Perpetual Resting Place For Fallen Soldiers In Kanchanaburi War Cemetery


One of the most emotional places that you can visit in Thailand is สุสานสัมพันธมิตรthat is located opposite the main train station. Laid out in straight lines in the beautiful garden of flowers are the graves of more than 7,000 prisoners of war who had been forced to endure the inhumane treatment by the Japanese soldiers during the construction of Thailand-Burma railway.

During the Second World War, prisoners of war and other Asian labourers had to endure different disease, torture, malnutrition and overwork while constructing the railway that will connect Thailand to Burma. The brutal conditions that they were subjected to were closely similar to hell on earth that is why the railway was called Hellfire Pass.

Many of prisoners of war died or were killed. According to the calculations of historians, at least 38 of the Allied prisoners of war died for every kilometre of the track laid on the railway. The soldiers were initially buried at makeshift grave sites on various locations along the railway line but after the war ended the สุสานสัมพันธมิตรor Don Rak Cemetery was designed as their final resting place.

The Don Rak Cemetery is also a memorial to the fallen soldiers with their names, ages and regimens engraved on the headstones. For the unidentified soldiers, a simple inscription reads “A soldier who died for his country.” It is very obvious that the cemetery is properly maintained with fresh flowers of remembrance beside every headstone.

Entrance to the cemetery is free. Visitors are allowed from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Every April 25 (Anzac Day), an emotional service of remembrance is held. Every year, the service is attended by visitors from abroad including several groups of expatriates in Thailand. ANZAC means Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Anzac Day is an opportunity for people to remember the fallen soldiers at สุสานสัมพันธมิตร. Religious ceremonies are held at dawn to commemorate their sacrifices and death which was the time when the soldiers landed. At about 10:00 AM, a wreath is placed at the Alliance Military Cemetery with representatives from Australia and New Zealand.

Major Benefits Of Using Office Window Privacy Film


Modern offices use glass to separate the workstations and cubicles. Using glass in place of brick walls makes the space looks modern and spacious. Glass also lifts the aesthetics of the office while providing the benefit of natural light. However, the major problem of using is the lack of privacy.

Many of the offices prefer to use office window privacy film to provide the required privacy to the employees without compromising on the design aspects of the office. These window films are opaque and block the view from the outside, thus protecting the occupants of a cubicle or room form the prying eyes of the neighbours. The films are available in different level of opaqueness to match the privacy requirements of different offices.

These privacy window films can be customized to suit the overall theme and décor of an office. They not only enhance the overall aesthetics of the room but also allow natural light to come into the room while blocking the view from outside.

One of the major benefit of using frosted office window privacy film is they provide protection against the harmful UV rays of the Sun. They also block the infrared energy during the summers which provides insulation to the space. This not only protects the occupants of the space from severe health risks but also protects the furniture and furnishings of the room from fading due to exposure to harmful rays.  These films also help to trap the heat inside during winters, which helps in maintaining the temperature of the building.  Using these films helps offices to reduce the energy costs because they provide insulation to the space during summers and winters.

The process of installing office window privacy film is very easy. They are also easy to remove. These films do not require any adhesives to stick to the glass windows and hence do not damage the glass. They are most flexible and cheapest option to enhance the visual appeal of a space. These films can be easily changed whenever there is need.

It is very easy to buy these window films. However, office owners and design teams should keep in mind to procure the office window privacy film from trusted and reliable manufacturers. Good quality films are very durable and offer the maximum protection. Moreover, they can be customized to suit the preferences of the client.

Is Audit Protect Insurance Really Useful


Tax audit is one of the most dreaded process for tax payers. Tax audit is stressful process which consumes a lot of time and money. IRS randomly selects certain taxpayers for audit or sometimes they might find something missing in the tax returns and ask for more documents or the IRS feels you owe more taxes than you already paid, whatever might be the reason, most taxpayers find the tax audit to be an intimidating and stressful process.

Attending a tax audit involves a lot of costs. There are many professionals like accountants, lawyers, advisors etc. who need to be hired to help you with the process of tax audit. Purchasing a tax audit insurance will help to meet all the professional costs involved in tax audit.

Tax audits take a lot of time to complete. Sometimes they are stretched to a couple of years. With the accounting and law professionals charging fee by the hour, the costs of tax audit spiral out of control. And all the costs of the audit are to be borne by the business or the taxpayer himself, which causes a financial strain. Buying audit protection insurance helps the taxpayers and businesses to cover the professional costs involved in the tax audit. While it cannot reduce the stress, it helps to reduce the financial strain on the business resources.

However, like every other insurance audit protection insurance does not cover all types of audit. It is recommended to go through the fine print of the insurance to know about the exact costs covered by the insurance policy. Pay close attention to the following aspects while getting an insurance

  • Read the fine print of the policy document to know about the exact type of audit covered by the insurance policy. There are different types of tax audits and you have to make sure, your audit protection insurance covers them.
  • Some insurance policies protect the accountant of the business instead of the business. These policies cover the accountant for human errors and mistakes while preparing the returns. Make sure the business is also covered and all the professional expenses will be met before buying the policy.
  • Research on the internet about the different audit protection insurance policies and their premiums. Select a policy with maximum cover and competitive premiums.

Reasons I Prefer To Stay At The Citrus Suites Hotel In Sukhumvit


Bangkok is my favourite destination. The city has a number of attractions and happening nightlife. I prefer to stay in the Sukhumvit area as it is centrally located and well connected to all the important landmarks of the city. Sukhumvit is also close to the Central Business district of Bangkok and has a number of malls, shopping complexes and night life venues nearby.

While there are a number of high end hotels and resorts in Sukhumvit, I prefer to stay at citrus suites Hotel because of its proximity to the Nana Sky trainstation. The hotel is centrally located and is walkable distance from the Bumrungrad hospital, popular for medical tourism. The Terminal 21 shopping mall and EmQuartier shopping mall are also quite close by the hotel.

The luxurious Citrus Suites Hotel provides world class amenities to the guests staying in the 90 well-furnished suites and rooms. The boutique hotel offers the best conveniences to suit different types of guests. The hotel is the right choice for business travellers, families on vacation, honeymoon couples and solo travellers. Guests can choose from the three room categories, deluxe studio, one bedroom Premier suite and one bedroom Executive Suite.

All the rooms and suites in the hotel are sir-conditioned and have unlimited Wi-Fi access. The rooms are fitted with modern in-room amenities such as Minibar, refrigerator, 49 inches LED TV, electric kettle, Ironing Board, Bathroom amenities, Rain showers, Bathtub, hair dryer and bathrobes.

The modern citrus suites Hotel provides excellent amenities for its guest. The hotel features a rooftop swimming pool and a rooftop bar, which provide the best views of the city. I prefer to relax at the swimming pool, with a good cocktail prepared by the expert mixologists in the bar while taking the grand views of the city. The hotel has a fine dining restaurant that serves a wide range of cuisines, starting from authentic Thai Recipes passed down from generations to mouth-watering international dishes.

The location and amenities provided by the citrus suites Hotel are the main reasons I like to stay here. The warm hospitality of the staff and the comfortable guest rooms make this hotel the best place to stay in Sukhumvit.

Reasons I prefer To Stay In The Exclusive Patong Resort


Phuket is my favourite holiday destination. The unspoilt beaches bordered by swaying palm trees, the happening nightlife scene in the city and the beautiful resorts attract me to the city. Phuket is famous for its beachfront resorts which offer the best luxury.

My favourite destination is an exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket located in Patong. The beautiful resort is located on a hilltop in Patong and offers breath-taking views of the beautiful crescent shaped beaches and the lush green rain forests of the Island. The exceptional location of the resort takes you away from the chaos of the city and yet is surprisingly easy to visit the tourist attractions and beaches of Phuket.

The luxurious and exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket has a host of world class amenities to pamper its guests. The three salt-water swimming pools in the resort with pool side bars and service are the perfect spots to relax and unwind with a quick dip. Enjoy a swim or just laze around the pool and enjoy the exceptional poolside service.

The exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket also features a spa that offers different massage therapies, aroma therapy and beauty treatments. The traditional Thai massage done by specialist masseurs soothes the mind and relaxes the body. Enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa and return back relaxed, rejuvenated and revitalized.

The poolside fitness centre at the resort is the perfect place to work- out. The fitness centre is equipped with the state-of-the-art exercise machines and has a beautiful view of the jungle on one side and infinity pool on the other.

The resort also features two fine dining restaurants that serve the best menus in Phuket. The star rated chefs in the restaurants turnout delicious fare to satisfy the food cravings of the guests. Enjoy mouth-watering traditional Thai cuisine or international menu at these restaurants. The rooftop bar in the resort is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends.

The rooms are spacious and are fitted with all the in-room amenities, one can ask for. The beautiful private balconies provide great views of the surroundings. Stay in the exclusive 5 star resort in Phuket and have a memorable experience.

Useful Tips When Travelling To Vietnam


Vietnam is now flourishing because of the growth in its economy. Tourism is also booming in areas like Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Viet Tri is one of the first industrial cities in Vietnam where you can take a journey through the country’s past. In the exciting city with deep historical roots, you will find best hotel in Viet Tri with a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

If it is your first time to visit Vietnam, pay attention to the weather so that you can bring appropriate clothes and footwear. During the summer months from May to October, the weather in Vietnam is hot and humid which requires loose comfortable clothing. Don’t be surprised, but Vietnam has a winter season that starts from December until late February. In Hanoi, the average temperature is 17.2 degrees but it may drop to about 10 degrees.

In Saigon, visitors can experience a sunny morning and a rainy afternoon. Be aware of the weather in that part of Vietnam where you intend to travel so that you can bring jackets, sweaters, scarves and closed shoes.

One of the first things that you should do when you arrive in Vietnam is to buy a local sim that can be installed on your phone. Communication with friends will be more efficient and cost effective than using the landline. Besides that, local sims contain different apps like Skype, Viber and Wi-Fi connection.

Make sure to buy the local currency “Dong” before you travel to Vietnam. It is not wise to exchange your dollars at the airport. The monetary unit comes in different denominations that can be a source of confusion because they look almost the same. Pay attention to the denomination printed on the money and not the appearance so that you won’t lose money when transacting with local vendors.

Your best Instagrammablemoments can happen in Viet Tri with its majestic architectures and temples. You can book your accommodations at the best hotel in Viet Tri that offers panoramic lake views. The rooms have innovative designs with stylish comfort to make it extra special for visitors.

Advantages Of Using Fake Grass To Design A Lawn


Everyone dreams of having a good lawn in front of the house. A healthy and beautiful looking lawn lifts up the looks of a house. But maintaining a lawn is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and time for that healthy looking well-manicured lawn. The lawn needs to be fertilized regularly, weeded, aerated and watered regularly for that healthy looking grass.

If you are short of time and are not inclined for the hard work, using artificial grass for the lawn is the best alternative. Here are some advantages of using fake grass:

  • Artificial lawns are very easy to care for. They do not require regular mowing, fertilization, watering and weeding. They do not attract pests and insects.
  • Fake lawn helps in maintaining a clean looking home. Since there is no mud and dirt, there are no dirt tracks brought in by the kids, pets and guests, walking into your home.
  • Though artificial grass is costly to install, the absence of maintenance costs makes it a viable proposition. The fake lawn is durable and hard lined. It lasts for a very long duration with simple care.
  • The fake grass is environmentally friendly as it does not require the mowers that consume lots of gas and create emissions causing air pollution. It also does not require watering, resulting in huge water saving especially during the time of water shortage and drought. The use of fake lawn can also curb the methane gas emissions caused by real grass clippings.
  • The fake lawn does not require the use of harmful pesticides which are bad for the environment. It also does not require fertilizers which pollute the water sources.
  • The fake grass is most suitable for people who suffer with allergies. It is also safe for children and pets as the grass is slip resistant.
  • The UV resistant artificial grass does not fade with the effects of heat overtime. It retains the color and texture for years together and enhances the aesthetic looks of a home.

After considering all these advantages, I feel it is a better choice to opt for an artificial grass lawn for my home.

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