Other Options That The Best Japanese Restaurant In Bangkok Can’t Provide Your Taste Buds


In Bangkok, you’ll possibly find a restaurant that will suit your taste buds. You don’t only find one but there can be lots of the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, which serves great food. If unfamiliar with Bangkok, you will want to ask a hotel staff about these places or you can check online.

Many people who have returned from Bangkok say the food they have eaten isn’t really cheap and what they expected. When asked where they have eaten, they usually say it was from a hotel bar. However, if you try to look around you can find great restaurants like the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok which are not only tasty but very cheap.

Chain Restaurants

In Bangkok, you’ll find some high quality chain restaurants that offer a fair price. They can be usually found in supermarkets and shopping centres. These may not be the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, but it’s a good alternative if you’re looking for great food.

  • Bar B Q Plaza: It’s actually one of Bangkok’s favourite restaurant where people love to eat. In the middle of your table is a mini gas heated grill, which is surrounded with a small moat of soupy water. Your order of meat and veg will be cooked and boiled by yourself. You are also given some dipping sauce, chilli, garlic and lime, which you can mix to fit your needs.


  • Sizzler: Be in this restaurant really early as it fills up fast. It’s popular among locals and tourists, with its extensive western menu and endless salad bars. You’ll surely lose your weight each time you eat here.


  • Pizza Company: This is actually a Thai pizza chain which sells your favourite pizza toppings, garlic bread, and more. It has more or less the same standard as Pizza Hut and slightly overpriced; however, it serves the scrumptious pizza ever.


  • Oishi – This is another favourite among Thais due to its many variations on the theme. You can eat what you like and pay for one price. They serve sushi, teppanyaki food and different Chinese cuisines.


  • Fuji – This is the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, which serves sushi, curries, tempura, gyoza and so much more.

Tips On How To Pack Items In The Kitchen


Your kitchen stuff can be very difficult to pack because some are fragile and breakable while the rest are rather valuable. There is no question that you will need plenty of cardboard boxes for moving home as well as plastic boxes for essential food items. You do not need to pack the dishwasher and washing machine or the oven but it makes sense to put tape on the doors so that they won’t move during travel.

Items like the toaster and coffee maker can be placed on standard boxes but make sure to put a label outside the cardboard box to make it known to the mover that the contents are fragile. Choose the cardboard box carefully; it must be thick and sturdy enough. Do not forget to put packing tape at the bottom of the box.

Do not waste your time wrapping glasses, plates and cups in newspaper; you are just wasting your efforts because newspaper cannot prevent the fragile items from breaking. One suggestion is to buy a pack of polystyrene plates and put them in between the plates for support. You can also wrap each item in bubble sheets before putting them inside the cardboard box.

Your expensive wine glasses should be separated from the drinking glasses. There are glass boxes that can be purchased from online vendors where you pack the wineglasses into neatly organized separate packets. There will be less opportunity for the wine glasses to bump against each other because of the cardboard support. You can also order for customized boxes for a precious collection,

Don’t overload the cardboard box because the bottom may not be able to handle the excessive weight. Opt for the smaller standard boxes to ensure that your kitchen stuff will reach its destination in good condition.

Buying cardboard boxes for moving home through online vendors has its benefits. They have a catalogue where you choose the type and size of boxes that will suit the kitchen stuff that you will pack. Aside from the cardboard boxes, you can also order packing supplies like labels, tapes, tape dispensers, bubble sheets, marking pens and single face corrugated rolls.

Where To Find Authentic Middle Eastern And Lebanese Food In Bangkok


A trip to Bangkok is incomplete without tasting its delicious food.  From fancy restaurants to glittering food streets, Bangkok has many options to satisfy your cravings. It has a lot of restaurants serving cuisines from around the world. The hotels in Bangkok also have in-house restaurants that serve authentic Thai cuisine along with other European, Lebanese, Middle Eastern and continental cuisines.

On my recent visit, I booked a hotel near Lebanese food in Bangkok. The Sukhmvit area has most of the top restaurants in Bangkok that serve Lebanese food. The restaurants offer authentic Lebanese recipes in the heart of Bangkok. Most of these places are vegetarian and vegan friendly and also offer Halal food for the Muslim tourists. The Lebanese Restaurants offer a lot of authentic dishes like Falafel, Humus, Fattaoush, Tabbouleh, chicken and vegetable kebabs and Shawarma.

Apart from the fancy restaurants, the street food of Bangkok is equally amazing. The street vendors   whip out amazing recipes ranging from authentic Thai recipes using the freshest produce and sea food, to innovative recipes which combine different cuisines. Thailand has a multicultural influence, which is visible in its cuisine too. The fertile coastal lands in Thailand produce the freshest vegetables and fruits with a distinctive taste, the use of aromatic herbs and condiments enhance the taste of food.  Thailand has many enclaves consisting of authentic cuisines from countries like China, Japan, Korea, Middle East and India. Each of these enclaves combines the taste of its home countries with the rich taste of Thai food.

The Middle Eastern enclave is a street market teeming with joints that serve Mediterranean, Turkish, Lebanese, Egyptian and Moroccan delicacies. The market sees huge crowds of Arab tourists and traders who visit Bangkok. The shishah lounges share space with humble eateries serving halal food. If you are a family traveller, looking for more upscale restaurants serving Lebanese food, the sukhmvit area has a wide range of restaurants serving authentic Middle Eastern and Lebanese food. These premium restaurants are well appointed and use imported ingredients to cook authentic Lebanese food. The restaurants offer a friendly and warm atmosphere with tourists from around the world relishing the delicious cuisine.

I advise travellers who are looking for good experiences in Bangkok and wish to savour the rich and delicious food the country has to offer, to choose Sukhmvit area which has hotel near Lebanese food In Bangkok and a lot of other fancy restaurants in the surroundings.