4 Things To Check In A Company For Photos On Canvas


If you are interested to have your photos on canvas, the only thing you need to do is look for a service provider that offers canvas printing for images. You can find such services providers both from online and offline sources. To select the right company, here are some things that you might want to check.

Wide array of offered designs

When printing photos on canvas, you have the option to upload your chosen image or you can also pick among the stock photos available at the service provider’s website. You can use the images you personally took and create photos on canvasto have them as your wall décor at home.

Fasterdelivery of service

Find a company that guarantees to sendan email proof within 48 hours after you uploaded the image and applied the designs. This way, you can approve the proof right away so the company can print it, frame the project and send it to your address without delay. This is ideal for those who want to give the photo as a gift. You can order the photo on canvas even a few days prior to the special occasion.

Offers unlimited editing

There are companies that offer unlimited editing and enhancement to their customers before the photo is printed on canvas. You can change the design and edit the photo regardless the number of times you want to. If you are not satisfied with the emailed proof, you can just send it back to the service provider to do some more editing until you are satisfied with the result. You can just inform the digital printing shop if photo is already set for printing.

Free Shipping

You can find a lot ofcompanies that offer photos on canvas services but choose one that offers money-saving deals such as free shipping or discounted items. The supposed shipping free is already a big savings on your part and if you are going to choose a package deal or discounted item, all the more you get more savings out of the project. For international shipping, standard fees would apply.

When To Have A New York City Illustrated Map


You don’t really need to have a New York City Illustrated Map especially if you are too familiar with New York or lived most of your life in the city. However, there are those who need a nice illustrated map that they can utilize for their projects or in finding specific areas in town. You can easily find a downloadable map on the internet or you can check your local libraries and public stations for it. However, you can find more benefits by hiring a reliable illustrated map creator. Here are some of those who need an illustrated map of New York City.

Visitors and tourists

If you are a tourist in the city and you are not too familiar with its to-go places, grab an illustrated map in order for you to find it easier to navigate the area easily and without getting lost as it would be a waste of your precious time. Another reason to have an illustrated map is for you to visit popular sites in New York or when you are not sure which places to go. The good thing about illustrated maps is they contain more information about a particular spot compared to ordinary maps.

Project engineers and property developers

It would also be better for you to have a New York City Illustrated Map if you are going to develop a project in the area. It would also help in determining potential problems in the area so you can craft a way to avoid the issue. If you intend to have a local business in New York City, a map will also come in handy to determine where your competitors are located so you can study the different factors that will help your business rise above other entrants in the area.

City dwellers and residents

An illustrated map is not only suitable for tourists. In fact, there are more reasons for New York residents to have their own New York City Illustrated Map so they can better appreciate the city and guide friends who may visit the area. Illustrated maps can also be used as wall decorationsif they are framed properly or you can have them when you feel like exploring the city on your spare time.

Types Of Canvas Used For Acrylic Painting


Canvas are commonly used nowadays in DIY projects such as canvas wall art but when used for acrylic painting, it is important to choose the right form. There are expensive stretched canvas made of linen and there are cheap ones as well. When you are buying for the first time, you might be overwhelmed with the choices then this article will help you along.

The best thing about acrylics is that there are many options for the painting surfaces like paper and wood but canvas is widely used. Paintings are traditionally supported by canvases and it has been used for many centuries before. This is still the most popular support even in this digital age. There are two major reasons why canvas is preferred by artists – because it is receptive to the paint brush used and because it is durable. If you want your canvas wall art to be existent centuries from now, use a canvas. Aside from canvas, hardwood panels are also used in traditional times. The downside with the panels is that they are heavy and bulky to travel around with. If you want to make very large paintings, it is best to choose a canvas.

Materials used for canvas making can either be cotton or linen. These natural fibers are weaved as one and then it is stretched around a frame or it can also be glued to the panel. There are varying textures of canvases and the weight can vary as well.

The weave will determine the texture. If the canvas is woven finely, the result will be smooth and it is ideal to be used in art works that are small and detailed. Artists love rough textured canvases if they use bold brushstrokes and if they create large paintings.

The thread density is the determining factor for the weight of the canvas and is usually measured using ounces per yard. The heavier the weight means the higher the quality of the canvas. If you want to create a permanent canvas wall art, choose one that is made of linen though it is more expensive. If you want a more affordable option, choose a canvas made with high quality cotton.

How To Make Your Favorite Quote Into A Wall Art


You can now make your favorite quote a constant décor inside your house or room with a simple DIY project you can do at home. You can do this simple wall art together with your friends if you are looking for fun activities to do. If you have scraps of fabric lying around in your house, it is considered a bonus since you can use them especially if it has beautiful patterns. Making this personalised artwork is as fast as cooking frozen pizza – might as well do something while you are waiting.

First, prepare the materials needed which includes a canvas, a scrap of fabric which should be a little bit bigger in size compared to the canvas, acrylic paint, staple gun, paint brushes and alphabet stickers with adhesive. If you don’t have scrap fabrics, you can experiment with other texture such as an old map or pages from an old book you no longer use. The staple gun is also optional. If you don’t have one then you can use hot glue instead.

  • Decide on the quote you are going to use. Short ones are recommended because of the limited canvas space.
  • Secure the fabric to the canvas with the help of your staple gun or hot glue. Make sure to tidy the edges because you want your project to be neat enough to be hanged inside the house. You can mix and match fabrics.
  • Arrange your chosen quote using alphabet stickers. Make sure that they stick well to the fabric so no paint can seep through.
  • Paint the entire surface of the fabric including the letters. You can paint the edges if you like.
  • Wait for the paint to dry. Once it is completely dried, peel off the alphabet stickers. Do this carefully and you will be amazed that the sticker letters are still usable for another project.

You are now done creating your own personalised artwork and you can proudly hang it on your wall. This can be used as a gift as well if you know someone who appreciates handmade presents.