The Resiliency Of Bangkok Amidst The Challenges


Bangkok has certainly experienced its share of troubles that ranged from floods, military takeover, power struggles and the death of the beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The Thais are resilient and in spite of everything that happened in the country, Bangkok continued to flourish and attract droves of foreign visitors.

For decades, Bangkok has been active with importation but somewhere along the way, its creative side manifested itself. If you will look closely at the stuff they offer in the shopping malls, you will notice that along with the trendy foreign stuff, there are various clothing made by Thai designers.

Local chefs boast of their original recipes on the hottest dining places around town. Even the traditional Thai folk music is on the midst of revival. Foreign visitors are certainly interested to know more about the history and culture of Thailand as can be seen for the groups of people that visit temples and shrines. However, the contemporary pulse of Bangkok can be pinpointed on the splintered neighbourhoods of Sukhumvit, Sathorn and Silom.

Travellers make their way towards the hotels along Sukhumvit Road because it is closest to the Central business district. They make a beeline for Chinatown after hanging out in live music venues and restaurants near the Chao Phraya River. Most of the time, you will see the visitors interacting with the local Thais who are selling traditional herbal remedies. Meanwhile, some of them have tried the holes-in-the-wall that have been refurbished into galleries and unpretentious bars.

Bangkok’s art movement has certainly blossomed in the last few years because of the regional talent from the country as well as the neighbouring Southeast Asian countries of Myanmar and Vietnam. Visitors should not miss the art exhibits in the converted mansion and the sprawling multi-purpose complex close to the riverside.

If you have grown weary gallivanting throughout Bangkok, you can try authentic food adventure at rooftop dining in Sukhumvit that features Thai dining and Asian cuisine fusion in an amazing atmosphere. You should not miss the Thai food favourites flavoured by a complex blend of spices and herbs. Pair it off with fine wines andsignature cocktails while hanging out with the crowd.

Be Familiar With Thailand Culture Before Your Visit


Thailand is a very interesting destination not only for backpackers but business and recreational travellers. The Southeast Asian country boasts of stunning beaches on its Southern islands and beautiful landscape in the Northern side; however, it is the rich culture that often lures many tourists to visit the country.

However, if it is your first time to visit Thailand, there are things that you need to know so that you do not commit a serious faux d pas.

  1. Touching the head of anyone is a show of disrespect because the Thais consider the head as a sacred part of the body. The Thai’s consider the left hand as bathroom hand which means you should always use the right hand to wave or pay for a purchase.
  2. Like all other big and cities of the world, Thailand is also a breeding ground for scammers. Never buy jewellery on the streets even if the vendor insists that the price is very cheap for a genuine item. The scammers can put pressure on unsuspecting tourists by offering advice and convincing them to buy jewellery or visit a beautiful site.
  3. It is very likely that you will desire to experience riding a tuktuk. Do not just hop in but negotiate and settle the price first with the driver. For at least 10 baht, you can explore different tourist spots but later on, you will be taken to a jewellery or fashion store where the driver will earn an extra commission.
  4. The most convenient footwear to use in exploring the city is the flip flops. You have to remove them when you enter sacred temples and shrines.
  5. The Thais salute each other through the Wai. You put the hands together and bow slightly. Thais will appreciate a foreigner who knows the gesture.

Thailand is one of those places where you can enjoy a luxury hotel without breaking the bank. A good option for Bangkok residence is a hotel that is near public transport, shopping centres, restaurants and tourist destinations. It allows you reach different parts of the city with ease and convenience.

Motorcycles As A More Economical And Accessible Transport Option


Over the years, Kawasaki has maintained its reputation as a high performance motorcycle. While many models have been designed as race dirt bikes, there are also models designed to compete in the consumer market. In many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, Kawasaki motorcycles are common sights in city streets as an alternative means of transport.

The rapid rise of motorcycles as an alternative means of transport is certainly remarkable. Things certainly changed when motorcycle manufacturers in Japan, China and India begun producing medium-sized motorcycles for affordable prices. Soon enough, motorcycles became the more common mode of transport in rural areas. At $600, the motorcycles became very affordable for families who share in the investment to avail of a transport.

However, in most developing countries, people became more enterprising and creative; hence, the introduction of motorcycle taxis. There is strong demand for motorcycle taxis in urban areas but more particularly in rural areas where there are lesser options. While demand for motorcycle taxis in rural area is not as strong as cities, there is lesser regulatory enforcement, fewer competition and of course less traffic.

In areas where these motorcycle taxis exist, they generate huge social and economic benefits for communities. On the rough and unpaved roads, motorcycle taxis are literally the only means of available transportation. While there are mini-bus and bus services, they only operate on the national roads that link towns and cities. For this reason, people rate the motorcycle taxis higher than other transport systems like taxis and buses. Motorcycles are extremely beneficial because they can be relied on in times and emergencies not to mention that they transport a large amount of freight.

In some developing countries, motorcycles are for enthusiasts and racers but in countries that are still in the process of development, motorcycles are their lifeline because there is no appropriate transport available to meet the demand.

For consumers who prefer a Japanese-made motorcycle because it is a more economical form of transport, there are Kawasaki motorcycles for sale with a wide array of parts and accessories. To experience the amazing power and performance, book for a Kawasaki test drive. It definitely belongs to a class of its won.

Why Cremation Is Becoming A Popular Option


Cremation is becoming a popular option for grieving families due to demographics and financial concerns. Funeral directors will usually discuss the options for final disposition of the body and you can always convey your wishes for cremation. The funeral industry understands that the expense of having a traditional burial is often a big burden on families that is why cremation is one of the options being offered.

The reason behind the popularity of cremation is not always linked to financial concerns.  Some families prefer the dearly departed to be cremated if they have plans to move to another country or state. It does not make sense to follow traditional burial and spend for a cemetery plot when the family will no longer be there to visit the grave. If the ashes of the dearly departed are placed in an urn or transformed into cremation jewellery, the loved one will always be close by.

In the United States, cremation costs about $3,190 while the traditional burial costs $8,343. Traditional burial requires that the family must have a plot in the hometown cemetery or memorial park. Usually, the disposition of ashes after cremation is governed by local laws or even the church but families hardly take heed of laws. Some families prefer to scatter the ashes in a place that is very memorable to the deceased like the sea or the mountains while others prefer urns that they can bring home or placed in the columbarium.

Religious beliefs usually prevent families from choosing cremation. There is the existing tradition of Christian burial which must be observed at all costs. However, in the past few years, there is less pressure on families to observe the Christian burial because of changing times. Society has become more practical because of the enormous financial burden of the traditional burial.

The funeral directors in Sydney are always prepared to accede to your requests for cremation. They will ensure excellent planning and management of whatever type of burial you wish for the dearly departed. Even if the decision is cremation, you can still request a brief wake so that friends and relatives can offer their sympathies.

Some Facts About Promotional Merchandise


Below are some facts that some marketing heads in other cities around the world that might surprise them about giving away promotional merchandise and its corresponding benefits:

  • A study states that before receiving any kind of promotional item from a specific advertiser, only 55% of the people had done any kind of business transaction with that advertiser in the past. After receiving promotional gifts, that number would go up to 85%. This specific statistic alone has proved one thing: the better promotional items you use as giveaways, the higher number of transactions you can expect from new and reoccurring clients which could eventually generate a higher amount of revenues for your business.
  • In terms of frequent use, verified statistics show that 53% of those who have been receiving promotional giveaways from various business advertisers, have been using the said products at least, once every week. In terms of longevity of the given products, six out of 10 people have been keeping the giveaways that they have received for up to 2 years. And to prove that most people love receiving promotional items, only one out of 5 people is throwing away unwanted giveaway.
  • To prove that promotional merchandise can be useful in almost every aspect of human life, statistics also show that around 91% of the consumers have said that they have at least of the said products that can be found in their respective kitchen. These products can be in the form of mugs, small kitchen gadgets and kitchen utensils. Also, 74% of the surveyed consumers have indicated that they also have at least one promotional giveaway that they are using in their workplace. These products can vary from pens to mouse pad and notepads. In addition to this, 55% of the total number of consumers have said that they also have a promotional item that came from an advertiser which can be found in their bedrooms.
  • When you are thinking of a product that you will use as a promotional giveaway, make sure it’s going to be useful for the client one way or another. You see, 77% of the consumers have said that usefulness of a promotional item is the number one factor they consider in deciding whether or not they will keep that item.

Tips For Choosing Meeting Facilities In Danang


Planning for your next corporate meeting can definitely be as boring as being in the meeting itself but that doesn’t have to be the case every single time. Nowadays, big corporations are holding their meetings outside of their offices and taking them to tourist destinations, resorts which have function rooms for meetings or banquets. Now, let’s say you’re working in a big corporation in Vietnam and your boss assigned you to look among the meeting facilities in Danang and choose which among them is perfect for your company’s upcoming conference. Regardless if it’s going to be an indoor or an outdoor meeting, there are useful tips which you must remember in choosing among the various number of meeting facilities in Danang and below are just some of them to help you choose carefully:

  • Before you even start searching for a resort that has meeting facilities in Danang or any tourist destinations in the world right now, you need to make sure that the budget that your office will be spending is already sorted out. Make sure that you stick with the budget allotted and never go beyond it. Also, never go for cheaper facilities because they have the tendency to have hidden charges after the meeting has been done. In addition to this, it’s never a good practice that you compromise the service that you are getting just because it’s cheaper.
  • One thing that you must keep in mind is the services and amenities which the attendees of your meeting will get from the resort which will be the venue of your meeting. These include the meeting venue itself with all the tables and chairs, needed meeting equipment, the necessary technological support for the meeting and, the refreshments that will be served to the attendees of the meeting during breaks or lunch. And, accommodation options must be present at all times especially for delegates who have come from far places.
  • In planning for any given event, the most important thing you must not forget is the needed space for the meeting. It depends on the number of attendees you are expecting. If it is a small size, then it’s recommended that you do it in a function room that can offer a more intimate feeling. For larger groups, it is recommended that you get venues that have ample space such as breakout rooms or leisure facilities.

Picking Out The Right Vanity For You


If you are on the process of renovating your bathroom, you might be on the lookout for a new bathroom vanity. If you are on a rush then you can get your vanity unit here or if you have time then read on for a few tips on how to choose the right vanity for your space. A vanity can make a big difference in the overall appearance of a bathroom and it could be the starting piece for your entire theme – either modern or traditional.

The first thing you have to do is measure your space. Make allowance for bathroom doors opening and shower doors if there is. The vanity must be proportional to the space you have and it must be positioned in a way that it does not disrupt the natural flow of traffic in and out of the bathroom. Make sure to consider the locations of the outlets, electrical switches as well as mirrors before deciding on the final space for your vanity. The location of the plumbing can also affect the width of the bathroom vanity you choose. Moving the plumbing should not be an option if you don’t want to spend more.

There are two different styles when it comes to bathroom vanities – built-in and freestanding. If you have a small bathroom, choose the freestanding vanities. These also come in various models and styles. For larger bathrooms, the built-in style is more favorable as it offers wider countertop space as well as storage space.

There is an option for a vanity that comes with a top and those that don’t. If you want a complete installation package, the ones with a top is best but if you want to have more options when it comes to top materials then you can buy the ones that does not come with a top. There are many materials that can be used for the top such as natural stone, glass, solid surface and cultured stone.

If you have an idea of what you want, get your vanity unit here. Don’t forget to consider many factors such as color and finish, hardware, size, storage and wood type.

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