Enjoying A Quiet And Peaceful Holiday In La Gomera


It took us 4 hours to reach the Canary Islands by plane. It was winter back home but in the Canaries the temperature was about 20 degrees. This is extremely perfect for someone like me who wants to escape the bitter cold of winter. However, my reason to visit La Gomera is to enjoy some form of isolated relaxation after the stress back home. I have previously booked La Gomera Accommodation online for one of the private apartments that dotted the island.

Because, there are not direct flights to the island, we travelled across the sea from Tenerife by ferry. The trip was heaven with the stunning coastal scenery. There are no large hotels in La Gomera and so far it has been spared from travel packages. However, it is suggested to book La Gomera Accommodation early particularly during peak seasons because tourists are now discovering the beauty of the island.

In the Canaries, I was able to experience the beauty of sailing. I was actually planning to try something different but when I sampled my first taste of true sailing, I knew that that is was an experience I would love to try again with my friends back home. With luck I will be able to take a short sailing course and learn about the aspects of a boat and how sailing is related to different elements in the environment.

In La Gomera, the beaches are spectacular without the mass population of tourists common in most beaches. I am amazed at its isolation and the rugged coast of the island. Some of the island’s beaches can be reached by foot from my apartment. The hike is definitely worth the efforts because of the peacefulness of the waters and the wonderful scenery.

My holiday in La Gomera was also a culinary delight with the freshly caught fish grilled over hot charcoal. There are restaurants and cafes conveniently located near beach and I experienced a leisurely dinner while watching the sunset. Daylight in the Canaries is about 11 hours which means having enough time to soak up the coastal scenery. There is a lot of leisure pursuits available whether in the mountains or in the waters.

Data In One Setting: Properties Website


Do you want to know everything about properties in Phuket? If so, you need to visit the Phuket properties website in order to gather information about it even the slightest details.

If you are on the seller side you should be well equipped with knowledge about what a website can do to your business. Even properties that are not that popular needs to be posted on a website to make these known to people who don’t know its existence and those who will be interested buying or renting it. These are the primary reason why websites are developed. In order for you to secure the clients that you are credible, they need a proof which your represents your website that you are a bigger and successful company.

On the other hand, if you are the customer and you want to live in Phuket and open a business there you need to be aware that properties website gives you the things you didn’t know about all the properties in the area you want to live in and start anew. This will be very useful for the start of your journey. Visiting a properties website guarantees that all of the properties you see and all the data provided in the website are facts because these websites are used as marketing tools of businessmen to cater clients from different parts of the world. These boost their sales as well as one of the reason for their company to hit the bottom. It is the portal where majority of busy people who don’t have the time to walk around to search for properties they want.

If you are one of those people who constantly change their mind and is very keen on choosing what property to buy or to rent then this is the right page where you can finally decide and make a choice. It offers you different areas and properties that you intend to have and the options to choose the posted properties. This gives you the opportunity to see all the available properties for sale to match what you’re looking for either for business or a house to start with.

Spa Resort: What Is It And How To Find One


A spa resort provides a relaxing experience for people who are staying in a certain resort or for those who live near one. When you are in a spa resort, you are allowed or sometimes required to stay overnight so that you would be able to enjoy the different spa treatments that are offered there. You will also be allowed to eat anything you may wish to eat. A spa resort is different from a health spa and a destination spa. The difference is that these two are mainly focused on people’s health and transformation. Sometimes, a resort offers all three varieties: for health, transformation and relaxation. Thailand is known to have many spa resorts with high quality service. If you are looking for a spa resort in Thailand, then this article will teach you how to find one.

1. Before looking for a spa resort, you must first determine what purpose you have for going there.

2. Then you must decide if you would prefer a larger spa resort or a smaller one. Larger spa resorts would often offer a wide range of activities to their clients. This would include golfing and swimming. Sometimes, they also offer water sports, horseback riding and skiing. Other spa resorts have a kid’s camp.

3. It is recommended that you search the internet for a spa resort that would fit you, your budget and your purpose.

4. You can also ask some of your good friends for recommendations. If some of your friends have visited a spa resort before, then you can ask them for tips and advice.

5. Learn to look for a spa resort at the local directory.


Spa resorts do not include meals. You would have to keep that in mind before you compare prices. Health spas and destination spas include meals.


For other activities and classes like yoga, you would have to pay about $15 to $25 because they come separate from your chosen package.

Take note that most spa resorts have kid’s camp but health spas do not allow children.

Five Good Reasons Why You Should Start Traveling Now


Traveling is really fun especially when in the company of great friends. Although it is a good past time, there would come a time when you need to travel. The reasons always vary for every person but the one thing that is the same is that he or she wants to do it for personal issues and development. Traveling doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, there are Apartment for rent in Phuket, for example, that is affordable. You can even go couch crashing as long as you get to travel.

Here are five good reasons why you should start traveling.

The Need to Escape

It is hard to be confined in the same space or the same place for a very long time. Not only is your progress hindered, but you are also limiting yourself to a small part of the great big world. Sometimes it is great to leave behind what you are accustomed to, even for just a while.

Stress Reduction

Has your work been quite stressful these past few months? Is your life bearing you down too much? Then maybe it is time for you to pack your bags and start traveling. Traveling is known to reduce stress even though the process is quite stressful itself. But it is safe to say that the stress you get from traveling is positive stress. What matters is that you keep your feet on the road and keep moving forward.

Leave your Comfort Zone

When you leave your comfort zone, you get to do things that you don’t normally do and this will help you grow as a person. You would get to discover things you never knew you’d like and even discover your own personal strengths and weaknesses.

Learn and Meet New People

Probably the best part about traveling is that you are constantly learning and meeting new people. To travel is to gather knowledge. By traveling, you would learn all about the different personalities of people, the different cultures, history, languages and so much more. You would get to meet all kinds of people and even make good friends out of most of them. You might not get to see them ever again, but the memory and the experience you gained from them will help you onto becoming a better and wiser person.

Property Buying In Thailand


If you are in the planning stages of property buying in Thailand then this article is for you. These tips should be taken into consideration if you want to buy without wasting your precious money. Know these to make sure you are covered; either it’s your first time or an expert in the real estate. The task of buying a property can be challenging whether you are a local or a foreigner. The process involved does not need to be hard as long as you know all options available and have planned well ahead. If you want to stay in luxury properties then you should make wise decisions. Before signing anything, thoroughly read and understand everything because after that the commitment is final.

– Have a budget. Upon planning of buying a property around Thailand, you should have a pretty good idea of how much is your budget. If you want to stay in luxury then you got to spend more than necessary. Those dream properties are either located in Koh Samui or Phuket. Before signing anything, make sure that you can pay off everything before you decide to stay in luxury.

– Know the real estate market, inside and out. If you have a location in mind in where to buy a certain property then know all about the market in there. You should be able to check on the existing trends and the current prices of the neighboring properties to get an idea. Not every property in the entire Thailand follows the same market. If you have no idea then it is best to consult someone who has an idea about real estate in Thailand.

– Advice from professionals and experts are highly welcome. If this is your first time buying a property, especially if you are not from Thailand, then it is ideal to consult the advice of professionals. You may talk directly to private owners if you think you can get a big deal but if you are unsure then using a medium such an expert or a property website with good reputation can be a good middle man.

– The location of the property you are buying should be ideal and strategically located.

– Visual inspection of the property is important and could help you in the decision making process.

– Lastly, make sure you understand the nook and corner of the contracts before signing into anything.

Fabulous Carpets Along The Road To Les Gorges De Todra



Photo courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo (October 17, 2014)

Carpets can be found in many places in Morocco and surprisingly, we passed by some carpets displayed on the road to Les Gorges De Todra. The gorge is popular among rock climbers due to its uneven surfaces but it is being used by the villagers for a different purpose – to showcase their magnificent carpets.

Majority of the carpets sold in Morocco are made in the Berber Villages where they are woven and embroidered. The design on the carpets is unique and you are guaranteed that you can’t find two that look alike. As we looked closely at the designs, most have geometric patterns with lustrous colors created from vegetable dyes, henna and other organic elements. One of my most unforgettable experiences in Morocco was the visit to a souk where there was a cornucopia of textiles, jewelries, carpets, leather products and spices. We spent hours haggling with merchants which was definitely a challenge because of the language difference.

Majority of the souks sell carpets and rugs for a more expensive price compared to those that are sold beside the roads. Prices vary according to the complexity of design but the merchants guarantee that the carpets are made from 100% wool and would last for generations. If you have had the experience of buying carpets in the USA, you will be thrilled because the price of a carpet in Morocco is almost half the price quoted in American stores. We asked the merchants to arrange for shipping because the carpets won’t certainly fit our bags. With shipping and delivery added to the price of the carpets, it looks like we got a bargain. On top of that, the carpet we got was reversible. If you want a cheaper alternative, those merchants along the roads are the better option.

Souks are some of the best features of Morocco to attract tourists. In the city of Fez, there are labyrinths of individual souks where I was overwhelmed with the great display. If you are one of those great shoppers, going to a souk in Fez will provide you with an entirely different experience.

Coron, Palawan – The Perfect Destination For Nature Lovers


Photo courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo

My travelling companions and I travelled from Manila the capital city of the Philippines to Busuanga, Palawan. There was an option of taking the ferry boat but it meant having to stay overnight on the boat. When our excited group reached Busuanga Airport, there were rented vans plying the route to Coron, Palawan.

From what I understand, Coron is one of the popular destinations in the Philippines because of its pristine white sand and unbelievably calm waters. The view was breathtaking and it seems like this place is going to be worth the efforts. Surprisingly, most of the villagers spoke English and they cordially welcomed us to their island. We certainly do not need travel guides because people were only too willing to point to the best places of the island.

Tricycles were the best means of transportation if you want to easily get from one point to another. Tricycles in the Philippines are powered by the usual motorcycle with a sidecar that can accommodate 3 passengers, that is if you will consider the third narrow seat which must have been added as an afterthought. Drivers were accommodating and willing to wait to take us to our next destination. They are also best sources of information on restaurants that serve the best delicacies of Palawan.

On the other hand, hotels in Palawan offer guided tours as part of a package but we wanted to experience the freedom of being able to explore the island on our own. A 30-minute boat ride allowed us a dramatic view of the limestone cliffs amidst the beautiful lagoon.

Coron, Palawan 2

Photo courtesy of Angeli C. Picazo

Coron is one of the favorite spots of nature lovers because of the famous wreck diving destinations. According to the boatmen, there were 12 Japanese wrecks sunk by the American bombings during the Second World War in Coron Bay in 1944. There are also good reefs that are protected by environmentalists to allow the wealth of new corals to grow and thrive. If you are not fond of snorkeling or kayaking, just sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery.