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My Dream Of Riding A White Stretch Limo On My Wedding Day


My wedding coordinator told me a few days ago that Perth’s limousine hire company would be a good idea if I push through with the plans to rent a limo for my wedding. The family was certainly appalled at my plans to make a grand entrance at the church by hiring a white stretch limo but it has always been my dream and I don’t think I would be spending on something luxurious any time soon.

I would like to share the results of the research I have done while looking for a stretch limo to hire. Limos rentals are not really that expensive considering that can comfortably accommodate my wedding party. The price depends on the kind of limo that will be hired. The standard white is more cost effective than exotic vehicles with a party atmosphere complete with state-art-of-the-art sound systems and strobe lights. I am going to my wedding and not a prom night.

Many limousines are not actually that big enough but it can sit 10 persons comfortably. There limousines for larger groups but they are extremely expensive and not always available. The manager was kind enough to inform me that I made a good decision by contacting them months before my wedding because limos have high demand particularly during peak wedding season and prom season from May to June.

Discounted rates are provided for limo rentals during winter but we have already set a date. In spring, wedding couples may find themselves paying rental rates that are higher than normal because good weather conditions encourage people to hold parties. There are also plenty of tourists and travellers who want to be picked up at the airport by a chauffeured limo because they know they can save money considering that a limo can seat more passengers than standard cars.

Do you know that the price of renting a limo also depends on the time of day? Why, because the demand for limos exceed the supply during nighttime. Companies also charge higher rates during weekends but they can provide discounts during week days. A high demand certainly ups the rental price. That I understand because limos are no longer limited to the super rich.

More Uses Of Bubble Wrap


You may think that Paper Mart bubble wrap can only be used for its usual and most popular purpose: protecting your fragile material as it is shipped to a friend abroad. While this may be the major purpose of the accidentally invented bubble wrap, you can consider in your list additional ones so that when you receive a package, you might as well keep this cushioning material for other uses.

Here are some other uses of a bubble wrap:

1. Protection of your car windshield during the winter season
That is right. You can insulate your windows with a bubble wrap and save yourself all the hassle of cleaning up all the snow and frost that normally cover up your car. It’s a pretty quick and easy thing to do. You just have to prepare an exacto knife and spray bottle along with the wrap. The first step is to mist water onto your car’s windows and press the wrap (bubble side) against the window. The water will surely hold the bubble wrap in place.

2. Keeping your home warm
This, again, is what you call an idea during the winter season. You want to keep your home warm without necessarily having to use a heater and receiving huge energy bills at the end of the month. It’s pretty easy as the same procedure in the previous item is applied – you don’t have to use a tape to stick the bubble wrap.

3. Maintaining the shape of your handbag collections
Apart from its winter uses, a bubble wrap can keep your expensive purses and handbags in shape. Stuffing up your unused leather bags with bubble wrap instead of the usual newspapers before storing them in cabinets can keep them in good shape. Newspapers are said to cause them to expand and it might be hard to retain their original shape after.

4. Keeping the groceries cold
If you want to drive your gallons of ice cream to a picnic far away from home, use a bubble wrap to slow down its melting. You can line your bag with it for many of your groceries that you need to keep cool or keep warm.

Hummer Limousines For Every Occasion


A Stretch Hummer Limo is an ideal limo to rent for Limo Hire Perth. It’s luxurious and, at the same time very spacious not only in length but in width as well. Looking at a Hummer Limo does not complete the experience. You have to be in it to realize how roomy and how posh it is to be inside of one.

Why choose a Hummer Limo?
First and most basic of all, it’s unbelievably spacious. The wide room area inside a Hummer Limo allows it to be fitted with a lot more amenities compared to other limousines.

Past models of Hummer Limos were made to withstand rough terrains. However, they were too noisy and very costly in fuel consumption. However, later models were improved to bring about the Hummer Limos of today which are outfitted with amenities like LCD Televisions, High Definition sound systems, mini bars, and a lot more

Can accommodate large groups
Hummer limos come in various sizes to accommodate any group sizes. Some models can fit as much as 35 people. Regular variants can fit about 20 persons. The smaller, but still huge, ones can fit about eight to 12 people inside. The wide variety of Hummer Limos available makes it ideal to fit to any seating capacity that a person prefers.

When is it ideal for?
The answer: any occasion you want as long as you want to look luxurious while having enough space for friends and activities. However, Hummer Limos are usually used for weddings, bachelor parties, prom nights, corporate outings, graduation and night outs. For events such as those mentioned, they usually come in a white color. Moreover, the provider may even be asked to decorate the interior and/or the exterior with balloons, ribbons, or anything according to your preferences.

Hummer Limos provide a wide array of amenities. They have top-of-the-line sound systems, disco dance lights, leather seats, and even a mini bar for your drinks and snacks. Others even have LCD screens and high definition televisions. Hummer Limos definitely have everything you need to cater to any event due to its versatility in terms of size and in terms of amenities.

How To Undertake Bathroom Renovations On A Limited Budget


I decided on bathroom renovations because I wanted to update my bathroom with a new design and color. I knew beforehand that I will be spending most of my savings on this renovation job and that is why I made an effort to plan and budget so that I will know where the money will go. The budget will set a limit for the kind of items that will go to the renovations. It has also helped me decide on what items I should retain and what I should let go. I will be giving you more tips on how to renovate on a limited budget.

A lot of money can be saved if some of the existing items can be salvaged like the bathtub. However, it is important to ensure that it is still functional. Old cabinets can be refurbished with finishing and a new paint; however, I decided against using my old bathroom cabinet because I was lucky enough to find a style that I have desired for a long time.

When I was in the store, there were so many things that I wanted to buy for the bathroom but I stopped myself from buying because I would go over my budget. The fixtures and fittings I chose were of good quality so that it can be used for a long time.

Instead of redoing the pipes, the old plumbing was retained after the plumber has checked if everything was still okay. Not only did I save money; it made the bathroom renovations a lot easier. I no longer feel guilty after splurging on the storage cabinet. It certainly made the bathroom look organized and clutter-free.
Adding some flowers in a bathroom increases its appeal. There are actually plants that will thrive in the bathrooms low light and high humidity environment. Some plants can thrive on little light and make sure there are some fluorescent light bulbs that will produce the wavelength of lights that plants require to live. As always lighting is very critical in a bathroom. The lights I have chosen added some drama and updated the look of the bathroom.

Picture Taking Lesson 101


In your travel, it is important to be equipped with your camera and capture every picturesque scene and lock in memories captured by the camera’s lens. When visiting places like Scotland, you have to be ready with your shutters because there are sure plenty of breathtaking views. When in the country and while resting from a day of picture taking, you can look for affordable and comfortable luxury self catering accommodation in Scotland cottages.

Before you start clicking your camera, here are some photography reminders:

– When you are in a public place (like parks, malls, sidewalks), you are allowed to take picture of anything that you want your camera to focus on.

– If you are standing on public property, you are allowed to take the pictures of an adjacent private property. For example, if a building is visible from a park, you can take a picture of it. It is an absolutely fair game.

– If you are standing in private property and are approached by the owner or caretaker and was told not to take pictures, you should honor that request. These include signage not to take photos.

– There are government bases or buildings like nuclear facilities and military compounds that will prohibit people from taking pictures. You also have to honor this because it might be a threat to the country’s security.

– You can photograph people if they are in a public place even without their consent. This is why paparazzi exist.

– You can photograph the following structures or incidents when happening in public places despite contrary opinions: criminal activities, accidents, fire fighting scenes, bridges and other infrastructures, industrial facilities, transportation facilities, public utilities, commercial and residential buildings, law enforcement officers, celebrities, and UFOs.

– Many people especially celebrities oppose the idea of having their photos taken in public and make security as the reason. Though the reason may seem valid, this however will not deter photographers from taking a picture of a famous person. Taking someone’s photo in public does not necessarily constitute an act of terrorism nor does it expose the trade secrets of a company.

Tips For Plus Size Women When Picking Formal Dresses


According to Dale and Waters, there is a vague line between normal sizes and plus size clothing. This depends mainly on the store or the brand of clothes. For some, size 18 may be considered the start of plus sizes but there are brands that consider their size 12 in the plus size category. These days, designers and brands are now designing more options for the plus size market and this includes dresses that are on the high end of the fashion spectrum. With the fashion industry developing more and more options for plus size women, finding a formal dress could prove to be a tricky challenge as there are many things to consider.

Available now are designer clothing that caters to the needs of women who are in the plus size range. This development is thanks to the celebrities who are proud to be plus sized and is sending inspiration to the world that beauty exists on all forms and sizes. There used to be very limited options when it comes to plus size formal dresses but this is not the case nowadays. Here are some tips, based on body type, one could use when choosing formal or evening dresses.

– Hourglass. There are many body types for plus sized women but this one is the most desirable. This gives a woman’s body a look of proportion and exudes femininity. With the hourglass body type, the bust is large yet the waist is noticeably smaller compared to the hips. This is the easiest body type to shop since anything that is body hugging will look good and will give more emphasis on the waistline.

– Petite. You are referred to as petite if your height is below 5’4”. A dress can be a tricky thing for petite women and should be chosen with care. Don’t wear dress that are too large and avoid choosing dresses with horizontal stripes. Dress with draping and simple patterns should do the trick.

– Rectangular. This body type has fewer curves and could be countered by wearing A-line dresses. Make sure to choose dresses that are above the knees in order to display your legs and give more shape overall.

– Apple. This is for women whose waist is wider compare to the hips and shoulders. Choose dresses that will give more attention to the legs. It is also recommended that the dress should be quite loose in the middle like those made of cotton or silk.

My Little Pony: Be Like Pinkie Pie With These Easy Steps


So you are an avid fan of My Little Pony and you probably think that the only way for your favorite ponies to come alive is by wearing My Little Pony costumes. Well, in a way, that is correct. When you don costumes, you get to play the character and they could come alive through you. But who says you have to pretend?

Why can’t you live your life like Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie? Sure, you may not be an animated character and you most certainly may not be a pony, but even without looking like them, you can still take in their personalities and make them your own.

Pinkie Pie for example is the ever friendly, ever so jolly and energetic pony. Like her, you can represent the element of laughter here in the real world. So if you want to be like Pinkamena Diane Pie, follow these simple steps.

STEP 1: Be Friendly

If you want to be like Pinkie Pie, then you should try to be friendly with everyone you meet. Practicing smiling without having to show some teeth even when you are walking down the road so that when people pass by you, they would think of you as a jolly, kind and helpful person.

STEP 2: Make Your Friends Laugh
Make sure to always talk to your friends and making them laugh using jokes. Remember, Pinkie Pie represents the element of laughter.

STEP 3: Be Optimistic

Positivity is a common trait of Pinkie Pie. You should always think of the bright side and stay positive even in the darkest time of your life.

STEP 4: Pranks
Try pulling pranks on your friends or family to have a good laugh as long as they’re not stressed. It will help lighten their moods.


STEP 5: Be Energetic

Pinkie Pie is hyperactive that is why you should always be full of energy.

STEP 6: Skip
Skip while you are walking. Skip to the beat of the music. Skip to the sound of the streets. Skip for positivity. Skip for life is good and you know it.