Enjoy Golf More With These Tips


Golf can be quite enjoyable as a hobby; the verdant grass, the beauty of the outdoors, the satisfaction of landing that amazing shot. That being said, like any hobby, sometimes it can be a bit frustrating to deal with.

These Golf tips aren’t for playing the game better, but for enjoying it better. Well, you could still say that does help people golf better, since golf demands something akin to a philosophical outlook to really succeed in.

Anyway, back to the point.                         

Let’s be honest.

Golf can be frustrating. Sometimes, there are certain scenarios where the game just makes you want to lose your temper and flip out. That’s the thing with a lot of hobbies and games like it. But it’s important to stay calm, and find your center. Golf is a precise, mathematical sport, with variables like pendulum, air resistance, and the like to keep track of.

That means that tension is the worst enemy of a golfer. Calmness, patience, and being at ease are the keys to good golfing. Not only do you make better swings, you’re also able to adapt to unexpected problems downrange.

TLDR; Golfing can be frustrating, but being relaxed is the best way to go about it.

Having the right attitude

Golfing requires no small amount of persistence to improve in. Lots of Golf tips will mention that you need to practice and suffer a lot to really start doing well, and that’s true. However, there’s a fine line between wanting to improve and trying too hard. The former allows people to do better and be happy with how they play; the latter just makes everything difficult.

As mentioned above, being relaxed is the best way to play golf. Accept that you’ll make mistakes, that there will always be someone better, and that your hobby will be challenging. These are the things that make golf interesting, after all.

Come to think of it, that applies to a lot of hobbies. 

Think positive

As mentioned repeatedly, the right mindset is the key to golfing effectively. You want to be relaxed, but confident in your swing. That means, when you’re rearing up for the hit, you’re not thinking about sand pits, or if there are ants where you’re standing, or your club choice, or any of that.

Before swinging, make sure to check the environment and prep accordingly, so when you actually make a swing, you’re confident and collected.

Useful Tips To Avoid Being Assaulted On The Streets


According to an assault lawyer, there are some crimes that cannot be prevented although certain steps can be undertaken to reduce the risks of becoming a victim. People must always be aware of their surroundings so that it will easier to detect suspicious activity. This will provide you with an opportunity to protect yourself and your belongings.

Do not focus all your attention on the mobile phone but glance once in a while behind your back to check whether someone is following you. Your best defence against the attacker is being able to identify him.

If you are travelling to a strange city or town, get directions to your destination before leaving the hotel. Avoid reading maps for directions as you walk down the streets because they will consume most your attention and make you vulnerable to criminals.

Do not tempt criminals with your belongings. Keep your wallets, smart phones and cameras out of sight and take them out only when necessary. Smart phone theft is very common which means you should avoid texting or playing games on the device. If you want to entertain yourself during daily commute, bring a book or magazine.

Tourists are often the target of criminals because it is assumed that they carry a lot of cash. Besides that, tourists are unfamiliar with their surroundings. Avoid looking like a rich tourist by dressing like the locals. If you need to consult the smart phone for directions, find a private place like a café or a convenience store.

Drug and alcohol use can impair your judgment and reduce the ability to defend yourself if attacked. If you are offered a drink by stranger, do not accept it. Colourless and tasteless chemicals may be used to lace your drink without you knowing it. Accept drinks only from the bartender.

If you are charged with assault or battery, seek the services of an assault lawyer immediately who will explain the allegations and the consequences of the charge. There is a possibility for sufficient evidence to be presented to justify a meritless allegation. The burden of proof is on the complainant to provide beyond reasonable doubt that the allegations are true.

How To Order DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater


In order to gain more customers, the makers of ugly Christmas sweaters are getting more creative with their offers. This is how they make their business stand out from other sellers. One unique offer of online makers of ugly Christmas sweater is do-it-yourself. Customers get to choose their designs for their sweater through “create-your-own-sweater” offer. Customers can personalize their sweaters and even include some text or photos that they want to be added on the sweater. Since you will wear a customised ugly sweater, you will surely stand out when you attend some Christmas themed parties. With all the numerous ugly sweaters available in stores, it would be fun to wear something unique and only you have it.

Getting your own personalized ugly Christmas sweater is easy. All you have to do is visit an online shop that offers personalised ugly Christmas sweater to their buyers. Click “create your own sweater” tab on the site. You will be directed to a page where you can find a template with basic sweater design. You will also find different Christmas symbol designs to choose from, such as snowflakes, gifts, reindeers and Christmas trees. You can add up to 7 words for the text or you can add a logo or pictures of your choice for a design. When you are done with the design, click on your size, your preferred colour and other details. When you are done with the specifics, you can finalize your order and proceed to check out. Generally, a personalized ugly Christmas sweater costs $67.95, more or less. The orders will be sent to china for the sweaters to be done manually. In 10 days, your order will be shipped to your address. If you want to lower down the costs, order a minimum of 250 sweaters or more for discounts.

DIY ugly Christmas sweaters are made so for the companies to be competitive with retailers that offer mass produced ugly Christmas sweater, such as, Macy’s J.C. Penney, Wal-Mart and other popular resellers. To place your orders for ugly sweaters, search for the company online to enjoy a unique and funny sweater this holiday season.

Short Cropped Top And Shorts Perfect For Summer


The short cropped top is the most common outfit that girls wear during summer. After all, it is comfortable and cool. Matching the cropped top with a pair of jeans is very typical among teenage girls but it can also be worn with a long flowing skirt or harem pants. For a day at the beach, the loose cropped top can be paired off with shorts or mini-skirts. Since cropped tops come in different styles, there is no reason not to find one that will perfectly suit you.

Summer calls for cool and comfortable clothing and cropped tops are the better option than full length outfits. Girls or young ladies who want to flaunt their sexy bodies can wear cropped tops. Cropped tops make petite girls look taller because of the illusion of longer legs than the upper part of the body.

If you want to experiment with cropped tops to achieve a different fashion style, try the matching set of cropped top and short skirt. If you have a tummy, chose the slightly high-waisted skirt where only a small portion of the abdomen will be displayed.

There is also a matching set of cropped top and wide leg pants for those who are not comfortable showing off their legs. While many prefer to wear cropped tops with jeans, it tends to be hot during summer so that wide leg pants are the better choice. For a sophisticated fashion sense, wear a straw hat as accessory.

Young girls can easily pull off wearing cropped tops with low-waist fringed shorts and a nice pair of flip-flops. Not only is the outfit comfortable for summer, it is stylish and full of youthfulness. The classic white cropped top with blue shorts looks refreshing and cool. An off-shoulder white cropped top with matching accessories will look perfect with light blue jeans.

While it is usually teenage girls who wear short cropped top, there is actually no age limit to wearing one. To wear the cropped top confidently and comfortably, spend some time at the gym to achieve toned abs. Do not be self-conscious when wearing a cropped top; wear it with pride.



What Happens When You Are Arrested For DUI?


Millions of people all over the world are arrested for DUI or driving under influence of alcohol, drugs or prescription medications because they pose a risk to motorists and pedestrians. After the arrest, the driver may probably be released on bail; however, practices differ according to the laws of a state. The best option is to hire a DUI lawyer who specializes in DUI cases.

Individuals who have been arrested for DUI can expect several things that will cost them a lot of money. If an individual is convicted, it will cost more money to gain back the driving privileges. Court appearances, fines and fees are just the beginning of a frustrating journey. On top of that, drivers have to spend money to go to a DUI school, get evaluated for drinking problem and get treatment when there is a problem. The interlock device that is required in many states also costs money.

People are often arrested because they are suspected of DUI. The arresting officer will take the driver to the nearest police station where a mug shot will be taken including the fingerprints. Some states will allow the driver to be released when somebody comes to the jail to pay the bail and drive the person home. Some states require the driver to stay in jail for a certain period of time until he has sobered up.

At the police station, the driver will be given a summons that states the date when he should appear in court to face the DUI charges. It is very likely for the driver to deny the charges, plead innocence and hire a DUI lawyer to fight the case. Even with a lawyer, it can still be a humiliating experience particularly is someone obtains a picture or video and posts it on social media.

It is typical for a DUI lawyer to suggest refusal to answer questions when there is no legal representation. Sine DUI laws vary according to state, it is a wise move to hire a lawyer who is well experienced in DUI cases for a particular state and incident. It is difficult to defend yourself on your own; there are lawyers who can support you in this particular situation.

Reasons To Include Rayong In Your Travel Itinerary


Rayong is a popular beach vacation destination for the local Thai families and students. The quiet and pristine beaches draw local Thai crowds, who want to enjoy peaceful beach vacation away from the maddening tourist crowds found in popular tourist destinations like pattaya and Koh Samui.

Tourists visiting the city for a family vacation or a trip with friends, can book their stay at the new holiday inn hotel in Rayong and enjoy the Thai hospitality and world class facilities at the hotel. The hotel is centrally located in Rayong and can be reached easily.

Rayong is a two hour drive from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi international airport and a forty five minute drive from the UTPAO international airport. It is the farthest beach getaway from Bangkok and is free from the weekend rush and traffic. Some reasons people prefer to visit Rayong are

  • The beaches in Rayong are peaceful and quiet. Being the farthest beach getaway from Bangkok, Rayong does not figure in most of the tourist itineraries. The city attracts travellers during the weekends and becomes quiet and peaceful during the week days. Foreigners looking for a quiet beach vacation can book a trip to Rayong. They can stay at the beautiful holiday inn hotel in Rayong and enjoy the state of the art amenities of the hotel.
  • Rayong retains the distinct Thai flavour. The city is not still influenced by the tourist culture like Pattaya and Jomtien. Local Thai visitors and foreign tourists, who like to enjoy the Thai environment can plan a visit to Rayong. They can stay at holiday in hotel in Rayong, which is the first and best international hotel in the city and enjoy a beach vacation in a perfect Thai environment.
  • Rayong is an ideal pick for a family vacation. The Mae Pin beach in Rayong is frequented by Thai families and has a number of beach activities for children. Kids enjoy spending time and are engaged in the various interesting beach activities while the parents can relax under the canopy of beach umbrellas and enjoy their fix of delicious seafood at the many beach restaurants. The holiday inn hotel in Rayong is a kid friendly hotel that has many special offers for families travelling with children.

Australia Taking Heat For Vaping Laws


The recent advent of vaping across the world has created a movement embracing e-cigarettes with fervor, as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, Australia’s government doesn’t seem to be going with the flow, and have been taking heat for it.

Now, it’s worth noting that vape shops in the land down under are under stricter regulations compared to regular cigarette shops, so much so that you can’t even see vape shop signs in Sydney, as regulation forbids openly displaying vaping paraphernalia and, as a result vape shop signs in Sydney are a no-go.

Researcher and scientists have been looking into vaping, and one of the more recent ones, a research done by UK health experts regarding this new alternative to smoking showed that it had potential to save lives. According to the data, e-cigarettes have the potential to save around half a million Aussies. Now, of course, as a human being, we want to see the leaders of the world working to save as many lives as they can. The Cancer Research UK even encourages smokers to switch to vaping.

Whilst there have been some news suggesting that vaping while driving will cost UK drivers their licences, it’s not about vaping, not really. The UK’s Department of Transport said that this wasn’t about vaping, but about drivers following road rules; exercising proper vehicle control and avoiding any distractions, such as vaping, eating, drinking, and, of course, texting.

Which is why the Aussie government is taking a lot of heat for not allowing vapers to buy the refills for their vaping devices, in spite of making the purchase of vapers legal in Australia. Several public health activists did not like this, as you can expect. The New Nicotine Alliance, one of such activists, described the situation as the Aussie government pretty much saying: “You can’t vape, that’s dangerous. But you can smoke, sure.”

In order for an Aussie to get a vaper, they first have to get a doctor’s prescription, then find a vape store, like Sydney’s The Steamery, which is easier said than done since there are no vapery signs amidst the many shop signs in Sydney and Australia.

Those concerned about the issue have expressed disappointment, saying how many Aussies could die to smoking, due to worries about the safer alternative. They admit that vaping isn’t perfect, but considering the alternative…