Breast Cancer Foundation NZ Renovates On A Near-Zero Budget


It’s always nice to hear about the charity work done by non-profit organisations hoping to make a difference in the world, even a small one.

But charities need offices, they need furniture like sit stand desks for their offices. They need to renovate every once in a while too.

Just like Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, who managed to give their head office in Central Auckland a revamp, on a near-zero budget.

According to the BCFNZ’s corporate partnerships manager, Amylouise Miller, reported that the team dedicated a miniscule amount of money to the renovation budget, so that the organisation’s funds can go to cancer research and support.

She describes the rented space prior to the renovation as very beige and shabby, with some damage from the prior occupants; not really someplace that’s appealing to work in.

They called on Interior Designer Debra Gardien offered her expertise to the BCFNZ for no charge, and expresses admiration for the team. She says that the ideas she put forward were considered too expensive, but the organisation, somehow, made it all work by calling on local businesses and artists for assistance.

For example, Gardien suggested purchasing $500 chairs for the little meeting room, but Miller and the team managed to get their hands on alternatives that only cost a few dollars.

The offices were repainted in Resene ‘Sea Fog’ (white) and ‘Foundry’ (grey), followed by appropriate pink highlights, symbolizing Breast Cancer awareness. Gardien says that the idea was to make the space feel effeminate and pretty, as well as hopeful.

The head office now has a new nurse’s office, made by knocking down a wall and combining two offices, new storage space, as well a stylish meeting room, which was given new wallpaper, newly upholstered seats and art.

The BCFNZ office didn’t get any sit stand desks, but they had support  from ECC; which gave them reception furniture, Jon Beaven; which gave them wallpapers, Zealandia; which gave plants, Resene; which gave paints. There are many more companies and providers like Warwick, who donated to the BCFNZ for its renovation project.

The project is impressive due to the fact that the BCFNZ opted to spend as little money as they possibly could to get this project done. They made clever decisions in order to get great results, which is reassuring to the people who donate to their cause; if they can do this much with so little money, what could they accomplish with proper donations?

How A Chiropractor In Bankstown And Other Sydney Suburbs Benefit Your Health


People dealing with stress, muscle strain, and back pain often suffer from these for an extended period of time. Often, pain medications can only minimize or get rid of the pain temporarily until the next dosage is taken, which is why in Sydney, some have consulted a chiropractor in Bankstown, Glebe, Dee Why, and other suburbs. Here are some benefits of going to one.


Manage Neck and Lower Back Pain


A chiropractor in Bankstown, for example, can give you a chiropractic adjustment, which is an alternative to undergoing surgery for some cases. Some opt for a chiropractic adjustment as it isn’t as expensive as the other option, and is generally preferred because of its non-invasive nature at a fraction of a surgery’s cost.


Relieve Sciatica


Sciatica is the pain from the lower back traveling down the legs due to pressure on the sciatic nerve. This chronic pain is typically managed through medication, but the problem is that medicine does not completely get rid of the pain. Chiropractic adjustments help relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve, which makes the condition more manageable. Patients who underwent chiropractic adjustments report having reduced pain severity and frequency. This is a much preferable way for some as they do not have to rely on medication too much—something that could lead to over medicating in some cases.


Minimize Inflammation


Tension, pain, and joint issues are often caused by inflammation. Research has shown that chiropractic adjustments reduce inflammation, alleviating problems in the joints, lower back, and muscle tension. Reduced inflammation can also lower the risk of suffering from diseases related to high levels of inflammation. However, this is just a matter of reducing inflammation. Severe and chronic inflammation can be indicative of serious illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases, or chronic pain, and so, a visit to the doctor would still be necessary.


Boost Athlete Performance


For athletes and other individuals who depend a lot on their bodies to perform, relieving tension, stress, and inflammation is an important part of taking care of themselves. Minimizing these problems can help improve their performance as they are free from pain and can focus more on their activities. Additionally, it also helps boost their immune system, which is a necessity especially for physically active individuals.

How To Minimize Expenses In Luxury Spa In Phuket


Travelling abroad would practically require you to spend a good amount of money. This is the reason why you should plan your trip ahead of time to have more time to save money and at the same time, for you to have ample time to do your research. While it is true that you would spend a good amount of money on a luxury spa in Phuket, there are ways to reduce the costs and have an enjoyable holiday without withdrawing from your bank deposits. Here’s how.

Know your budget

One of the very first things that you should determine is your available money or the amount that you are willing to spend for your holiday. If you have not been doing any travels in such a long time, you might want to consider allocating a bigger budget just to reward yourself. However, if you have been traveling lately or you have other travel schedules for the year, then it would be best to limit your budget and stick to it. If you already know your budget, search for plane tickets, room accommodation in a luxury spa in Phuket and other travel needs based on your budget. Itemize your travel needs and allocate a budget for each item.

Do some research

One of the best ways to reduce costs is to visit the websites of various resorts. Compare rates and its inclusions and choose one that offers more value to your money such as complimentary breakfast or free shuttle service. Book in advance or at least a month prior to your arrival in Phuket.There are resorts that offer huge discounts for those who do early bookings. You can also save money if you will book longer or opt for extended resort stay.

Search for deals and discount items

Another secret to a cheaper stay in a luxury spa in Phuket is to find deals and promos. These promos are effective in reducing overall travel expenses. It would be best if the resort that you are going to book from offers complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport, free WiFi and similar perks

How You Can Contract Food Manufacturing With A Consultant


You need to consider time, effort, research and product consultation when manufacturing a new food product. If you launch a new product, it is best to consult knowledgeable experts to immensely promote your product and make it a big hit. Unless you contract food manufacturing to an expert, it can turn out an expensive failure. In this article, we will discuss how a consultant can contribute to the success of your new product:

  • They know the changing market trends.

Market trends tend to change every now and then. It may mean that the trend admired by today’s customers may not be accepted in the future. With a food-manufacturing consultant, they know the market pulse; hence they can recommend appropriately what types of food can become successful in the market.

  • They find the right healthy food.

People just love to eat healthy food as it great for their body. When you decide on what type of food product you plan to launch is to choose healthy and organic foods that are law in salt and fat. However, it is not an assurance that it will make it to the market. When you allow a food consultant to come in, they can help you choose the best healthy food that will prosper in this modern day.

  • They help maintain the right balance.

Not all people are alike and love to eat healthier food types. There are still those who stick to traditional versions of them. If you contract food manufacturing to a consultant, they can teach you the right balance and make it big in the market. They can provide you adequate information on the right balance to maintain while producing a new, healthy product.

  • They can package your product appropriately.

To make your product prosper in the market, it must be packaged in an appealing and attractive manner. This will entice prospects and current customers by the way it looks. If you contract food manufacturing to a consultant, they can teach you the best ways to attractively package your new food product, where many customers can possibly remember and like it.