and more. It has more or less the same standard as Pizza Hut and slightly overpriced; however, it serves the scrumptious pizza ever.


  • Oishi – This is another favourite among Thais due to its many variations on the theme. You can eat what you like and pay for one price. They serve sushi, teppanyaki food and different Chinese cuisines.


  • Fuji – This is the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, which serves sushi, curries, tempura, gyoza and so much more.