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4 Tips To Get Good Value For Your Money While Exchanging Canadian Dollars


Visiting Canada for studies, work or pleasure will require you to exchange Canadian dollars. You can exchange currency at banks, foreign exchange companies, currency exchange kiosks at hotels, airports and other tourist attractions.

However, educating yourself about the exchange rates will help to get good value for your money. You can know about the prevailing rates of the CAD and expected rates by going through the CAD forecast published by leading newspapers, currency exchanges and online sites. Some currency exchanges in Canada also provide obligation free quotes if you request them online.

Here are some tips to choose the right organization for currency exchange and get the best value for your money.

Convert Currency at Your Home Bank

Your home bank will offer you good exchange rates. It is always advisable to exchange currency before you start the trip. You can get an international travel card and deposit the foreign exchange in your account. This is the safest way to carry money while travelling abroad. However, it always helps to know the CAD forecast and choose a good time to exchange currency.

Be Wary of Airport and Hotel Kiosks

Do not opt to exchange money at the currency exchange kiosks at the airports, hotels and other tourist attractions. These places have higher rates and usually charge higher fees and commissions, which are built into the exchange rate. As a result, you will get fewer Canadian dollars in exchange for your money. It is always preferable to choose a reputed currency exchange that offers best exchange rates.

Be Careful with Hotel Payments

Be aware that hotels charge their own currency exchange rates. Be careful when you book hotels for your trip. If you get hotel quotes in USD or in your local currency, pay online to avoid currency exchange issues at the hotel.

Choose a Reputed Currency Exchange

Avoid black market dealers and choose a reliable and trusted currency exchange in Canada for all your foreign exchange transactions. Choose an exchange that is registered with FINTRAC and AMF. Compare the exchange rates offered by different currency exchange companies and banks, and choose the best option.

Keep the above points in mind before choosing a currency exchange company or bank to exchange your currency. Keep a tab on the CAD forecast and choose an apt time to buy Canadian dollars to get the maximum value for your money.

What To Do While In Maldives


Ask someone of their bucket list and there is a high probability that it includes a trip to the Maldives. When one finally gets the chance to visit this archipelago country with white sand beaches, it is only right to get the most of the experience and do everything you can while there. For some, a relaxing holiday might mean they can lazily stay at their accommodation like the Fairmont in Maldives which is hard to say no to but passing up the opportunity to explore might be something you will regret later on. Therefore here are some suggestions on what to do while in Maldives.

  • Maldives is an archipelago and an island country therefore it is only logical to go snorkelling. There are azure beaches everywhere you look that you might not have the energy to say no. For people who love swimming, snorkelling is just another way to enjoy the water and marvel at the wonders found below. You might have tried snorkelling before but snorkelling in Maldives is another experience you should not miss.
  • If you are an adrenaline junkie, parasailing is only one of the many things you can try which will have your blood pumping to your ears. It is one thing to see Maldives up close but it is also another treasure to see it from up above.
  • Looking for some great waves? Look no further because Maldives will surely not disappoint. Keep in mind that these waves are not meant for beginner surfers or those who are planning to learn. If you got advanced skills, you can go ahead and try your skills with the waves in Maldives.
  • Maldives might not seem like it but the food in the country is actually to die for. There is an abundance of fresh tropical fruits and sea foods. There are also many restaurants in the area offering various cuisines from all parts of the world.

In order to experience these and more, book a flight and hotel with Fairmont in Maldives because the tourism industry is recording more arrivals as the country finally comes to political rest.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Booking Bangkok Hotel


Bangkok remains to be the most visited city in the world according to the latest survey. It is not surprising because of the many things that the city has to offer from food to culture to tourist attractions. Furthermore, Bangkok is very attractive to holiday-goers because everything is cheaper from booking a hotel near Terminal 21 to shopping at one of the night markets – one can truly enjoy their money’s worth.

The problem with the capital of Thailand is that it has too many hotels and accommodation options that you can’t decide what to choose among the long list. The tips below will help you narrow down your list and hopefully help you decide which one to pick at the end of the article.

  • First thing to consider, it is more convenient to book a hotel that is located near the MRT or BTS stations. This is because the traffic jam in Bangkok is not a joke and you don’t want to get yourself stuck in the middle of the road when you only have very limited time to explore. The good news is that aside from having an underground transit known as the MRT, the city also has the BTS which is a skytrain. You can go from point A to point B without having to worry about the traffic plus it is very cheap.
  • Make sure to choose a hotel that provides their direction in the local Thai language. Not everyone in Bangkok knows how to speak the English language therefore you must be prepared to have a copy of the hotel’s direction written in the local Thai language. This way you can simply show it to the driver and they will know where to go. Without it, you might find yourself in some very sticky situation.
  • Make sure that you decide on the right area for you. There are many desirable areas around Bangkok such as getting a hotel near Terminal 21 but keep in mind that there are also areas in the city that are not too popular for tourists and should be avoided for everyone’s safety. Among the most popular tourist pick are Sukhumvit, Khaosan, Silom and Old Siam.

Choosing The Right Seminar Room For Your Business Function


The สถานที่จัดเลี้ยงกรุงเทพ you choose should match your prospective clients. It can be in a hotel or function room of prestigious establishments or at the community centres. When choosing the best location, consider the synergy between you and your audience. You need them to be comfortable while listening to what you have to say. However, if you chose the wrong venue for your audience, they will get disconnected, become alienated with you, and somehow you lose your credibility.

For instance, choosing a venue for a high-end clientele. You definitely don’t want them to end up in a community centre. The location isn’t right for them and it’s not conducive to entice them to your seminar. However, if you choose a สถานที่จัดเลี้ยงกรุงเทพ that fits their credentials, they can participate in your seminar, learn from it and you just earned your credibility.

The same goes if you’re having a workshop for new entrepreneurs. You don’t want them booked in a five-star resort as it can entail more expenses. You must admit that they are there to learn how to earn revenues for their business. And if you have them spend lavishly for first-class accommodations, they aren’t a good fit to what they have in mind. They simply want to learn how to be successful and not to consider the surroundings.

Another reason why you need a great สถานที่จัดเลี้ยงกรุงเทพ for your audience is to suit your needs and how it can be beneficial to your business. You need to understand that the venue plays an important role to the success or failure of your business. You may choose a number of venues that have everything included; but you need more to choose a package that is useful to your seminar. The workshop or seminar must be about profitability and not on something you don’t really need.

Choose a สถานที่จัดเลี้ยงกรุงเทพ that includes all the equipment you need. This will aid in the learning and understanding about certain topics in your seminar. You may also need food and beverage to ensure everyone isn’thungry. When everything is there for you, you stop wasting time, money and resources just to host a great seminar.

Why Your Wedding Must Be At A Wedding Hotel In Bangkok


These days seem like you have to carefully plan and choose a great location for your wedding ceremony. Thailand offers the best locations for weddings, not only due to its convenience in location, but also the countless romantic possibilities for a memorable union in its various picture perfect locations. And this will need a wedding hotel in Bangkok as the venue.

There’s no better way to tie the knot in Thailand than the country’s colourful capital, Bangkok. The city is the most preferred locations for weddings as it has everything to offer. There are the world-class luxury hotels, sacred temples, and unequalled urban landscapes. You will just have to choose a great wedding hotel in Bangkok as the location for your wedding.

Make your wedding into the most memorable occasion of your life by finding out the real beauty of one of Asia’s best capital cities. Why not exchange your vows at one of Bangkok’s sky high towers, offering a panoramic view of the city, or have a traditional wedding in one of the city’s grand temples serving as a great backdrop. Also why not host your wedding reception in a renowned five-star hotel, a perfect example of good life and luxury. So the probabilities just seem so endless!

Another great thing about getting married in Bangkok is having a lot of choices for your honeymoon. You may prefer to head on to Pattaya and Hua Hin, which is just two hours away, or the historical landmarks of Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi, which is just a driving distance. Certainly, there are vacation hubs which you like to fly to while in Thailand. You can also enjoy the city life and explore Bangkok, only if you stay in a wedding hotel in Bangkok for your accommodation.

However, if you’re staying in Bangkok and plan for your wedding here, you need someone to help you with your wedding coordination and marriage registration services. You certainly want your Bangkok wedding recognised in any part of the world you may be. The coordinator should also be more than willing to help you find a great wedding hotel in Bangkok to celebrate your wedding.

Benefits Of Working At A Sukhumvit Restaurant


Nowadays, you can see a great number of restaurants at every angle you look whether it’s a fine dining restaurant or a fast food chain. You see, without the presence of the restaurants where people of all ages can eat comfortably, people will have lesser choices and will be forced to cook food on their own which means they will need to prepare everything, cook everything and even wash the dishes which is something that not everyone is fond of doing. For someone who always busy due to his daily work, it’s more convenient and easier if he can simply go toa nice choice of a restaurant for a satisfying dinner which only consumes less time and effort. Yes, it will cost him more but at the very least, it saves him time. Now, if you’re working or even staying in the blooming city of Bangkok, you should frequently visit the Sukhumvit District which is sitting right at the very heart of the city. Aside from the shopping malls where shoppers are flocking in for their respective shopping adventures, you will also have a wide variety of a Sukhumvit restaurant which can easily satisfy your cravings for an authentic dinner experience.

Due to the fact that more and more people are now preferring to eat out rather than to cook their own food at home, the restaurant industry has never been this successful as it used to be during the past years. In fact, more and more people are choosing to have a career at a Sukhumvit restaurant for example and this surge can be associated to the benefits workers can enjoy and below are just some of the said benefits:

  • The first benefit you can enjoy when you choose to work in this industry is that it offers equal number of employment opportunities for all ages regardless of the level of expertise. This is one of the few industries that actually offers this kind of equality.
  • Along with the equal number of employment opportunities, working in restaurants also offers career growth and faster career advancement.

Reasons To Choose A Hotel With A Rooftop Bar Saigon


Bars are fun places especially for men and women alike who love to party all night long until morning, get drunk like there’s no more tomorrow, dance with the music until their bodies drop to the dance floor and most importantly, meet new people along the way. You see, a bar is a place where the possibility of human interaction with one another is almost unlimited especially with the presence of the alcoholic drinks that are professionally-prepared by the bar tenders on-site. In addition, bar can also be a place where people go to simply chill around, casually drink with friends while having a nice chat about everything under the sun. Nowadays, rooftop bars are gaining a bigger amount of popularity especially in places like Saigon where you can easily find a rooftop bar in Saigon which will also allow you enjoy beautiful skyline of the city especially at night when the stars at their brightest. And let’s face it, isn’t it more to party at a bar while gazing at beautiful city lights at night? It adds up to be awesomeness of the bar experience itself because rooftop bars can offer something that no other bars can offer: a beautiful view.

As mentioned earlier, a rooftop bar in Saigon City in Vietnam that is located on the top of a hotel, has been gaining a tremendous popularity and below are just some of the reasons why you must take your friends there for your next bar-hopping adventure:

  • This is a perfect venue where you can hold your cocktail receptions especially if you’ve just endured a long day at, attending all of those boring meetings. Unlike other kinds of bars, rooftop bars in hotels are more convenient to find because you just need to know the exact location of the hotel itself and you’re done. One press of a button from the elevator and you’re already on your way up.
  • Another reason why rooftop in a hotel is a popular venue is that the very essence of rooftop bars is that it allows guests to freely walk around the place and socialize with other bar goers during their downtime.