Tips For Hiring A Marquee For Your Event


For people hosting a party, a marquee can be a blessing in disguise. Instead of hiring a local venue, your own back garden can be a venue with the right marquee hire in Melbourne, which something you and your guests might just be thankful for.

If you’re looking to marquee hire in Melbourne, or wherever else you’re hosting an event, here’s some tips worth considering.

Consider the weather

It might be bright throughout the day, and the forecast might be sunny and good, but you’ll still want to be read for the weather. Make sure that your marquee can hold up against any kind of weather, with heaters for the cold nights, removable walls for ventilations, and the like. Don’t forget to have umbrellas at the ready for the rain.

Ensure that you have room

Don’t try cutting costs by getting the smallest marquee you can get. An event can get lively, and being crammed into a tiny marquee is not conducive to a good party experience. Make sure that you ask the marquee hire company for advice on what marquee size is best for your expected number of guests, taking into account the other stuff, like the DJ booth, bar, and tables.

Make sure you don’t run out of power

Make sure that your event has power throughout it all. Do you have enough? Do you have a back-up supply? The last thing you want is for the power to die during the event. To say that a party without any power for the lighting, heating or music is a dull affair is putting it mildly.

Give yourself time

Make sure to handle hiring the marquee hire in Melbourne early, way ahead of the event itself. That’ll give you time to find the best marquee for your event, learn the space, see what can be added and trimmed for the best experience, as well as learn about and acquire the stuff your party might need to run smoothly.

Make sure to get insured

If you’re hosting a party, regardless of where it is, it’s a good idea to make sure you have insurance should the worst come to pass. Do what you can to make everything as safe and fun as possible, but make sure your provider has insurance. Because sometimes, you just can’t stop someone from getting injured, or something from getting broken. It can’t hurt to be prepared.

How A Marquee Hire In Sydney Can Make Your Event Successful


Some may need a conventional venue like function rooms in prestigious hotels and resorts. However, the cost can be high; and you’ll need to take care of other things like the catering service. If you choose to have a marquee, it can be an interesting option. You’ll certainly have everyone accommodated in the spacious and relaxed environment. It will also suit the occasion you are planning. For this reason, you need a marquee hire in Sydney for your event.

If you opt for a marquee hire, you need to take care of the theme, decoration, colours and furniture to customise your event setting. You definitely want the marquee hire in Sydney suit the purpose of your event, so you need to find other suppliers that complete the setup. Also, if you have a marquee for such event, you ensure that everyone is sheltered from the unpredictable weather. You don’t need to worry as your guests are settled comfortably under the marquee.

Marquee Hire

For weddings, the marquee will suit the wedding venue in a versatile and unique manner. It will perfectly complement the wedding theme, and you’ll need to concern yourself with a backdrop for the event. If you have a marquee, you allow some freedom to choose the setting of your special event. The marque can come in various sizes and shapes to have a perfect solution especially when opting for an open-air wedding. Just ensure that the number of guests invited are tailored to the size of the marquee.

Corporate Marquee Hire

A marquee will have a professional and stylish impression about your business. This is why the corporate marquee hire in Sydney are becoming more popular. They make excellent venue for all business events such as conferences and other business affairs. If you want to establish more sales and good relations with your clients, partners and suppliers, hold a corporate event using a marquee. The venue can help spread the word about your business.

Marquee Hire for Exhibitions

Exhibitions may take place on the outdoors, and as one is unaware with the weather conditions, the exhibitions may happen under a marquee. The guests will certainly enjoy an inspiring and relaxed setting. Also ensure you have the right size and shape for the marquee hire in Sydney to accommodate everyone.

How To Plan For A Marquee Party


The best thing about having a marquee party is the freedom to take control and transform it to the way you want. This is also a challenge because of the amount of work required in organizing a party especially when you think about the setup needed. Before you start looking for marquees for hire in Sydney, make sure you are up for the task because unlike hotels and other venues, you will need to start from scratch. Here are a few other factors you have to consider Mas well.

Choose the style you want for your marquee party – clear-roofed, framed, tipis or traditional marquees? There are marquees with windows and doors while there are also those that are completely open. Think about the flooring as well – either a hard floor or a floor with carpet. You also need to consider the tables you will use such as long banqueting or round tables. If your garden has some beautiful features, you can also incorporate it in your marquee party.

When you decide on a marquee party, there are other things you must think about such as hiring mobile toilets, a space guests can use for vehicle parking, catering annexe, generator or a skip. If the toilets or car park is quite a distance from the marquee, lighting the way is recommended or providing stepping stones over the grass.

While it is good to visualize your drink reception on the open ground, have a backup plan in case it suddenly rains. If the weather is uncooperative, you can hire an extra tent or you can utilize your dance floor. If budget permits, divide the marquee to accommodate the lounge area and separate it from the wedding breakfast.

If you have neighbours close to your house, make sure they know about the wedding to prepare them for the noise. Offer for a night’s stay at a hotel if they are not included in the wedding party.

Deciding to find marquees for hire in Sydney, you must be prepared with the setup. You should have a planner that will handle everything on the actual day. This will help ease off some of the stress from the wedding couple.

Important Guidelines To Find A Latin Wife Of Your Dreams


Latin women are beautiful and stunning and they love to embrace their natural bodies. The feisty women are very passionate about their work and relationships. They share a strong bonding with the family and treat everyone with respect. The Latin women are very friendly and easy to approach. These attractive qualities make every guy dream about dating a Latina.

This popularity of Latin women have led to the mushrooming of many dating sites that boast of having the profiles of authentic latin brides, searching for prospective partners. But all the sites are not equal. While some are authentic, some sites con the users with misleading information and fake profiles.  Follow these tips to stay safe from these websites and find a perfect bride.

  1. Do proper research about the reputation and prices of different dating websites. Read reviews and testimonials online and make your choice wisely. Stay away from websites that require constant payments to send or receive messages and do not allow the women to have correspondence in other ways. Many of these scam sites use bots to con the users and loot money.
  2. Once you pick the right website, scour through the profiles and start correspondence with the women, you are genuinely interested in. The profile should match with your interests and the age and other specifications, you are looking for.
  3. Learn about the culture of these women and try to know the reasons they want to marry men outside their country. This will help you to gauge the authenticity of a profile.
  4. After you have developed a good rapport, try to have a direct communication with the woman through telephone conversations or personal chats through Skype and other mediums. This will help you to form a deeper understanding about each other.
  5. The next step is to arrange for a meet-up with your girl. Be sure about your interest in taking the relationship forward as you have to invest money to fly to the Latin American country she belongs to.
  6. Always choose a public place that is safe for the first meet. Do not carry much money and original passport to the meeting point.
  7. Do not rush things and take a slow and steady approach.
  8. Meeting the family is an important ritual followed by latin brides, before they proceed further in the relationship. Be warm to her family and respect them. You are all set to find the Latin wife of your dreams and enter into her big warm Latino family.

Tips In Planning Your Wedding In Thailand


Many couples are dreaming about having their exclusive weddings in Phuket for many reasons such as the beautiful beaches, sunny weather and green landscape. If you are planning to get married in Phuket, it is recommended to hire a local weather planner that knows everything there is about weddings in Thailand.

According to a wedding planner, if they have no events on a certain day, they start the day by checking their emails and making a list of things they have to do depending on its order of priority. If they have an upcoming wedding, files are always updated based on the information provided on emails. Then the rest of the day is spent checking the latest wedding trends and checking what the brides want. The wedding planner admitted that a typical day is quite normal if they have no weddings to attend to.

During the first meeting between the wedding planner and the couple, it is important that the wedding planner should ask about how the couple imagined their wedding day going to be. Knowing what they want will give the wedding planner an idea on what to do and next thing to take into consideration is the budget they have. Suggestions will be useless if it is not within the budget of the couple.

Majority of couples who are preparing their wedding in Thailand find that language barrier is something of a challenge especially when they have to talk with vendors and suppliers that do not speak the English language fluently.

If you are planning to have a wedding in Thailand, it is recommended that you decide based on the timing. Different places in Thailand have corresponding ideal months. When getting married in Phuket, it is ideal to have the wedding between the months of December and March.

One of the best things about having exclusive weddings in Phuket is that the couple can incorporate Thai traditions if they wish to such as the releasing of the floating lanterns, blessings by monk or blessings by water. Before all of this, the couple should make sure that they have accomplished all legal requirements needed to get married in the country.

Destination Wedding In The Island Of Phuket


When planning for a destination wedding, remember that the location, date and travel time will determine how much you will spend. Surprisingly, your $100 dollars which can be a very small amount in your country can be worth a lot in Thailand. However, before you book for a honeymoon resort in Phuket, check the exchange rates and how far your money will stretch to hold your wedding and honeymoon in the popular tourist island.

Your $100 dollars will go very far in Thailand particularly in the island of Phuket. However, deciding on the location for your destination wedding and honeymoon is not always about money because location will dramatically affect the mood of your wedding. However, Phuket is usually crowded with tourists and you might not want a wedding at the beach. The better option is an enchanting forest backdrop, lush landscape and water features for the wedding of your dreams. All your wedding and honeymoon photographs will be spectacular and will be the envy of all your friends.

Weather is another factor when choosing the location of your destination wedding. The problem though is favorable weather correlates to peak tourism season. When there are crows of tourists, rates are higher in hotels and wedding venues. The solution is to make reservations immediately after you have decided on the date of the wedding and the location. Usually, you and your guests will be able to save money because early bookings made directly through the hotel website mean special discounts.

It is very likely that you will spend less to wed and spend your honeymoon in Phuket compared to your own country where you will be spending in dollars, pounds or Euros. Even if you factor in the airfare, hotel accommodations and other expenses it will still be cheaper because you will only invite the people closest to you.

A honeymoon retreat in Phuket is ideal for an intimate wedding and honeymoon because of the captivating surroundings and elegance of the enchanting forests. You can have a choice from charming cottages and villas in the tropical getaway that is far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Questions To Ask When Employing Sydney Wedding Catering


Planning a wedding relatively requires you to ask tons of questions especially if you want your wedding day to be one of the most memorable days of your life. Aside from having the budget to work with, one of the crucial things you will need in making sure that nothing is left to chance come the special day is, you need to be able to ask the right questions before employing a company that excels in handling Sydney wedding catering services. You see, if you ask the right questions, you will be able to receive answers that will help you determine if that company is the right company for you trust on your wedding catering needs especially if you are only working on a relatively small budget to begin with. Below are just some of the basic questions you ever need to ask before making that final decision as to which company will handle your Sydney wedding catering needs on your special day:

  • Assuming that the caterer provides alcoholic drinks, does it have liquor liability insurance? – Why is it important that a caterer have this specific kind of insurance? Simply put it this way: if you have an open bar at your reception and your guests got drunk before leaving, chances are they can hurt themselves involuntarily or damage properties. Having a liquor liability insurance will lessen the price you will need to pay in case something unfortunate happens.
  • Can the caterer proved additional references from previous clients? – Getting additional references from previous clients of the caterer you are talking to right now will enable you to get some clearer ideas on how this caterer worked with its previous clients. Make sure that you get two or more references before signing the contract with the chosen caterer.
  • Is there other events that the caterer will be handling on the day of your wedding? – Sometimes, a caterer can have two events that it needs to handle on the day your wedding is scheduled. While this shouldn’t be an issue, make sure that the caterer will handle your event with the proper number of staff and depth in terms of the quality of service you deserve.