My Dream Of Riding A White Stretch Limo On My Wedding Day


My wedding coordinator told me a few days ago that Perth’s limousine hire company would be a good idea if I push through with the plans to rent a limo for my wedding. The family was certainly appalled at my plans to make a grand entrance at the church by hiring a white stretch limo but it has always been my dream and I don’t think I would be spending on something luxurious any time soon.

I would like to share the results of the research I have done while looking for a stretch limo to hire. Limos rentals are not really that expensive considering that can comfortably accommodate my wedding party. The price depends on the kind of limo that will be hired. The standard white is more cost effective than exotic vehicles with a party atmosphere complete with state-art-of-the-art sound systems and strobe lights. I am going to my wedding and not a prom night.

Many limousines are not actually that big enough but it can sit 10 persons comfortably. There limousines for larger groups but they are extremely expensive and not always available. The manager was kind enough to inform me that I made a good decision by contacting them months before my wedding because limos have high demand particularly during peak wedding season and prom season from May to June.

Discounted rates are provided for limo rentals during winter but we have already set a date. In spring, wedding couples may find themselves paying rental rates that are higher than normal because good weather conditions encourage people to hold parties. There are also plenty of tourists and travellers who want to be picked up at the airport by a chauffeured limo because they know they can save money considering that a limo can seat more passengers than standard cars.

Do you know that the price of renting a limo also depends on the time of day? Why, because the demand for limos exceed the supply during nighttime. Companies also charge higher rates during weekends but they can provide discounts during week days. A high demand certainly ups the rental price. That I understand because limos are no longer limited to the super rich.

Hire the Best Fit Photo Booth for You


Are you excited for your party? Like you’ve been literally wanting to pull out the dates in the calendar for it to happen the soonest. Well, make your excitement reach its peak and hire a photo booth for that upcoming event.

Hiring a photo booth will not only make your pals who loves pictures and take selfies go extremely wild and happy but it also give you the high-quality photos which will really showcase the emotions you want to depict at the moment. Photo booths come in six different kinds namely:

Enclosed Photo booth – If you are a person who doesn’t want the participation of other people who constantly look on your shots and give comments, then you should hire this kind of photo booth. You can pose all you want without worrying about other people since it is covered with walls, curtains or panels to let you enjoy the privacy you needed.

Open Photo Booths – Showing off your beauty for everyone to see will be greatly delivered by this booth. Anyone can see how you act the poses and enjoy your shots. But you should take note of one thing, lights, noises and even the environment may affect the greatness of your booth.

Traditional Photo Booth – When you want to have a glimpse of how photographs are made for the very first time then, this booth will suit your taste. You can just choose which style to use either vintage, retro or modern.

Kiosk – Constantly checking your face and worried on how you look? The most useful booth to fit your needs is a kiosk. It has a mirror or screen in front, to know if you already look the way you want to be.
• Photographer – If you have a very tight schedule and everyone’s busy you might as well hire this kind of booth. A photographer will capture the shots for you.

Novelty – Want to try all the trending crazes in the entertainment? Then here is the right booth to hire. You can enjoy any latest effects that will really render you speechless.
Happiness is one of those things that can’t be bought. And it will be very nice to have a grip of it through a photograph.