Tips To Determine The Best Family Resort In Chiang Mai


There are different types of resorts and hotels and it is important that you choose the type of resort that meets your needs. This is particularly important if you are taking your family with you for a holiday. If you are visiting Thailand,look for the best family resort in Chiang Mai that offers the services and amenities that will make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. To find out if the resort is family-friendly, look for the following aspects at the resort.

Check the available accommodation

Find out if the resort offers a family room or connecting rooms where you and your family members can stay together. You might also want to get a villa so you can have rooms within for a homier feel. If you have a baby or a very young child with you, find out if the resort offers a crib, bumpers or small beds for children. Check on the resort’s policy when it comes to children as there are resorts that offers free accommodation for children below 12 years old and there are those that offer free baby cots for children below 2 years old.

Child-friendly facilities

One way to determine that you are looking at thebest family resort in Chiang Mai is when they have facilities specifically for children such as kiddie pools, mini playgroundand children’s club. Find out if the pool has a lifeguard and other resort features that promote child safety and security. Ask the hotel if they have kid-friendly channels on their television or game rooms or pool tables for older children.

Extra services for children

Choose the best family resort in Chiang Mai that offers specific services for children. There are resorts that offer swimming lessons for children, cooking lessons, storytelling and others. You might also want to check if the resort offers a nursery or babysitting services for very young children. With this type of services, you get to enjoy your holiday without the worries on your child’s safety and needs. Find out if the resort offers meals or snacks that are made exclusively for children.

Tips For Apartment Hunting In Yangon


If you’re looking to rent a flat anywhere, being informed about the local area is a key step in making sure you get the most when you’re looking to rent, whether its apartments in Myanmar or flats in London.

So, for those looking to rent in Yangon, Myanmar, here are some tips on how to get the most value for expatriates looking to work in Yangon.

  • This is Agent Smith.
    • See, not all agents are created equal, regardless of what kind of agent they are. Some real estate agents understand what expatriates really want, and some don’t. See, expats tend to prefer more modern amenities like elevators and air conditioning. Serviced apartments tend to be the ones with the full package, but since they’re usually full or oversubscribed, most expats are left working with what they can get.
  • Location, location, location.
    • Yangon has fairly narrow streets, with those looking for apartments in Myanmar, with a trip from the airport to downtown Yangon takes about an hour now, which is notable since back then, it only took half that time. With business people barely making appointments or even late, even with extra time for travel, especially during the yearly monsoon season that hits Myanmar. Most expats use taxis to get around, so travelling can be an issue.
  • Lower your expectations.
    • Myanmar is one of the region’s poorest countries, though quality housing have moved up in prices, and, as a result, office space is more expensive than anywhere in Southeast Asia. Yes, even Singapore. Now, landlords and property developers are moving in to take advantage of the influx of foreigners and expatriates, citing sky-high prices.
  • Be open with Wi-Fi.
    • Wi-Fi in Yangon can be a bit unreliable, though Telenor and Ooredoo are doing their best to improve upon it. Home Wi-Fi is also a bit problematic, so most expats opt to go and use SIM cards for 3G service, with their laptops connecting to the internet via their phones. It’s still expensive, but better than the costs of a home Wi-Fi, which usually sits at USD500.

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