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Benefits Of Choosing Koh Samui Rental Property


Although you can easily buy a real estate property in Thailand, choosing a Koh Samui rental property can also be a wise decision especially if it suits your conditions. While there are advantages of buying a property, its disadvantages can be a positive thing for those who opt for rentals. If you are having second thoughts about renting a property in Koh Samui, take a look at the benefits if you would choose to rent a property instead.

Good value for money

When renting a property, you have a fixed recurring cost every month. This way, you can easily budget your money and even it out on your projected monthly expenses. This is ideal for those who are starting out with a family or those who currently have a limited budget but wants to enjoy the bliss and enjoyment of staying in a seemingly paradise island such as Koh Samui. With a Koh Samui rental property, you don’t have to worry about paying property taxes and other related fees ad expenditures.

Less property obligations

If you are just renting a property such as a villa, a residence or an apartment, you are free from the obligations of maintaining the place. If there are leaks or areas in the house that needs to be repaired, you only have to contact the owner and they will have it resolved right away. Thus, you are free from worries and obligations. In case there are natural calamities, you are not bound to do the repair and rehabilitation. All in all, having a rented property becomes less of your worries.

Leave when the term of lease is completed

One of the best benefits of choosing a Koh Samui rental property is the freedom to leave and let go of the property when the contract is over. This way, you can move to another property to experience a different set up or area in the island. You can also extend your contract if the owner allows you to, making renting a flexible and ideal set up for foreigners who want to stay in a beautiful island such as Koh Samui.

Tips In Selling Your Luxury Condo In Bangkok Faster


There are many reasons why homeowners decide to let go of their properties such as looking for a new place to settle in, changes in their personal circumstances or they would want to invest their cash in another property or business. Whatever that reason could be, there are important things that must be considered in order to sell the property faster including the presentation and the market price. Along with this, here are some tips that seller should keep in mind when selling their condo in Thailand.

  • The price should be fair and objective. There is no denying that the price plays a big role when it comes to selling a property fast in Thailand. You may have an idea in your mind of the asking price you want but it should also be as realistic as possible. You may know what the worth of your condo is but do you know its current value in the real estate market? If you want to get an idea you can search online for the current prices of luxury condos or you may also check the selling price of the same properties in your area.
  • The presentation of the condo should be at its best. It is important to create a first impression to prospect buyer to make sure your condo sells fast. Before listing it on the market, a little makeover will never hurt. You don’t have to spend a lot in order to perform small changes inside your property. One of the cheapest way is to add a fresh coat of paint to give the area a new look. Cleaning the rooms and getting rid of all the clutter will also help.
  • Planning for long term goals. If you are planning to buy a new luxury condo after selling the old one, make sure that the place has a good resale potential. If not, it will be hard for you to sell it in case you decide to do so in the future. You can try looking for units in prime areas such as the luxury condo in Sukhumvit.


Why Pre-Sale Condominium Units Are A Better Investment In Bangkok


Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is widely known as a tourist destination but it is also an international hub for business and finance. Bangkok is also well known for its Buddhist temples that stand in contrast to the vibrant city life. If you are a foreigner who is interested to diversify your investment portfolio by buying property in Bangkok, the best option is condominiums.

Buying a condo is the most straightforward way to invest in Thailand real estate because the process is legal and simple. Dozens of new condo buildings are being developed in Bangkok meaning that you have a wide range of choice to find a perfect unit. However, there is a better option in buying condominium units that are still on the process of construction or what is more commonly referred to as pre-sale condos.

Advantages of investing in a pre-sale condo

  1. Developers offer discounted prices for pre-sale condos to ensure that all the units will be sold in the shortest possible time. Once the development of the condo has been fully completed and the units are ready for occupancy, the prices will hit the premium. You will enjoy sizeable savings but you have to be patient in waiting for the construction to be finished.
  2. A pre-sale condo is more flexible because it can be customized according to your requirements. If you are fond of hardwood flooring, you can request for its installation instead of tiles.
  3. Less cash will be required upfront because developers are often too eager for your signature on the dotted line. Instead of paying for the unit in one lump sum, you can opt for staggered payments.
  4. A new condo unit does not require too much maintenance because it is a new infrastructure and it is common for developers to use new technology in construction to protect the building from natural disasters.

If you are looking for condo for sale in Bangkok, there are many units available that are in the pre-sale stage. You can opt to live in the condo as your second home or you can rent it out to enjoy an extra source of income.

The Habits Of Reliable And Successful Real Estate Agents


Real estate is a highly complex industry and without professional supervision and assistance, it can be quite easy to get lost. If you are planning to buy or sell your property, it is always important to find the right people to help you out. In the real estate industry, the best people to look for are real estate agents.

Real estate agents are professionals who are licensed to represent a buyer or a seller in a real estate transaction. Through the help of real estate agents, the process of buying or selling property can become much easier.

Every real estate agent has his own style of representing their clients. There are agents that are extroverted while there are also those who are laidback. They could be fun, cool and outgoing but these aren’t the qualities that make real estate agents successful.

The most important quality that a successful real estate agent should always have is passion. Real estate is difficult work and it takes passion to survive and achieve success. But besides passion, successful and reliable real estate agents also share a few habits and similarities.

  1. Successful real estate agents return calls and emails in warp speed. These agents are lightning-quick when it comes to responding to calls and emails. They are quick to make contact and quick to make a follow-up. They never get tired of talking over the phone and make their clients feel important. They are preachers and soldiers of the phone utilizing calls, texts and emails to their client’s advantage.
  2. Successful real estate agents are tech savvy. They are always up on the latest technology from smartphones to iPads and using them to their advantage.
  3. Successful real estate agents have an intimate relationship with neighborhoods. They are neighborhood experts that know everything about the neighborhood and can answer any question regarding it.
  4. Successful real estate agents know how to explain. When they meet a client, they would immediately explain the process, the strategies, challenges and a few events that may occur.
  5. Successful real estate agents have a great network. Good real estate agents have a good network but successful real estate agents have a network consisting of top-tier partners and acquaintances. They always seem to know the best people and the best websites like East Coast Real Estate. They have the best connection when it comes to finding properties or where to sell them.

The Benefits of Concrete Patios


Decades ago, most of the patios were made from hard materials like brick, concrete or stone. It was only a few years ago that wood decks or patio became trendy. Today, homeowners who have installed wooden decks need to replace them since the woods become rotten or warped. Some homeowners are simply fed up with the need to keep seal these patios every few years. Patios made from concrete pavers are now making a bog statement as homeowners realize that they are very beneficial compared to wood decking. Here are some of the reasons why people are now opting for concrete materials instead of wood:

  • The design of the concrete patio will absolutely change the way that your patio will look. With technological advancements, stamping tools and coloring techniques have made the patios more versatile. You can easily form concrete into different shapes which will allow you to accommodate the space restrictions in your backyard and incorporate some attractive curves.
  • Concrete patios are much more durable compared to wooden ones. It can withstand wide range of weather conditions. In fact, there are plenty of concrete contractors operating in colder climates that take the necessary special measures in order to ensure the durability of their concrete patios. These contractors usually use a lot of steel as well as rebar in a 2 foot grid since this will control cracking. They also apply many coats of sealer. They also use a high strength concrete mix which reaches compressive strengths and which also includes reinforcing fibers.
  • Easier maintenance. Concrete is much easier to maintain compared with natural stone and masonry paving units since it is a solid surface. Unlike the paving stones which have sand-filled joints where the grass and weeds can sprout, the concrete patio does not permit the weeds to sprout since it is a solid surface. Additionally, the individual pavers will be able to settle unevenly and then create dangerous tripping hazards. Compared to the wooden patio, the concrete patios Perth will save you the labor in resealing and staining year after year. The wood also is vulnerable to wood rot, termite infestation as well as splintering.

Real Estate 101: What To Do Before Buying A Home


Are you looking for the perfect Memphis home that you can live in? A place where you can spend the rest of your life growing old with your loving partner? If you are then you must know that looking for the perfect home can be quite a tough task. Searching for a home is very complicated as the processes are very complex and time consuming although with a help of an agent, it might get easier and faster.

But even with a capable realtor, you must know the things you must do first to prepare yourself and give yourself a higher chance for a successful purchase.

1. Know what you can afford
This is very important because the amount of money you are willing to spend or invest on a property will become the basis for your search. The amount you may spend on a home should not exceed 31% of your total income. What you can do is to set a realistic budget that you know you can afford.

2. Prepare yourself for down payments and closing costs
Down payments are something you cannot avoid so it is always better if you prepare yourself and save up some money in the case you would need to make a down payment or pay for closing costs so that the property will be off the listings and you won’t have to worry about competition anymore.

3. Savings account
When you are looking to borrow money from a lender, you can increase your chance for a loan by saving up money in a bank account. Know that lenders do not really want to lend money to those people who live from their paycheck to paycheck. Remember to save some of the paycheck in a savings account.

4. Get a preapproval from your mortgage
The preapproval process for mortgage is now more extensive than the years before. You might be wondering why you would need to get a preapproval for a mortgage when you are already looking for a place to permanently reside in but you should know that it would definitely increase your chances of a successful purchase.

Data In One Setting: Properties Website


Do you want to know everything about properties in Phuket? If so, you need to visit the Phuket properties website in order to gather information about it even the slightest details.

If you are on the seller side you should be well equipped with knowledge about what a website can do to your business. Even properties that are not that popular needs to be posted on a website to make these known to people who don’t know its existence and those who will be interested buying or renting it. These are the primary reason why websites are developed. In order for you to secure the clients that you are credible, they need a proof which your represents your website that you are a bigger and successful company.

On the other hand, if you are the customer and you want to live in Phuket and open a business there you need to be aware that properties website gives you the things you didn’t know about all the properties in the area you want to live in and start anew. This will be very useful for the start of your journey. Visiting a properties website guarantees that all of the properties you see and all the data provided in the website are facts because these websites are used as marketing tools of businessmen to cater clients from different parts of the world. These boost their sales as well as one of the reason for their company to hit the bottom. It is the portal where majority of busy people who don’t have the time to walk around to search for properties they want.

If you are one of those people who constantly change their mind and is very keen on choosing what property to buy or to rent then this is the right page where you can finally decide and make a choice. It offers you different areas and properties that you intend to have and the options to choose the posted properties. This gives you the opportunity to see all the available properties for sale to match what you’re looking for either for business or a house to start with.