How To Rent Apartments On La Gomera


La Gomera is one of the most beautiful islands in Canary Islands in the northwest coast of Africa. It is a favorite destination by those who want to have a quite escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Some tourists also visit the island to get away from the harsh winter. If you are thinking about staying in the island for a longer period of time such as during the winter season, you should then find out how you can rent apartments on La Gomera. Here are some ideas to jump start your property search.

Search for available apartments

The first step towards staying for a few days or weeks in La Gomera is to find an apartment where you can stay. Since you are not in the area, your best bet is to search for La Gomera apartments online. La Gomera is the second smallest island in Canary but you will be surprised at the number of apartments in the island. If you want to rent apartments on La Gomera, utilize your search engine and start looking at the results. You can narrow down your search by indicating your budget or your ideal location in the island.

Contact the property owner

Note down your top choices and contact the property owner. Find out if it is ready for occupancy and if the apartment is available on your target dates. The good thing about talking with the property owner is that you can ask for good deals and the right apartment with the best view.

Find out if it is suitable for you

Before you close the deal and rent apartments on La Gomera, find out if the apartment is suitable to your needs. For instance, consider the number of rooms and if you and your family or companions will fit therein. You should also check its location and if it is suited to your preference. There are apartments that are located near the beach while there are those that are at the foot of the mountain. Consider your needs and preferences to make your stay in the island even more memorable.

Startup Tips For Successful Content Marketing


In this modern time, where technology is dominant, startups are required to do content marketing in order to have a chance in success. If you are new to the world of content marketing, the entire topic can be intimidating. The best thing to do is learn the skill through reading before trying your hand in the field. If you are to read everything online, it would take several years before you cover everything.

In order to save you the trouble of going through all the resources online, this article sums up all the tips that new entrepreneurs should know regarding content marketing.

  • Have a company blog. According to Kim Saxton who is a marketing professor, creating a blog dedicated for your company is one of the ways to make sure that you will be able to provide contents in a daily basis. It is recommended by HubSpot to post at least every weekday which is at least four times every week or a minimum of 16 posts every month.
  • Pick the right tools right from the beginning. According to Mattan Danino who is the founder and CEO of WEBITMD, it is not the quantity of tools that matters but rather the quality of each one. if you are starting a company, it is understandable to save money but there must be a budget allocated for the right management tools that will help not just the employees as well as the clients. Many companies resort to cheap tools that accomplish very little thus they end up needing more of these small tools. Investing in a custom CRM solution together with an app for internal task management and a marketing automation will help things run smoothly.

Contents posted should be high quality in order to encourage the visitors to engage. To ensure that you retain the attention of your audience, storytelling method of marketing is the recommended way. According to Anastasia Sidko who is the content manager at SEMrush, content marketing requires value and not just writing so you can post something. These contents should be useful and contain topics that will engage readers.


Techniques And Tips For Cutting Trees


Let me start by saying that cutting down a tree especially a mature one is a risky thing to do. This means that fully equipped and properly trained professional should do this whenever possible.

However, when you’re unable to hire professional help and need to do this yourself, these tips may help.


Use the proper equipment

First and foremost, the right equipment are needed in this job. Your equipment should be tested prior and in good condition. This list covers the key pieces that are needed when cutting down a tree.

  • Chainsaw – This is probably the most important equipment needed. This should have at least 3.5 horsepower and a 20-inch bar. The bar length is an indication of how deep the blade will be able to penetrate in, and 20 inches is usually enough for most trees.
  • Safety glasses – Safety glasses are usually overlooked when doing a job like this. The reality is there may be flying debris which can seriously do harm to eyes when cutting trees using a chainsaw.
  • Leg protection – It is highly suggested that you wear knee-high boots or any heavy leg protection. It may happen that the chainsaw can kick out from a tree and hit your leg when you are hitting a knot.
  • 1000 LB rope – This should be thrice longer than the tree.


Tree cutting techniques

Make sure to double check your gear before starting. If possible, ask help from friends. The first thing to do is evaluate any possible risk of a tree falling on other things aside from the ground. If you are now ready, follow these steps.


  1. Determine the height of the tree.
  2. Decide on how the tree should fall.
  3. Clear the fall-zone.
  4. Tie one rope’s end near the middle.
  5. Let a friend hold the other end while standing at a safe zone.
  6. Cut a v-shape notch to the tree and in the side you want it to fall.
  7. It should be knee-height, cuts to the center and looks something like a shallow ‘v.’
  8. Go to the other side and start cutting until the notch is met.
  9. Walk 45 degrees away as the tree begins to fall.
  10. If it doesn’t fall over, ask your friends to pull the rope until it falls.


It is still helpful to ask for professional help since a tree services company will ensure the Perth resident safety. They have more expertise and experience compared to you.

When In South America: First Time Travelers Guide


South America is one of the top countries that travelers are dreaming to visit because there are many wonders to see from the natural landscapes to the culture of the nations. If you are not one of those people then you should research more about the popular places and things to see while in South America and you will be tempted to visit right away. The only problem is that South America is a huge continent. There is no shortcut in order for one traveler to see everything in under a year because it will take a long time to cover the entire continent. If you have no idea where to go first, here are a few suggestions.

  • If you have limited time and would love to experience a lot of things then Ecuador is the perfect country because of its size. There are colonial towns you can visit such as Cuenca and Quito. This is also one of the best places if you are planning to learn Spanish. You can see the famous Andean mountains and go trekking, horseback riding and biking. The Amazon also offers accommodation in their rainforest lodge if you desire to experience the local wildlife. If you still have money and time left, you can squeeze in a 5 day tour where you will be hopping the islands of Galapagos.
  • Peru and Bolivia. If you have been dreaming of visiting the Andes then Peru is the place for you. You will be able to see Cuzco which is considered the oldest city in the entire continent with continued habitation. If you are longing to see the archaeological wonders in Machu Picchu, you will be able to visit since it is nearby. If you want to visit Bolivia then you can easily take a boat from Titicaca and see the local villages and forests.

Brazil. If your South America Tour involves Brazil then you have to know that the country is larger than the continent of the United States. It is also the most expensive country in Latin America. Visiting Brazil will never be complete without visiting the famous Rio de Janeiro.



Help On A Decision To Buy A Waterfront Property


Anyone can easily be burned out from Bangkok’s noise, pollution and overwhelming costs of living. A waterfront home away from the hassles of the city can be a solution. Aside from the tremendous prices on modern and urban properties, there are also other perks on having a property next to the beach, marina or any body of water in general.

But before diving into the decision, it is important to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of living near bodies of water.

One of the greatest benefits is tranquility. The air, the sounds and the smells bring a different level of calmness to anyone. In addition to this, the views can be breathtaking regardless of time and weather conditions. In relation to spectacular views, another benefit is the privacy it brings. Anyone can take gorgeous photos of the sunset rather than staring at other homes’ backs.

Living near water allows anyone to partake in numerous water activities too. Anyone can choose between boating, sailing, kayaking, fishing, and much more. Aside from this, it promotes an active lifestyle and a healthier one too.

Finally, houses near water are also in finite supply. This means that these properties are more sought after thus their value is retained longer. It is an investment for a family and future generations.

With the advantages, there are also disadvantages. The most concerning is the exposure to some natural risks. Sea levels are continually rising which dampen shorelines and other communities. Often times, these waterfront properties are more prone to wind damage and storm surges also erode properties. This results to high insurance costs.

Maintenance can also get more expensive. With the humidity or dampness, the exterior property grounds are affected. This also causes wear and tear on furniture and appliances.

Water is also a breeding zone for insects, and animals like alligators or snakes may leave nearby.

Lastly, since properties are more secluded and private, it can be a target to thieves with fewer neighbors being able to check on things.

Luxury Marina Living in Krabi or a beachfront property in Phuket is a dream for a lot of people. If this feels right for anyone to live near the water, any disadvantage can just be overlooked.

How To Design A Small Bathroom


There are many ways in which one can design the bathroom in a comfortable setting even if the space is not big enough. It may sound like a challenge but it is possible. There are many challenges involved in designing a small bathroom which includes making sure that the toilet and the sink are complementing each other, ensuring that there is enough clearance allotted for the shower and don’t forget the room for the towels as well as tissue papers. While it may be challenging, making another bathroom out of a small space is more beneficial especially if it is really needed inside the house.

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing a small bathroom:

– Choose a corner sink. You may think a pedestal sink will do the trick but it can be another reason for the traffic in the bathroom to be disrupted. A corner sink located across where the toilet is would be the best choice. It is not advisable to place a sink right across the shower because the door opening and closing might be a hassle in the long run.

– Purchase a shower curtain – the ones that can be moved back and forth this is a space saver compared to a glass door which needs to be moved in and out. A combination of shower with a bathtub can be fitted inside a small bathroom with only the shower curtain serving as partition.

– Mount the vanity not just to create the illusion that the bathroom is bigger but also to free up space below for some items.

– Choose round vanities. In small spaces, bumping into sharp corners is a common occurrence thus it would be beneficial for you and your hip if the vanity is round rather than a square.

– Choose wall designs that have large-scale patterns. This will not make the bathroom bigger but it will make you feel that the room is bigger.

Once you have decided to convert the small room inside your house into another bathroom, shop for bathroom furniture and accessories at The Bathrooms and More Store.

Guide When Traveling By Train Going To Sapa


If you are visiting Vietnam soon and planned to take a tour of the hillside town Sapa then one of the most important things to do is to book the tickets for the train ride. The train ride departing from Hanoi and going to Lao Cai are operated by around 20 different train companies – the same goes with the return journey. The trains offered will not have much difference among them and choosing will only be confusing as there are a lot of train operators. The only thing you will have to keep in check is your budget for the train ticket.

The fare on a one-way ticket from Hanoi to Lao Cai will cost around US$12 to US$32 for every passenger. The difference will be between choosing a bed or chair for the journey. Keep in mind that the ticket fee is only for the train ride and does not include the meals on board. If you happen to take an LC1 train then you might have noticed that it is slow going and it stops at almost all of the stations it passes by. There are different classes aboard the LC1 including hard seats with option for AC, soft seats with option for AC, hard sleeper with option for AC on all three levels, soft sleeper with option for AC on all three levels or spare seats.

Majority of the trains that are going to Sapa leave only in the evening and the entire journey from Hanoi going to Lao Cai will last for eight to ten hours depending on the speed of the train. If you want train operators that have soft sleepers specially for tourists then check out Green Express, Livitrans, Tulico, King Express, Dong A express and Orient Express.

Remember that if you are planning to take a journey from Hanoi to Sapa to book at least 2 months before your vacation date because prices are higher if you book just a few days before the travel. Also keep in mind that fares from Friday to Sunday are considered more expensive than other days of the week.