The Many Benefits Of Sky Club In Bangkok Membership


There are several benefits of getting membership to hotel clubs such as the sky club in Bangkok or in other districts in the city. Being a member of a club gives you countless advantages and all of them adds to your convenient and cost-efficient holiday. Here are some of the advantages.

Booking privileges

When you are a member of the hotel’s club, you get the privilege of early check-in or late check-in, though this is subject to availability. You will also enjoy VIP check-in and check-out at the hotel’s exclusive lounge and bar.

Food and beverage discounts

Another benefit of club membership in hotels is you get complimentary daily international buffet breakfast, complimentary drinks at the hotel’s lounge bar and complimentary soft drinks in all of the bars and restaurants in the hotel. Guests who are members of sky club in Bangkok will also get complimentary fruit basket every day.

Complimentary services

Another exciting benefits of club membership is you get added value services such as complimentary laundry of 2 items per day, free internet access all throughout the hotel, free digital newspapers and magazines and access to local numbers in Bangkok. All these complimentary services are equivalent to the money you save since you won’t have to pay for the services.

Exclusive offers

You will also be offered with exclusive deals such as 12% discount on a la carte menus in all restaurants and bars at the hotel. A huge amount of discount of 20% is also offered to members who wants to hire the hotel’s luxury limousine.

Other benefits

There are other benefits that one can enjoy by being a member of sky club in Bangkok or in its nearby areas. One of these is free airport transfers using luxury vehicle and another irresistible offer is free upgrade to executive room and other featured rooms in the hotel. Book early to get even more discounts and if you stay longer, you can negotiate for higher discounts. Aside from other perks, you also get complimentary daily replenishment on your mini-bar consumption. Check the hotel’s website to find out how you can enjoy the benefits of their exclusive club.

Hotel Mini Bars Equipped With Sensors


Many hotel guests know that eating or drinking anything from the mini bar will have additional charges but not many have an idea that there are mini mars equipped with sensors. This means that simply removing an item will automatically add charges to their bill. It is rare to see free mini bars but there is a hotel with free mini bar in Sukhumvit and this is one of the reasons why many are choosing to book at these establishments.

In international brand hotels such as Sheraton, Hilton, DoubleTree and Inter Continental, they are already using automated mini bars that employ sensors and their snack trays come with electronic scales. The issue is that many guests are complaining that their bill came with incidental charges despite not consuming anything.

According to a manager working for the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee, approximately 90 per cent of the additional charges due to the mini bar are considered to be errors. At their hotel, charges are only added once the mini bar has been manually checked by a staff member while other hotels do not bother to check unless the guests complain of wrong charges.

The sensors installed on the mini bars monitor items taken and charges automatically reflect eve if the occupant puts the item back without eating or drinking. Upon complaining, this is the only time when hotel staff does manual checking and the charges are removed accordingly.

There are sensors that charge after the item has not been put back within 6o seconds. This can be an inconvenience especially for parents that are staying with small, curious kids. It should be the duty of the specific establishment to put warning or cards that indicate how their automated system works but not every hotel bothers to do so.

The lack of sign can be a form of dishonesty to consumers. It is a good thing that there are hotels with free mini bar in Sukhumvit because guests don’t have to worry about false charges and they can have whatever they want from the mini bar without having to pay unbelievable prices.

Things To Look When Buying Bar Stools


In any given city at any given country, bars are a common thing that are usually located along the busy roads. you see, a bar is the kind of place where people, mainly adults, are coming to party around with friends, drink alcoholic beverages, enjoy a wide variety of food that are being served at bars to go along with the drinks, enjoy the usually energetic music being played on by professional DJs and performances of live bands and, enjoy the company of friends. Nowadays, there are many kind of bars that offer various services and amenities that guests could use. For starters, there’s the old but still cool disco bars where most of our parents and even our grandparents used to hang around back in the day. while disco bars will remain a thing even in these digitally-advanced times, there are other  kinds of bars that are slowly gaining popularity among bar goers of all ages and among the bars that have been usually flocked by people especially during weekends are the rooftop bars that are usually located on the top floors of tall buildings which will give guests a nice view of the city lights especially at night while sitting comfortably on bar stools and drinking the best alcoholic drinks.

Now, when you are looking for the appropriate bar stools where guests will be seated most of the time, there are some things that you must look beforehand before buying the stools themselves. You see, there are many kinds of stools to begin with and each kind has their unique characteristics. To help you choose, below are some things you must look for a set of stools that you’re going to put for your bar:

  • The first thing you will need to look at is the style of the stools themselves and how they will going to fit into the bar. You see, stools have their respective designs too so it’s recommended that you check every single set of stools to be able get the best one.
  • Another important thing that you need to check is the actual height of the stools. Make sure that they have the appropriate height to give the ones who will sit the comfort and the peace of mind that they won’t fall easily.

Reasons To Choose A Hotel With A Rooftop Bar Saigon


Bars are fun places especially for men and women alike who love to party all night long until morning, get drunk like there’s no more tomorrow, dance with the music until their bodies drop to the dance floor and most importantly, meet new people along the way. You see, a bar is a place where the possibility of human interaction with one another is almost unlimited especially with the presence of the alcoholic drinks that are professionally-prepared by the bar tenders on-site. In addition, bar can also be a place where people go to simply chill around, casually drink with friends while having a nice chat about everything under the sun. Nowadays, rooftop bars are gaining a bigger amount of popularity especially in places like Saigon where you can easily find a rooftop bar in Saigon which will also allow you enjoy beautiful skyline of the city especially at night when the stars at their brightest. And let’s face it, isn’t it more to party at a bar while gazing at beautiful city lights at night? It adds up to be awesomeness of the bar experience itself because rooftop bars can offer something that no other bars can offer: a beautiful view.

As mentioned earlier, a rooftop bar in Saigon City in Vietnam that is located on the top of a hotel, has been gaining a tremendous popularity and below are just some of the reasons why you must take your friends there for your next bar-hopping adventure:

  • This is a perfect venue where you can hold your cocktail receptions especially if you’ve just endured a long day at, attending all of those boring meetings. Unlike other kinds of bars, rooftop bars in hotels are more convenient to find because you just need to know the exact location of the hotel itself and you’re done. One press of a button from the elevator and you’re already on your way up.
  • Another reason why rooftop in a hotel is a popular venue is that the very essence of rooftop bars is that it allows guests to freely walk around the place and socialize with other bar goers during their downtime.