Tips To Keep In Mind When Booking Bangkok Hotel


Bangkok remains to be the most visited city in the world according to the latest survey. It is not surprising because of the many things that the city has to offer from food to culture to tourist attractions. Furthermore, Bangkok is very attractive to holiday-goers because everything is cheaper from booking a hotel near Terminal 21 to shopping at one of the night markets – one can truly enjoy their money’s worth.

The problem with the capital of Thailand is that it has too many hotels and accommodation options that you can’t decide what to choose among the long list. The tips below will help you narrow down your list and hopefully help you decide which one to pick at the end of the article.

  • First thing to consider, it is more convenient to book a hotel that is located near the MRT or BTS stations. This is because the traffic jam in Bangkok is not a joke and you don’t want to get yourself stuck in the middle of the road when you only have very limited time to explore. The good news is that aside from having an underground transit known as the MRT, the city also has the BTS which is a skytrain. You can go from point A to point B without having to worry about the traffic plus it is very cheap.
  • Make sure to choose a hotel that provides their direction in the local Thai language. Not everyone in Bangkok knows how to speak the English language therefore you must be prepared to have a copy of the hotel’s direction written in the local Thai language. This way you can simply show it to the driver and they will know where to go. Without it, you might find yourself in some very sticky situation.
  • Make sure that you decide on the right area for you. There are many desirable areas around Bangkok such as getting a hotel near Terminal 21 but keep in mind that there are also areas in the city that are not too popular for tourists and should be avoided for everyone’s safety. Among the most popular tourist pick are Sukhumvit, Khaosan, Silom and Old Siam.

Tips When Choosing The Most Appropriate Roof Tile For The Home


The roof is the most important part of the home and yet it is also the most vulnerable. The roof protects the home against the weather, storms, the sun and the wind which makes it highly important to ensure that there are no missing or loose roof tiles. If you are going to replace damaged tiles, there are roof tiles in Sydney made from terracotta or concrete in a wide range of colours.

There are different types of roof tiles from the barrel or mission tiles to the renaissance tiles, Welsh slates, flat tiles and the traditional shingles. Barrel tiles made from concrete, clay, metal or plastic are products of mass production. During installation, a long curved piece of cooked clay, typically terracotta is placed overlapping one piece over another to connect the two with the other pieces around it. This process allows absolute insulation because water cannot penetrate after crossing the curve of the roof tile but slides off according to the slope of the structure.

Interlocking roof tiles do not require inverted parts underneath the tiles to be able to channel water along the slope. The top pieces are simply overlapped linearly and upwardly on the structure. The curved part of the roof tile will guide the water down and off the roof. Many prefer the interlocking roof tiles because less material is used and the structure is not overloaded.

The Welsh slate is the most durable roof tile in the world with a guaranteed productive life of more than 100 years. The tile can survive the onslaught of extreme temperatures with high resistance against water, acids, alkali and other chemicals.

Flat tiles are smooth tiles made from fibreglass. When installed in the roof, it looks as smooth as the floor. They are quite popular in most modern homes because of the polished look.

Whether you are buying new or used roof tiles in Sydney, it is important to determine what best suits the roof. Compare the features of the different types of roof tiles and choose the most appropriate that will complement and enhance the beautiful design of the home.

Tips To Find Good Designer In Bangkok


Bangkok is called the city of angels. The city attracts tourists and business travellers from around the world. There is a high demand for rental apartments in Bangkok. Travellers prefer to book apartments with great looking interiors and great amenities.

Most of the property owners in the city are looking to maximize the return of their investments. Consulting a good interior designer in Bangkok will help them to improve the aesthetic appeal of the property and make it a hot favourite for the prospective tenants. However, finding the right interior designer is very crucial. Here are some tips I follow for finding the correct designer

  1. Conduct a thorough search before you finalize on the designer. Take reviews from family and friends or read online reviews to get to know about the quality of services provided by the designer. Most of the interior designers in Bangkok have their own websites; visit these websites to get a clear idea of the services offered by the designer. The websites also provide details about the previous and upcoming projects of the designer. Visit these projects and talk to the previous clients to get an idea about the working style and quality of work.
  2. Once you finalize the designer, be very clear about the terms of service. Inform the interior designer in Bangkok about the budget. Disclosing the budget beforehand helps the designers to plan accordingly. They can suggest suitable furnishings and accessories that fall within the budget.
  3. Let the interior designer guide you regarding the design. They are professionals who have good knowledge about the various aspects of interior designing. While it is ok to tell the designer about your requirements and preferences, it is better to allow them the freedom to design the interiors.
  4. Have an open communication with the interior designer to get your project finished in time. Always respond to e-mails and phone calls from the designer. This will help them to finish the project in time without any delays.
  5. Always select an interior designer in Bangkok, whom you can totally trust. Give the designer a free hand to design the interiors and follow his instructions to get a great looking home.

How The Guests Feel When They Are Booked In A 4 Star Hotel In Sukhumvit


When you’re opting for a vacation hotspot, Bangkok is number one in many people’s wish list. However, you need to consider the type of accommodation that will fit your needs. A standard hotel room can be booked at the last minute. You get to enjoy the sights and sounds that Bangkok can offer, but never the blandness of the room. You enjoy everything that the city has to offer, but not the hotel room you are staying. It’s for some reason that you need to be booked in a 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit for a treasured memory.

After having a wonderful time in this city, you would prefer to go back to your hotel room and sip coffee or tea or to simply relax in the swimming pool. A4 star hotel in Sukhumvit will have all guests provided with 24-hour access to their swimming pool. As there may be few guests around, you have the facility all to yourself. Note that different hotels in Bangkok offer various ways of making their customers relaxed and comfortable. Few hotels have art galleries or a library to impress their customers’ eager eyes. You can also hop in a boat at the Chao Phraya river and marvel those attractions you’ve never seen before.

Some visitors of Bangkok try to avoid booking in a Bangkok boutique hotel as they perceive more expenses. However, when you compare the room rates to other 3-star hotels in the America and Europe, this is approximately half or more than half the total price. It doesn’t seem extravagant especially if you enjoy free breakfast and tea. However, if you are on a tight budget, there are other options aside from the 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit that you plan to accommodate yourself.

As already mentioned, staying in the best 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit is only a dream unless you’ve experienced it. It offers 24-hour personalised service and luxury facilities that you’ve often dreamed of. You can also enjoy the sights and sounds that Bangkok has to offer, and will make your vacation a memorable and exciting one.

Rope Access And Its Modern Applications


One of the most common form positioning is known as rope access. The technique was first used in climbing as well as caving but now it is used in various applications wherein workers are required to use rope work in order to reach locations that are not so accessible otherwise there is a need for aerial work platform, scaffolding or cradles. It is now common for high rise buildings to hire industrial rope access painters in Sydney because of the advantages.

For a painter, they can ascend and descend easily while hanging on the rope as they are supported by a body harness. There are those that can use work seat while suspended depending on the type of work being carried out. The rope’s support was designed to ensure that the worker is safe at all time. In the event of an unfortunate fall, there is a fall arrest system intended as a backup for the primary support. The redundancy system is created by utilizing two different ropes for safety and another one as a working line.

There are many applications where in rope access is used in modern times such as constructing bridges, industrial plants, inspection, wind turbines, surveying, building, dams, towers and maintenance. The most common use is for inspection but other types of work can also be carried out including handling of heavy materials, painting, cutting and welding. The important thing is that professionals who are using the rope access should follow a specific procedure for the task at hand.

According to safety experts in the industry, there are things that must be considered when using rope access. First is to make sure that the technician has a minimum of two attachments. These should have different anchorage point. Workers who are using rope access should have a fail proof mechanism to be used for descending. If the worker is to use secondary tools while working suspended, it is important that these tools should be attached using lanyards to make sure that it will not pose a risk to people who are working below. When hiring industrial rope access painters in Sydney, they should work in pairs in order for one to rescue the other in unfortunate accidents.