Four Types Of Health Insurance In Thailand


Healthcare costs in Thailand are very high. Thailand has some of the best hospitals in Asia but the treatment costs in these hospitals run into few thousand Bahts. It is advisable to get proper health insurance cover to ensure that all your earnings and savings do not go into financing hospital expenses.

Expats are better off choosing an insurance provider providing best health insurance in Thailand that provides comprehensive insurance plans at competitive premiums. Here are some common types of health insurance in Thailand.

Local insurance

Private insurance companies in Thailand provide local insurance. It is the most accepted health insurance in the country. The insurance coverage is limited in local insurance of Thailand when compared to some of the other countries and there are many exclusions. The plus point of opting for local insurance from the best health insurance in Thailand Company is that it is accepted in majority of the hospitals in the country. Patients need not worry about the long paperwork as hospitals regularly deal with the local insurers and admit the patients after showing the insurance card.

Off shore insurance

Offshore insurance offers high coverage when compared to the local insurance and they do not have stringent age limits. Offshore insurance is not licensed in Thailand and any disputes cannot be contested. Offshore insurance companies offer insurance services to expats and help them to get healthcare facilities at the top hospitals of the country.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is ideal for short-term coverage. This coverage can vary from a period of few weeks up to a few years. However, expats can get travel insurance from their home country and not in Thailand. This type of insurance is suitable if the expats are planning a short term stay in the country.

Group insurance

Group insurance is ideal for expats who have a family of more than three people or have a company in the country. Most of the health insurance companies offer good discounts on premium for group insurance.

Expats have to be very careful while choosing an insurance provider. They have to select the best health insurance in Thailand provider in order to ensure that they get the best coverage at competitive premiums. It is also important to read the fine print of the agreement and find out about the various inclusions and exclusions before signing on the dotted line.

Points To Consider When Choosing A Professional Insurance Cover For Chartered Accountants


Most of the accountancy regulatory bodies require the accounts to hold a certain level of minimum insurance to protect their practice. Being registered with the various accountancy bodies like CA ANZ, CPA Australia require information about the professional indemnity cover of individual accounting firms and alignment with the AISC requirements.

There are many insurance providers who offer personal indemnity cover and other policies as part of chartered accountant insurance schemes for accounting firms. The accountants must consider the nature and size of their business and the requirements of various regulatory bodies they are interested to affiliate with and get the required cover.

The accountants must consider the various risks they are likely to encounter to determine a suitable chartered accountant insurance policy for their practice. They should consider the governance risks, regulatory risks, business risks and technology risks that the firm might encounter in the course of its business. They should also consider the size and nature of business of the clients and the firm’s employee requirements to get a suitable cover for the accounting firm. There are different insurance policies like the professional indemnity policy, management liability policy, cyber liability policy and others. The accountant must choose an ideal policy depending on the nature of business and cover he intends to have.

Different insurance providers cover different liabilities. It is very important to carefully go through the details of the chartered accountant insurance policy and see the included and excluded list before signing the dotted line. Compare different policies and select a good policy that suits the requirements of the business. In case the accountant uses a sub-contractor, the policy should have an extended clause that covers the liabilities arising out of actions of the sub-contractor.

The accountants must have an up-to -date insurance policy and be regular with their premiums and renewals. Most of the chartered accountant insurance policies offer a “claims made” cover, which means the policy only covers the claims made within the policy period, it does not consider the date of the incident . It is imperative for accountants to properly pay the premiums and keep the insurance policy operational for adequate coverage.

Choosing The Right Insurance And Marketing Techniques


When people start shopping for insurance quotes, the first thing they do is to compare prices and features. It is completely essential as you want to get the best deals. Buying an insurance policy purely based on price can haunt you in times of need. Many times, paying more can be worth it. Let’s take a look at how you can compare before making a decision. This is how to choose the right insurance and marketing techniques.

Customer Service


Typically, insurers have sleek sales processes that make it difficult for you to choose a policy that you need. If you want the best offer, talk to insurance agents that give you hints on what they offer and how it can help you.These people are the best persons to talk to regarding queries and concerns about insurance policies. However, if you become a client, you need to know how to contact the insurance company for future transactions. It’s how insurance and marketing work for the business.

Another way to look at an insurer’s customer service is to check some websites. You need to find reviews, good or bad, to tell you whether the company is great for you. If you see a lot of complaints about the company, perhaps there is something wrong with the service. And because of that, you don’t want to see yourself falling into the shoes of these complaining customers. It’s when you decide that they can’t handle your insurance needs after all.

Discounts and Cash Backs

If you want insurance coverage, check if they can offer discounts. Some insurance companies offer discounts to members of automobile associations or drivers who have completed advanced driving courses. Ask what discounts are available for you so you can change premiums indicated in the insurance quotes. Also ask for cash back policies. Many insurers return back the money, if the covered person doesn’t claim insurance for a number of years.

Payment Options

There are insurance and marketing companies that require monthly, quarterly or yearly payments. For those who pay for a yearly policy, the insurer may give you discounts for such privilege. So check for options that are available when making payments. There are those who also accept credit card or electronic transfers.