Things Tourists Should Not Miss Out In Bangkok


Frequent visitors and locals in Bangkok will be able to testify to the big changes that have happened in the metropolitan city. The temple roofs are not glittering despite the obvious worn out look, the dark alleys are now properly lit and the tuktuks are already managed in a way that they are not obscuring the traffic. First time visitors planning to visit Bangkok for the first time should stay at accommodations located at the central district such as Chann Bangkok Noi to be near the heart of the city.

Tourists visiting for the first time might be scouring for information on the best things to do and experience in Bangkok. Below is a list they should not miss.

  • Visit Wat Suthat. This temple is located in a vast compound that is best suited for those who are seeking knowledge of the spiritual background of Thais. It has not been restored properly despite the growth intourism but it boasts of a chapel painted in black and adorned with fresco paintings that could be in par with the Italian Renaissance. Standing from the main entrance of the temple, one will be able to see the huge red ceremonial swing which is a symbol of Hinduism. This symbol has served as the civic emblem of the city for a period.
  • Check out the Patravadi theatre. The journey to this theater alone is already an experience as you will riding the river boats going to Wang Lang Pier and then go on foot passing by the markets in Nonthaburi. The theatre was founded by a well known actress in Thailand and it is where one can fine restaurants that offer dinner shows from young art students.
  • Go to Or Tor Gor market. While many are heading to the Chatuchak flea market on a weekend, Or Tor Gor market is also worth visiting because it is not as crowded and one will be able to see authentic Thai produce and culture.
  • Shopping and art. Tourists looking to satisfy their cravings for artworks should visit Bangkok Art and Culture Center and if it is not enough, just across this is the MBK Center. It is recommended to stay in a hotel at the center of the city such as Chann Bangkok Noi in order to get to these places faster and more convenient.

Benefits Of Shifting Into Solar Power


The solar market keeps on growing annually because of the accessibility of the solar power which is not possible before. Many households are opting to invest in solar panels in Gold Coast because they recognize that shifting into this alternative power source carries a lot of benefits.

  • One of the major reasons why many shifts to solar power is the savings from their monthly electrical bill. People are able to save a lot depending on where they are but the bottom line is they are able to save more than the amount of money they have invested in their solar energy system.
  • For homeowners who do not have the funds to pay in cash for their solar panels, there are third party companies that offer other financing options such as paying monthly but for lesser the amount than the utility company charges. The third party company will be in charge of everything from installation, repairs, maintenance and monitoring. While this is a good option, it is still recommended that homeowners pay in cash by getting a second mortgage or availing a home equity loan.
  • When homeowners pay in cash, the payback period will be a maximum of ten years. This means that their monthly savings within that time will be able to offset the costs they have spent on the solar system.
  • Having solar panels installed in a home will automatically increase its value on the market. The property will be able to compete with properties that have low taxes, those located in school districts and houses that carry the Home Energy Ratings seal. Study shows that properties equipped with solar panels are sold faster and for a higher price compared to those who do not have them.
  • Having a solar system will ensure that you have a secure investment for a long time. It cannot be denied that charges by utility companies fluctuate and the price of electricity is not as reliable. By choosing to invest in solar panels in Gold Coast, one will be able to compute their fixed energy costs for a minimum of twenty years after installation.

Things To Consider In Choosing Corporate Group Activities For Team Building


There are a lot of corporate group activities that you can make use of during team building events. You can find them on the internet or you can hire professional facilitators to conduct team building for your organization. Whether you are going to hire experts to facilitate the activity or you are going to facilitate it yourself, keep the following things in mind when choosing activities for the event.

Suitable for all team members

Some team building activities require participants to move around and this may not be suitable for those who have physical difficulties, those who recently had a medical operation or has medical condition and pregnant women. There are also activities that might be exciting and not quite suitable for those who have hypertension or heart conditions. Provide minor tasks to those with medical or physical issues so they can still participate with the event. They can be your corporate group activities score keepers or line keepers. Ask your team members to sign a waiver and keep a medical team o stand by all throughout the event.

Keep your goals in mind

The activity should have a goal and its games and activities should be in accordance with the goals. For instance, if you are concerned of your team’s productivity, the activities should be designed to boost the team’s performance. You might want to revisit the goals of your team to remind everyone of your collective objective. Ask the team’s expectations before the activity so you can come up with games or activities to meet team expectations.

Check the venue

The venue plays an important role in making the event a successful one. Choose a venue that will accommodate the team and allow them to move freely while participating in the activities. Before finalizing the venue for your corporate group activities, visit the place to ensure that it is conducive for the event. You might want to include food and beverage when you book a reservation for the venue to have a hassle-free and convenient team activity.

Things To Look When Buying Bar Stools


In any given city at any given country, bars are a common thing that are usually located along the busy roads. you see, a bar is the kind of place where people, mainly adults, are coming to party around with friends, drink alcoholic beverages, enjoy a wide variety of food that are being served at bars to go along with the drinks, enjoy the usually energetic music being played on by professional DJs and performances of live bands and, enjoy the company of friends. Nowadays, there are many kind of bars that offer various services and amenities that guests could use. For starters, there’s the old but still cool disco bars where most of our parents and even our grandparents used to hang around back in the day. while disco bars will remain a thing even in these digitally-advanced times, there are other  kinds of bars that are slowly gaining popularity among bar goers of all ages and among the bars that have been usually flocked by people especially during weekends are the rooftop bars that are usually located on the top floors of tall buildings which will give guests a nice view of the city lights especially at night while sitting comfortably on bar stools and drinking the best alcoholic drinks.

Now, when you are looking for the appropriate bar stools where guests will be seated most of the time, there are some things that you must look beforehand before buying the stools themselves. You see, there are many kinds of stools to begin with and each kind has their unique characteristics. To help you choose, below are some things you must look for a set of stools that you’re going to put for your bar:

  • The first thing you will need to look at is the style of the stools themselves and how they will going to fit into the bar. You see, stools have their respective designs too so it’s recommended that you check every single set of stools to be able get the best one.
  • Another important thing that you need to check is the actual height of the stools. Make sure that they have the appropriate height to give the ones who will sit the comfort and the peace of mind that they won’t fall easily.

The Resiliency Of Bangkok Amidst The Challenges


Bangkok has certainly experienced its share of troubles that ranged from floods, military takeover, power struggles and the death of the beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The Thais are resilient and in spite of everything that happened in the country, Bangkok continued to flourish and attract droves of foreign visitors.

For decades, Bangkok has been active with importation but somewhere along the way, its creative side manifested itself. If you will look closely at the stuff they offer in the shopping malls, you will notice that along with the trendy foreign stuff, there are various clothing made by Thai designers.

Local chefs boast of their original recipes on the hottest dining places around town. Even the traditional Thai folk music is on the midst of revival. Foreign visitors are certainly interested to know more about the history and culture of Thailand as can be seen for the groups of people that visit temples and shrines. However, the contemporary pulse of Bangkok can be pinpointed on the splintered neighbourhoods of Sukhumvit, Sathorn and Silom.

Travellers make their way towards the hotels along Sukhumvit Road because it is closest to the Central business district. They make a beeline for Chinatown after hanging out in live music venues and restaurants near the Chao Phraya River. Most of the time, you will see the visitors interacting with the local Thais who are selling traditional herbal remedies. Meanwhile, some of them have tried the holes-in-the-wall that have been refurbished into galleries and unpretentious bars.

Bangkok’s art movement has certainly blossomed in the last few years because of the regional talent from the country as well as the neighbouring Southeast Asian countries of Myanmar and Vietnam. Visitors should not miss the art exhibits in the converted mansion and the sprawling multi-purpose complex close to the riverside.

If you have grown weary gallivanting throughout Bangkok, you can try authentic food adventure at rooftop dining in Sukhumvit that features Thai dining and Asian cuisine fusion in an amazing atmosphere. You should not miss the Thai food favourites flavoured by a complex blend of spices and herbs. Pair it off with fine wines andsignature cocktails while hanging out with the crowd.

Some Tips On Creating Illustrated Maps


Thanks vastly to the evolution of today’s technology, the possibilities for everybody to create anything for that matter, have become almost unlimited. Almost. This is owing to the introduction of newer and better tools and methods which can help people of all age in creating their own masterpieces. And thanks to technology such as the very much useful Google Maps, people can make their own maps of any given place that their heart desires. You see, maps are important to anyone’s life because it helps people determine where they are at certain point in time and the location of the place which they wish to reach. While anyone can make the usual conventional maps that we usually see displayed in walls of classrooms which have grids, longitudes and latitudes and other necessary symbols that are found in normal maps, there are other kinds of maps that are more fun to use and are more artistic in terms of their styles. Among those maps that people can now make for their own are the illustrated maps. In simple words, an illustrated map, also known as the pictorial map, usually comes in simple map that is enlivened with various images of structures around the area of concern as well as animals and people if needed and/or desired. It simply provides a map of a territory by employing a more artistic style.


Nowadays, anyone can make their very own illustrated maps. But not everyone can produce good maps every time just by choosing the location, laying down the essentials such as the main and minor roads, structures within the area and other stuff that can be put into the maps. Creating an illustrated map is more complicated than it sounds and that’s the reason why people who are planning to make this kind of map will need to heed certain tips from professional map makers and below are just some of them:

  • As mentioned, an illustrated map has an artistic style. Having said that, you should always colour-code your map at your convenience because using colours for symbols will help people better understand the map itself.
  • Make sure that the overall design of the map is simple to make it easier for people to understand it. Simplicity is beauty, remember? Don’t overcrowd the map.
  • Always use a good reference so that you’ll be able to figure it out how your map will turn out.

Benefits Of Natural Australian Mosquito Repellent


Mosquitos are extremely pesky, little creatures. They feel like they are those cute, little butterflies flying around the gardens of your grandparents’ home in the province when in fact, they are, first and foremost, vicious kinds of insects which suck up your blood with one bite in any part of your sensitive skin. Now, mosquito bites are relatively not fatal but we can’t say the same thing about the diseases that come with those bites. In fact, Dengue Fever, one of the commonly-known diseases that someone who has been bitten by mosquitos can get, is one of the deadliest diseases in the world right now and that is despite the fact that there’s already a vaccine for this specific disease. The problem, Dengue Fever starts by showing symptoms of having the usual fever plus having colds and some people have the tendency to relax a little bit until the Dengue virus starts to spread and it’s too late. Fortunately, there are a handful of precautionary measures in which people can take to prevent getting Dengue Fever. Aside from getting yourself shot with the appropriate anti-Dengue Fever vaccine which you can get from government hospitals, you can also use a natural Australian mosquito repellent that you can buy from drug stores and groceries so you can protect yourself from mosquitos.


To begin with, there are many mosquito repellents which you can easily buy from the market but some of them are reported to be harmful to the skin which is why using a natural Australian mosquito repellent is better and below are some of the benefits you will get from the said kind of product:

  • Since they don’t require the presence of some of the hazardous chemicals that are used in conventional mosquito repellents, natural mosquito repellents are proven to be able to work more efficiently in terms of offering longer protection and, they have certain materials that are effective in deterring mosquitos. And, they’re safer to use because they are developed by doctors.
  • Natural repellents are not only vicious in deterring mosquitos but they are also kind to be used by someone who has a sensitive skin. Also, these repellents are smell better and are overall good for the body.

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