Let A Bus To Chiang Mai Take You To The Best Places To Shop


Chiang Mai is situated in northern Thailand and is a unique and culturally rich city. Many tourists go there to see the Buddhist temples, interesting Thai festivals and the astounding range of both modern and traditional shopping possibilities. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it right in Chiang Mai. Just ensure that you are on board a bus to Chiang Mai to reach the area. Here’s a list of the best shops in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

In the evening, there are astounding night markets that are all over several blocks of the city. At the Phra Sing area are outdoor food stalls, bars, restaurants, and entertainment festival until way past midnight. If you want to take home some souvenirs, this is the ideal place to be.

Worarot Market

From the night bazaar, take a 2-minute walk to this busy market. This area is busy especially during daytime. This is also the area where locals do their shopping. Here you will find authentic Thai food, fabric, clothes, ornaments and flowers. If you stroll around this market, you can also find those offering electronic gadgets and fireworks.

Airport Plaza

Chiang Mai has one popular mall which is near the airport. Here you’ll find outstanding fusion of traditional and western Thai stores. The mall’s air-conditioned spaces provide comfort and relaxation from other bustling shopping areas of the city.  To reach this area, you may want to take a bus to Chiang Mai and see for yourself how lively it is.

Pantip Plaza

This is a smaller mall in Chiang Mai just near the Night Bazaar. Here you’ll find more electrical goods, IT products and many expert computer shops. Most major brands have dedicated stores here and are offered at reasonable prices. There are also various stores that offer component parts or upgrades to your own machines.

If you want to shop in this area, you need to ride a bus to Chiang Mai to take you places. Whether you are out for the traditional market or want to go to malls, there is a ride for you to commute. However, some places in Chiang Mai are difficult to reach, so you might need a map or GPS system to guide you there.


How To Make The Most Of Your One-Day Bangkok Trip


Visiting Bangkok for a single day is possible as long as you have the right itinerary. You must secure a budget Sukhumvit hotel before anything else. There are a lot to do within the metropolitan city even just for a day. Aside from the attractions, you can also try the delicious food in the country and experience their nightlife before the day ends.

For the morning, your schedule will consist of visiting three attractions – Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. Many consider Grand Palace as the most grandiose attraction in the country. This is basically a huge complex consists of traditional Thai temples as well as historical establishments. The most popular buildings inside the complex are the ChakriMahaPrasat hall and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or known to locals as the Wat PhraKaew. For tourists, the Grand Palace ticket is worth 500 baht.

Wat Pho is the neighbour attraction of the Grand Palace thus it is recommended to visit this after. The temple is considered to be one of the oldest in the city and it features a statue of the Reclining Buddha with a height of 160 feet. This is also where the very first massage school in Thailand is located. Wat Arun, means Temple of Dawn, is located just across the Chao Phraya. This is one of the most impressive temples in the city and perfect for taking pictures.

For lunch, there are a number of places to choose from including Krisa Coffee Shop, Old Town Café and KruaKhun Kung.

In the afternoon, the itinerary consists visiting the Khlong Tours of Thonburi, Jim Thompson House and National Gallery. The Khlong Tours is perfect for experiencing the busiest districts in the city as well as the most modern. Jim Thompson House is a museum filled with art from Thailand and Southeast Asian countries. This is open to the public since Jim Thompson, the owner, disappeared in Malaysia. Last stop in the afternoon is the National Gallery.

Dinner choices include ThipSamai Pad Thai, Sala Rattanakosin Eatery and Bar and The Deck by the River. There are many luxury hotels in Bangkok but you can get a budget Sukhumvit hotel if you don’t want to splurge.

Why Serviced Apartments Are The Better Choice For Families


Inside the hotel in Phrom Phong, a family will enjoy comfortable furniture, a king-sized bed, a work desk, a dining table, kitchen appliances and a family-oriented environment. This is a serviced apartment that has been designed in contemporary style for families who want a setting that closely resembles their own home. The rooms are spacious and beautifully laid -out to exude an air of elegance and class.

For most people who are looking are for accommodations, their first choice is always a hotel, however, there is a better option that is not only cheaper but more comfortable and favourable for families. A serviced apartment is a different offering from the traditional hotel rooms. It resembles an apartment that is fully furnished and more private but run like a hotel with housekeeping staff.

Contrary to the belief of many people, the vacation does have to be long term to opt for a serviced apartment. It is possible to book them for short term stay to enjoy more space. Instead of simply having a bedroom with basic furniture, the serviced apartment has a separate living area, dining area and kitchen. It has the atmosphere of a home that makes relaxation easier for a business traveller.

There are serviced apartments that include several bedrooms with one central living area. This type of accommodation is ideal for a couple travelling with children because it more cost effective and comfortable. Privacy is maintained because the parents and children have separate bedrooms. The shared lounge room allows family bonding moments.

Even if you are planning on cooking while on vacation, having your refrigerator will allow you to store some snacks and drinks. In spite of the presence of 7/11 outlets in Bangkok, you certainly do not want to go out in the middle of the night. A kitchen is also great for those with dietary requirements because food can be personally prepared.

However, the presence of a kitchen in the apartment should not prevent you from enjoying the restaurants that are near hotel in Phrom Phong in the heart of downtown Bangkok. The hotel is within easy reach of the shopping and entertainment venues that are alongside the business area.

How To Choose A Company For Pest Control In Brisbane


The thought of having pests around the house can be unsettling especially if you have small children and pets in your area. The pests can also imperil your family and your health and it could also affect your night’s rest. Pests and insects can also damage your furniture, documents and furnishings. To protect your family and property, call a professional service provider for pest control in Brisbane to help you with your pest issues. To get the right team, take a look at these tips.

Guaranteed safe for family and pets

Make it a point to choose an exterminating team that guarantees that they would be using safe and even eco-friendly solutions to eliminate insects and pests in your area. Find out if the process would expose your family to chemicals and other toxic solutions. Read customer testimonials to ensure that you would not expose your household to health risks for the process.

No need to vacate the area

Since the company guarantees the use of safe solutions for pest control in Brisbane,there would be no need for you to temporarily leave your area while the process is being conducted. Choose a company that will not encumber your regular activities. Also, choose a service provider that guarantees that there would be no stains on your walls, carpets or furniture including offensive stench in your house.


Read customer feedback to find out if the exterminating team arrives on time. This will ensure that you will not waste your time in the process and it will be finished in less time. Arriving on time is a sign of professionalism.

With license and insurance

Aside from choosing a service provider that offers quality service delivery, consider a company forpest control in Brisbane that has license withlicensed personnel along with relevant insurances. This gives you the peace of mind that in the event of accidents, any damages which may be incurred in your property will be compensated accordingly. If the personnel has the right insurance, you will not be held liable in case they would be injured while doing a job for you.

Advantages Of A Commercial Security System


Business ventures require a lot of time and resources. Its success is dependent on many things including security. This is why it is important for business owners to invest in a reliable commercial security system. There are those that do not see the benefits of an alarm system for their business. Here are the advantages of a commercial security system which might change their minds.

  • There are areas in your workplace that you only want to be accessible for staff and there are areas dedicated to the public. Not all employees are also given the same access level thus a commercial security system is necessary. It can ensure that no trespassers will be able to gain access to restricted spaces and every employee knows what areas of the business they can only gain access. It is also easier to revoke the access of previous employees so there is no need to change the locks or security codes.
  • Vandalism is less likely to happen if the public knows that the business area is equipped with cameras and security features. This will keep not just the building clean but the cars of the employees will be free from vandals as well.
  • The number of theft in the business will be considerably reduced and cases of theft or burglary will be resolved much faster with security camera footages.
  • For monitored commercial security systems, authorities will be notified as soon as the system is breached by an intruder. There is a bigger of chance of catching the perpetrator. If the attack happens outside the business hours, the authorities will be able to respond compared to a business without security alarms where thefts and burglaries go unnoticed.
  • For fraudulent claims, businesses can avoid lawsuits if they have proofs recorded through the security cameras.
  • Businesses with commercial security systems pay lower in terms of commercial insurance premiums. This is because it lowers the risks which in turn lower the insurance they are paying. It might not be much at the beginning but in the long-run the business will be able to able to save a lot.

Tips When Choosing Chests Of Drawers For Your Child’s Bedroom


A walk-in closet is the most ideal solution for an individual who has an endless amount of clothing and shoes. You step inside and everything is organized. On the other hand, if the budget or space does not allow a walk-in closet, a possible solution is solid oak chests of drawers to have extra storage for stuff that do not require hangers.

A stylish chest of drawers can make the bedroom perfectly organized. Instead of storing leggings, vests, lingerie, socks and other things that do not need a hanger, the chest of drawers is a better aesthetic option. The top of the drawer can be used to display framed pictures, a vase of flowers or even scented candles.

Before you choose a chest of drawers, make sure that you have measured the available space. It is important to have enough space to walk when the drawers are open. There are tall slim chests of drawers for a tiny room at an apartment or the child’s bedroom. Make sure though that storage is enough for whatever you intend to store in the drawers. Very shallow drawers may not be the solution for your needs.

Between a tall and low set of drawers, the latter is a better choice because it is easier to reach. Low chest of drawers is ideal for the child’s bedroom because the top drawer can be reached comfortably. You certainly do not want your child to climb the top drawer and tumble down. Make sure that the set of drawers is properly secured to the wall and won’t take too much space so that you can still use the wall for a mirror.

You might want to look around for solid oak chest of drawers that can provide a room with a warm and comfortable ambiance. Oak is resistant to stains and scratches making it perfect for your child’s bedroom.

These days, people have a wide choice when it comes to furniture. Even if solid oak chests of drawers are more expensive than other options, you will benefit from its strength, durability and long lifespan. With proper care, the oak furniture inside your child’s room will last until he becomes an adult.

Where To Get Ideas On Fashionable Cocktail Rings 


If you are the type who loves wearing accessories such as fashionable cocktail rings, then you must probably be looking for shops where you can purchase jewelries and other accessories. There can be a lot of sources for fashion jewelries. You can find jewelries from online shops, e-commerce stores and even from your local jewelry suppliers. However, if you are not sure of the latest fashion trends on accessories, you can get ideas from the following sources.

Fashion magazines

Despite the advent of internet technology and the rise of fashion sites, nothing beats the old and traditional ways of getting fashion ideas from beauty and fashion magazines. Take a look at the models or celebrities and take notice on what types of fashion accessories they are wearing. Just make sure that you are looking at the latest edition of fashion magazines to ensure that you will be following an updated trend.

Jewelry suppliers

You will also find fashionable cocktail rings and its variety from online and offline jewelry suppliers. The good thing about searching from online sources is you can do it the convenient and hassle-free way. You don’t have to go anywhere just to get ideas on what’s hot in the fashion and accessory world. You can even purchase the items right then and there via secure payment. On the other hand, there are benefits that you can get out of offline shopping. Drive down to your nearest jewelry supplier in your area so you can personally check on the jewelries and fashion rings. The good thing about buying fromlocal stores is you can immediately have the fashionable ring without having to wait for days for its delivery. The jewelries may also be slightly higher in price compared to items offered online.

Online shops

If you are looking for other accessories aside from fashionable cocktail rings, online shops are the best places to visit. You can find discount items and on sale products aside from shops that offer promo codes to help you save on your purchases. You cans also save by looking for online suppliers that offer free shipping worldwide.

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