How Michelin Stars Are Awarded To Restaurants

At the Chiang Mai restaurant, you can experience a selection of desserts prepared by a Michelin Star chef in Thailand, a highly coveted award for restaurants all over the world. The Michelin star is a highly coveted honour for fine dining restaurants. Michelin has a long history of reviewing restaurants through anonymous reviewers.

You will be surprised that the company that awards the most coveted star is actually selling tires. In 1900, Michelin Tire Company launched its very first guidebook to attract attention to road tripping in France. In 1926, the tire company sent anonymous reviewers to try restaurants. To date, anonymous reviewers who are passionate about food with a good eye for detail are still sent to restaurants.

In order to remain anonymous, the reviewer must be able to blend and appear like a regular restaurant customer. The reviewer must have great memory to be able to recall and compare the different foods served by the restaurant. All the experiences must be written in a memorandum so that during meetings with other reviewers, they can discuss and determine which restaurants will be awarded with a star.

Unlike Zagat and Yelp, Michelin does not use customer reviews. The 0 to 3 stars that are awarded to restaurants are purely based on the reviews of their anonymous reviewers. In making reviews, the factors considered include quality, mastery of technique, personality and consistency. The setting of the restaurant including its interior décor and service quality do not count when giving stars.

One star is awarded to a good restaurant that offers cuisine with consistently high standards. 2 stars are awarded to a restaurant with excellent cuisine and skilfully created dishes of outstanding quality. 3 stars are awarded to a restaurant that is worth a special journey because of exceptional cuisine that is precisely executed using superlative ingredients.

A huge number of restaurants have not been lucky enough to be awarded a Michelin star; however, you can experience a selection of desserts prepared by Michelin Star chef in Thailand at a restaurant with exceptional food quality. You will finally feel a taste a paradise while you feast on good food.